(The Gist of Science Reporter) Biological Darwinian Evolution [JULY-2019]

(The Gist of Science Reporter) Biological Darwinian Evolution [JULY-2019]

Biological Darwinian Evolution

  • Step 1: Prokaryotes that were simple, single-celled organisms with free floating DNA in cytoplasm and no distinct nucleus and cell organelles, appeared 3.5 billion years ago.
  • Step 2: 2.5 billion years ago, eukaryotes appeared which incorporated biological technology like mitochondria and chromosomes. These made them manipulate energy more efficiently.
  • Step 3: 1.5 billion years ago, eukaryotes started evolving and formed first multicellular life.
  • Step 4: Lungfish crawled out of oceans 400 million years ago and life began to evolve on land.

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