MCQs on Animals

1. Which animal is described as having the skeleton of a bison, the hair of a goat, the tail of a horse, the head of a cow and grunts like a pig?
a) Bison
b) Yak
c) Nilgai
d) Mithun

2. Which of the following animals bears a movable upper jaw?
a) Wombat
b) Koala
c) Alligator
d) Wallaby

3. Which of the following animals is called teddy bear?
a) Kangaroo
b) Opossum
c) Bandicoot
d) Koala

4. All cats have hair, but one breed of cat is hairless and does not have even whiskers. Which of the following is that?
a) Sphinx

b) Caracal
c) Leopard
d) Jaguar

5. Male Asian elephants are characterised by the presence of tusks. But, which of the following marine male mammals possesses tusks?
a) Sea cow

b) Whale
c) Dolphin
d) Porpoise

6. Musk is obtained from the musk gland of musk deer which is present beneath the skin of the abdomen near the navel. In which of the following is musk gland present?
a) Male

b) Female
c) Both male and female
d) Only in young

7. Which of the following reptiles is unique in having scales on the body resembling beads? In fact, this is the only poisonous lizard in the world.
a) Gila monster (Heloderma)

b) Horned lizard (Phrynosoma)
c) Monitor lizard (Varanus)
d) Indian glass snake lizard (Ophisauros)


8. In sting ray fish, the sting is the modification of which part of the body?
a) Ventral fin
b) Caudal fin
c) Dorsal fin
d) Anal fin

9. Which of the following snakes has remnants of hind legs?
a) Python

b) Cobra
c) Blind snake
d) Krait

10. Retractile claws are present in which of the following animals?
a) Hyena
b) Dog
c) Cat
d) Fox

11. Which of the following animals is specialised as a very large animal with a single nostril?
a) Tortoise

b) Python
c) Whale
d) Shark

12. Which of the following animals always eats the prey killed by other animals?
a) Jackal
b) Tiger
c) Lion
d)   Hyena

13. Which of the following is the prominent secondary sexual characteristic in male orang-utans?
a) Tail
b) Heavy chicks
c) Lips
d) Forelegs

14. Which of the following is the largest of all the small cats?
a) Snow leopard
b) Caracal
c) Civet cat
d) Puma

15. A tigon is a cross between which of the following two animals?
a) A horse and female donkey
b) A lion and a female ass
c) A tigress and a lion
d) A tiger and a lioness

16. Which of the following birds builds the biggest nests?
a) Weaver bird

b) Tailor bird
c) Vulture
d) Jungle bush quail

17. The elephant herd is led by which of the following?
a) Makhna
b) Adult Male
c) Matriarch
d) Young elephant

18. Which of the following is the largest bovid (cow group)?
a) Elephant
b) Sambar
c) Gaur
d) Giraffe

19. In elephants, where are mammary glands located?
a) Close to navel
b) In between forelimbs
c) In between hindlimbs
d) Close to neck


20. Which of the following is the shape of the pupil of goat’s eye?
a) Rectangular

b) Circular
c) Crescent shaped
d) V-shaped



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