(The Gist of Science Reporter) Moore's Law [JULY-2019]

(The Gist of Science Reporter) Moore's Law [JULY-2019]

Moore's Law

  • Cordon Moore, the co-founder of Intel corporation had been observing integrated circuits and noticed in 1965 that transistors on the chip were becoming smaller in size with every passing year and the number of transistors that could be squeezed in a chip was rising.
  • Since the processing power of a computing machine is dependent considerably on the number of transistors in an integrated circuit; the processing power of computers was also rising along with this decreasing size of transistors and increasing number of transistors in one chip.
  • Moore estimated that it took nearly two years for the number of components per chip to double. This observation has been called Moore’s Law. Moore's Law is expected to taper off or lose steam by 2020s.
  • In fact, the processing speed of computing machines has been found to have leveled off in 2004. The components in the chip have been found to have reached their physical limits. It can be said that the trend described in the law has started losing steam.
  • But what is the connection of this trend with Singularity? Well, the inspiration for Singularity has come from people who have been working in the field of Artificial General Intelligence (the powerful version of Al) and most of these people have been known to be associated with computing. Therefore, in the
  • initial years of Al research, the singularity idea received its foundation on processing speed of computers.
  • However, it is not appropriate to say that only computing has been the basis. This is because thinkers and scientists like Vernor Vinge had predicted the role of machinebiology interaction in moving towards singularity long back and today Pay Kurzweil and Elon Musk are emphasising more on neuro-sciences to explore singularity.

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