(GIST OF SCIENCE REPORTER) MCQs on Srinivasa Ramanujan

(GIST OF SCIENCE REPORTER) MCQs on Srinivasa Ramanujan


MCQs on Srinivasa Ramanujan

1. When was Srinivasa Ramanujan born?
a) 21 December 1887
b) 22 December 1887
c) 22 December 1888
d) 21 December 1888

2. Ramanujan’s mother’s name was……………..
a) Janakiammal
b) Krishnammal
c) Komalathammal
d) Kamalammal

3. Whose book influenced Ramanujan during his childhood?
a) Isaac Newton
b) G.S Carr
c) Swami Vivekananda
d) G.H. Hardy

4. Name the street where his house was located?
a) Sree Govindasami Sannidhi Street
b) Sri Sarangapani Sannidhi Street
c) Sri Gopalasami Street
d) Sri Dhandhayudhapani Street’

5. On which date the announcement entitled ‘A missing boy’ appeared in ‘The Hindu’ paper?
a) 6 September 1905

b) 5 September 1905
c) 2 October 1905
d) 22 December 1905

6. When did Ramanujan marry Janaki?
a) 1910  July 4
b) 1909  July 14
c) 1909 July 4
d) 1910 July 14

7. In which journal and year were the first research paper of Ramanujan published?
a) Journal of IMS, 1911

b) Journal of Indian Academy, 1912
c) Journal of LMS, 1909
d) Journal of IMS, 1912

8. In which company Ramanujan got an appointment as an accountant?
a) Madras Shipyard
b) Madras Port Trust
c) Madras Company
d) Madras Talkies Ltd

9. When did Ramanujan write his historic letter to G.H. Hardy?
a) January 16,  1913

b) January 10, 1913
c) January 16, 1912
d) January 10, 1912

10. Name the book authored by G.H. Hardy.
a) A Mathematician’s Apology

b) The Divergent Series
c) How to solve it
d) Introduction

11. Who is the author of the book ‘The Man Who Knew Infinity?’
a) Robert Johnson
b) G.H.  Hardy
c) Robert Kanigel
d) Robert Manuel

12. What is the full name of G.H. Hardy?
a) Godfrey Harold

b) Godfrey Harman
c) Gabriel Henry
d) Gregory Harold

13. Name the ship on which Ramanujan made his first journey to London, in which year?
a) S.S. Nevasa, 1913
b) S.S. Nagoya, 1914
c) S.S Nevasa, 1914
d) S.S. London, 1914

14. Name the Indian statistician who was the contemporary of Ramanujan in London?
a) B.S. Haldane
b) C.R. Rao
c) P.C.  Mahalanobis
d) P.V. SeshuIyer

15. Name the mathematician who is not associated with Ramanujan’s lost notebook.
a) George E. Andrews
b) Bruce C. Berndt
c) Richard Askey
d) George Polya

16. Which of the following is not a highly composite number?
a) 24
b) 36
c) 54
d) 48

17. In which year was Ramanujan elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society?
a) 1917
b) 1918
c) 1919
d) 1920

18. Which of the following is not of Ramanujan’s main interest?
a) Continued Fractions
b) Mock-Theta
c) Highly composite numbers
d) Hamiltonian Problems

19. Who were the recipients of the First Sastra-Ramanujan Award?
a) Manjul Bhargava
b) Sujatha Ramadorai
c) Kannan Soundararajan
d) AkshayVenkatesh

20. In which year and for which work Ramanujan was awarded a BA (Bachelor of Arts by Research) degree by Cambridge University?
a) 1916, continued fractions
b) 1917, mock theta functions
c) 1916, highly composite numbers
d) 1917, highly composite numbers



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