(The Gist of Science Reporter) Worm with Three Sexes Discovered  [JANUARY-2020]

(The Gist of Science Reporter) Worm with Three Sexes Discovered


Worm with Three Sexes Discovered

  • Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have discovered a new species of nematode with three sexes in Mono Lake in California.
    It can survive a dosage of arsenic 500 times when compared to the dosage deadly to humans and has higher arsenic resistance when compared to other species of worm. Nematodes are either hermaphrodites or males.
  • But, Auanema sp. also includes worms of the female sex.
  • The worm also gives birth to live offspring, an exceptional case in the typically egg-laying nematode world.
  • It carries its young ones in a pouch just like a kangaroo.
  • It can survive easily in highly salty, alkaline waters of Mono Lake. The findings were published in Current Biology.

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Courtesy: Science Reporter