(GIST OF SCIENCE REPORTER) Resistant Starch Type III — Miracle Starch?

(GIST OF SCIENCE REPORTER) Resistant Starch Type III — Miracle Starch?


Resistant Starch Type III — Miracle Starch?



  • White rice obsessed people often have an emotional attachment with numerous avatars of bhat, or rice. 
  • It is more than a basic that serves as a suitable canvas for the traditional regional side dishes. It’s distinctive taste, flavour, texture and white colour also feeds the spirit.
  • When white rice is consumed as a staple food, it makes up the majority of the diet's glycemic load. 
  • Glycemic load is a practical measure that counts gram of carbohydrate in a served food contributing to glucose level in the bloodstream. 
  • Excess consumption becomes harmful to health because white rice has a higher Glycemic Index (GI), that is a ratio between how quickly a carbohydrate can increase blood glucose level immediately after meal as compared to that of a reference (generally glucose).
  • Over times, these adverse factors led to an increased incidence of metabolic disorder such as type II diabetes, unusual weight gain, high blood pressure, etc. 
  • When our body does not use insulin properly, it leads to abnormal blood sugar levels. This chronic medical condition is called type II diabetes. 
  • During the devastating pandemic, we saw adults with these health conditions as comorbidities were more prone and ~53.7% succumbed to the COVID-19 virus (The Lancet, 2021).



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