(GIST OF SCIENCE REPORTER) Substance and Shadow of COP

(GIST OF SCIENCE REPORTER) Substance and Shadow of COP


Substance and Shadow of COP

  1. The time has come to move from pledges to rapid, robust, and impactful implementation.
  2.  Multi-stakeholder high-level roundtable to chart a path to overcome climate crisis and financing, resources, and tools to effectively deliver action.
  3.  It is imperative to develop innovative strategies and mobilize appropriate and adequate finance, tech-transfer, resource building, and major climate investments from developed to developing countries, to ensure the progress of the marginalized communities.
  4.  In line with the convention and Paris agreement, public finance remains the main source of funding for adaption, mitigation, and capacity-building projects in developing countries.
  5. Reforms and scope scaling of a multilateral development bank to boost financing for climate action. Reduction in the disparity in interest rates between developing and developed countries.
  6. Global cooperation in unlocking the full potential of green hydrogen production and banks should facilitate low-carbon hydrogen in their green financing and bond.
  7. Food security is one of the most vulnerable to climate change, nevertheless the contributor to GHGs emissions and the main driver of deforestation.
  8. To gratify the basic human need for adequate quantities and quality of water requires a multi-stakeholder cross-sectoral approach, i.e. policies on transboundary water management.
  9. Establishment of loss and damage fund and making it operational in the coming period.
  10. Change in viewpoint, development of vulnerable communities should no longer be seen as a charity.



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