(The Gist of Science Reporter) Whole Brain Emulation [JULY-2019]

(The Gist of Science Reporter) Whole Brain Emulation [JULY-2019]

Whole Brain Emulation

  • Whole Brain Emulation is popularly called Mind Uploading. It is a hypothetical process that
  • involves transferring the mind of a particular person from biological substrate to another substrate (possibly a computer).
  • Howcanone transfer themind? It ispossible by scanning a brain with all its structural and functional part intact.
  • When the scanned brain is uploaded in the new substrate, it is called Substrate Independent Mind (SIM).
  • It has been argued that the computer will then run the simulation model of that brain’s information processing such that it responds in the same way as the original brain.
  • In his non-fiction book The Age of Em: Work , Love and Life when Robots rule the Earth (2016), Robin Hanson has used the idea of brain emulation to describe a future scenario in which 'Ems' which will be software emulations of human brain (Whole Brain Emulation) will take over the economy and will be faster than humans.
  • The book is based on projected scenario in the next hundred years. Some ems are predicted to have robotic bodies while others will live in virtual reality.
  • Hanson's future takes one to a place where these ems will congregate in related clans and make commercial and political decisions.

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