(The Gist of Science Reporter) New Fat Burning Molecule does not Affect Satiety

(The Gist of Science Reporter) New Fat Burning Molecule does not Affect Satiety


New Fat Burning Molecule does not Affect Satiety

  • Obesity a plethora of health ailments like diabetes, cardiovascular problems, fatty liver disease, etc. is a severe global health issue causing Obesity disturbs the psychological wellness shortening life span too. Genetic factors and lifestyle impact obesity.
  • People often opt for various anti-obesity interventions which sometimes cause certain complications too. Targeting metabolic efficiency has been gaining importance among the scientific communities working on antiobesity approaches. Recently scientists from Virginia Tech have discovered new fat-burning mitochondrial protonophore having a “Zero effect on satiety”.
  • Mitochondrial protonophores also called mitochondrial uncouplers reduce metabolic efficiency and have been known for weight loss effect for many years. Mitochondrial uncouplers (mUncouplers) are known since long. They lower metabolic efficiency by calorie wasting and are expected to treat calorie based metabolic disorders. 2,4-DNP is a popular mUncoupler with weight loss effects in humans. But it is banned for having a very narrow range of effective and toxic doses. 
  • The scientists from Virginia Tech have discovered BAM15 as an orally bioavailable molecule showing weight loss effects in mice. Studies showed greater nutrient oxidation and decreased body fat in mice fed on BAM15 supplemented obesogenic diet. Supplementing BAM15 did not induce any under-eating or over-eating issues in recent mice studies. BAM15 administration showed weight loss effects without any deleterious effects on the whole body, cellular and molecular levels in skeletal tissues.
  • Some anti-obesity drugs were reported with thermogenic side effects while BAM15 administration showed no changes in body temperatures and clinical biochemistry of subject mice. Low aqueous solubility of BAM15 is reported to have no effect on its oral bioavailability. In fact, its lipophilic nature aided an easy penetration through membranes. Apart from the weight loss effect, a great reduction in hepatic fat accumulation was observed in BAM15 fed mice. Scientists believe that BAM15 is not only an effective weight loss agent but also an active compound for treating metabolic disorders like diabetes and fatty liver associated Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH).
  • With successful weight loss effect in mouse model, scientists from Virginia tech (where present mouse model studies were conducted) made hundreds of similar molecules and are checking for their compatibility in humans. 



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