MCQs on Animal Features

1. In which mammals both hair and scales are observed, although mammals are characterized by hair?

a) Puma
b) Teddy bear
c) Pangolin
d) Koala

2. A reptile that produces alarming sound from its tail when it comes across enemies.

a) Komodo dragon
b) Rattle snake
c) Spitting cobra
d) Chameleon

3. Which animals of the animal kingdom possess the largest ears?

a) Seals
b) Walruses
c) Elephants
d) Giraffes

4. Indian rhinoceros and African rhinoceros are characterized by one and two horns on the head, respectively. What is the nature of this horn in rhinoceros?

a) Modified bone
b) Modified cartilage
c) Modified hair
d) Modified horn

5. In which mammal are spines modified hair?

a) Panda
b) Loris
c) Flying fox
d) Porcupine

6. A lizard can twist its tail like a spring by using the stems or branches of the tree. Which of the following reptiles can do like this?

a) Garden lizard
b) Monitor lizard
c) Chameleon
d) Horned toad

7. A reptile characterised by the presence of spines on the body.

a) Horned toad
b) House lizard
c) Skink
d) Anaconda

8. A hammer-shaped structure is present on the head of this fish.

a) Shark
b) Dog fish
c) Porcupine fish
d) Puffer fish

9. Which of the following living mammals carries bony plates on its skin?

a) Armadillo
b) Spiny ant eater
c) Platypus
d) Hedgehog

10. In which of the following mammals are teats absent?

a) Spiny ant eater
b) Duck-billed platypus
c) Hedgehog
d) Both spiny ant eater and duck billed platypus

11. What category of teeth are the tusks of male elephants?

a) Two upper incisors
b) Two lower incisors
c) Two premolars
d) Two molars

12. The body of the snakes is covered with typical hard scales which are different from fishes. What are the scales of snakes called?

a) Body covering
b) Dermis
c) Epidermis
d) Scutes

13. Pashmina wool is believed to be the better-quality wool obtained from the body hair of an animal. Which is that animal found in Ladakh and Tibet?

a) Yak
b) Bison
c) Mountain goat
d) Red deer

14. The lemurs, lorises and tarsiers are mammals. They come under which category?

a) Simians
b) Prosimians
c) Primates
d) Pachyderms

15. Which of the following reptiles is unique in having scales on the body resembling beads? This is the only poisonous (Neurotoxin) lizard of the world.

a) Gila monster (Heloderma)
b) Horned lizard (Phrynosoma)
c) Indian glass snake lizard (Ophisaurus)
d) Monitor lizard (Varanus)

16. Which mammals do not have external ears or pinnae?

a) Shrew
b) Bat
c) Platypus and mongoose
d) Platypus, ant eater and whale

17. Out of the following, which uses radar system for location of its food?

a) Bat
b) Cat
c) Rat
d) Tiger

18. Which of the following is known as mermaid’s purse?

a) A brood pouch of male sea-horse to carry eggs
b) Colony of skates and rays
c) Protective horny egg capsule of viviparous sharks
d) A specialized feature of mouth brooding fishes

19. A pair of stings is observed as defensive organs in which fish?

a) Pomfrets
b) Rays
c) Skates
d) Eels

20. The scales of the head region of snakes are typically non- overlapped, but scales are joined from border to border. What are these scales named?

a) Scutes
b) Shields
c) Modified dermis
d) Modified scutes



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