(The Gist of Science Reporter) 3D-printed Biological Tissue [AUGUST-2019]

(The Gist of Science Reporter) 3D-printed Biological Tissue [AUGUST-2019]

3D-printed Biological Tissue

  • Scientists from the University of Illinois at Chicago have developed a 3D-printed biological tissue by using “ink” made up of only stem cells which can differentiate into a wide variety of other cell types.
  • The team used the stem cells to 3D print a cartilage ear and a rodent-sized “femur”.
  • The printing of cells has been achieved by using a temporary hydrogel bead bath.
  • The nozzle of the 3D printer is inserted into the hydrogel beads where it allows the nozzle to move back and forth and deposit a bio-ink consisting of stem cells.
  • The cells are supported by gel beads which keep them in place and preserve their shape. Then, the hydrogel bead matrix is exposed to UV light, which cross-links the beads together which freezes them in place.
  • The printed cells are now able to connect with each other, mature and grow within a stable structure.
  • The hydrogel beads can be removed through gentle agitation, or controlling their degradation, leaving the intact tissue behind.
  • The study has been published in the journal Materials Horizons.

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