Science MCQs

1. Who is the Project Director of Chandrayaan-2?

a) Muthayya Vanitha
b) Nisha Subramaniyam
c) Ganga Parandhaman
d) Keerthi Kumari

2. Who among the following in 1975 was the first lady scientist elected for the Indian Science Congress as the General President?

a) Indira Hinduja
b) Anna Mani
c) Asima Chatterjee
d) Aditi Pant

3. Who was the first woman scientist appointed as a faculty member at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore?

a) Aditi Pant
b) Indira Hinduja
c) Rajeswari Chatterjee
d) Asima Chatterjee

4. Name the Indian scientist who is also known as the “missile woman of India” and is presently the Director-General of Aeronautical Systems, DRDO.

a) Tessy Thomas
b) Swati Mohan
c) Chandrima Shaha
d) Archana Sharma

5. Name the Indian scientist who was the first recipient of the Stree Shakti Science Samman Award?

a) Jayant Narlikar
b) Indrani Bose
c) Jyeshtharaj Joshi
d) Jnan Chandra Ghosh

6. __________is the first Indian woman who received a PhD in a scientific discipline?

a) Kamala Sohonie
b) Janaki Ammal
c) Aditi Pant
d) Indrani Bose

7. Name the Indian woman who was appointed as World Health Organisation’s (WHO) first Chief Scientist and when?

a) Soumya Swaminathan, March 2019
b) Shubha Tole, March 2019
c) Yamuna Krishnan, April 2019
d) Gagandeep Kang, April 2019

8. The first Indian woman oceanographer to visit Antarctica as part of the Indian Antarctica Programme in the year 1983 was _________.

a) Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
b) Aditi Pant
c) Yamuna Krishnan
d) Manju Ray

9. Name the gynaecologist who delivered India’s first test-tube baby.

a) Indira Hinduja
b) Anandibai Joshi
c) Kadambini Ganguly
d) Chitra Mandal

10. Name the Indian origin professor who won the 9th Infosys Prize in the Physical Sciences category in the year 2017.

a) Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
b) Archana Sharma
c) Yamuna Krishnan
d) Chandrima Shaha

11. Who is the first female Indian scientist to get elected a fellow of The Royal Society?

a) Shubha Tole
b) Gagandeep Kang
c) Soumya Swaminathan
d) Indira Hinduja

12. Who is known as the “Rocket Woman of India”?

a) Indrani Bose
b) Kalpana Chawla
c) Tessy Thomas
d) Ritu Karidhal

13. An Indian-American aerospace engineer __________ was a part of the team that led the development and landing system of NASA’s Perseverance Rover in 2020.

a) Archana Sharma
b) Swati Mohan
c) Ritu Karidhal
d) Sirisha Bandla

14. Who is the first woman president of the Indian National Science Academy (INSA)?

a) Janaki Ammal
b) Rajeswari Chatterjee
c) Asima Chatterjee
d) Chandrima Shaha

15. Name the Indian botanist best known for her work on sugarcane and eggplant.

a) Janaki Ammal
b) Suman Sahai
c) Tessy Thomas
d) Padma Desai

16. The only woman scientist to work under the supervision of Nobel Laureate Sir C.V. Raman was __________.

a) Rohini Godbole
b) Asima Chatterjee
c) Anna Mani
d) Janaki Ammal

17. __________was the first woman to become a doctor in India?

a) Indira Hinduja
b) Kadambini Ganguly
c) Aditi Pant
d) Asima Chatterjee

18. Name the first Indian American woman who went to space and passed away in February 2003 during the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster.

a) Kamal Ranadive
b) Janaki Ammal
c) Anna Mani
d) Kalpana Chawla

19. Name India’s first lady director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

a) Sneh Bhargava
b) Suman Sahai
c) Manju Bansal
d) Chitra Mandal

20. Asteroid 14061 was named “Nagincox” after the name of a spacecraft operations engineer _______ at JPL, NASA, who is of Indian origin and also received the NASA Exceptional Service Medal.

a) Zainab Nagin Cox
b) Priyanka Srivastava
c) Sunita Williams
d) Yogita Shah



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