Gist of The Hindu: MAY 2020

Gist of The Hindu: MAY 2020

SC asks central government to treat migrants humanely

  • The Supreme Court on Tuesday asked the police  and  the authorities to treat  migrant workers   journeying    home    in   fear    of COVID-19 in a humane manner.
  • Considering  the  situation,  we  are  of  the opinion  that  the State governments/Union Territories should endeavour to engage volunteers  along  with  the  police  to supervise the welfare  activities for the migrants,” a Bench, led by Chief Justice of India Sharad A. Bobde, said.
  • The court ordered  the   government  to ensure that  migrant workers stopped from crossing   the    inter-State   borders   were given food, shelter and medicines. The government said it was imperative to stop the  mass migration as there  was a likelihood   that    three    out   of   every   10 workers   might    be   carrying   the coronavirus. The court  expressed its satisfaction   with   the   government measures.
  • The Bench, through  videoconferencing, asked the government to urge  community and   religious  leaders  to   speak  to   the migrant  workers  lodged    in  shelters.  It asked the government to have trained counsellors talk to the workers.
  • The     court     directed    the    government, represented by Solicitor-General Tushar Mehta, to set up an expert  committee and a dedicated portal  within 24 hours to disseminate authentic information about the   virus  and   stop  the   spread  of  fake news.
  • A status report  filed by the Union Ministry of  Home  Affairs said the  propagation of deliberate or inadvertent false information was the “single most unimaginable hindrance” faced by the government in its battle  against the virus.
  • Chief Justice Bobde  said that  Section 188 (disobedience to order promulgated by public servant) of the IPC makes it a penal offence to disobey orders made by government authorities in public interest.
  • The  court,  on  March  30,  sought a report from  the  government on  the  steps taken about   the    large    scale   movement   of workers.  Tuesday’s  order  came  on petitions   by   advocates AlakhAlokSrivastava   and    RashmiBansal for   a   direction   to   the   government  to redress the “heart-wrenching and inhuman plight  of  thousands of  migrant workers” walking   back   to  their  villages  from   the cities without  essentials.

Health  ministry  releases  revised  guidelines on Hydroxychloroquine combination

  • The Union Health  Ministry has allowed  the use of Hydroxychloroquine in combination with Azithromycin  under  close monitoring for patients with severe disease and requiring   ICU   management as  per   the revised    Guidelines    on    Clinical Management of COVID–19.
  • Hydroxychloroquine  was previously  under testing  and   was allowed   to  be administered  only  to  doctors  and caregivers in direct contact with COVID-19 positive cases.
  • The   Health   Ministry  has  noted that   no specific  antiviral  has been   proven   to  be effective  as per  currently  available data. However, based on  the  available information  (uncontrolled  clinical  trials), the following drugs may be considered.
  • It    has,    however,    cautioned    that    the medication is presently not recommended for  children  less than  12  years, pregnant and lactating women. “The revised guidelines are based on currently available information and  would  be  reviewed  from time  to time  as new evidence emerges,” it added.
  • ●   Health  Ministry’s Revised National  Clinical Management of COVID-19 is  intended for clinicians taking  care  of hospitalised adult and    paediatric   patients   of   COVID–19. “This is not meant to replace clinical judgment or specialist consultation but rather  to strengthen clinical  management of  these patients and  provide  up-to-date guidance,” noted the document.
  • “We  are  also  offering  support to treating physicians   and    AIIMS, New Delhi   is running  a 24x7 helpline  to provide support to the  treating physicians on clinical management.   The   helpline    number   is 9971876591. The  identified  nodal  doctor of the State, appointed for clinical management of COVID–19 should only contact AIIMS  Call Centre,” said a senior Health Ministry official.

Govt.extends  existing foreign  trade  policy  by an year

  • The    Government   today    extended   the existing foreign  trade  policy (2015-20) for one  year till March  2021 amid coronavirus outbreak and  the lockdown to contain the virus spread.
  • The Directorate  General  of Foreign  Trade, DGFT in  a  notification  said,  the  existing foreign  trade  policy 2015-20 which is valid up to March  31 this year is extended up to March   31,  2021.   Various  other   changes are  also made extending the date  of exemptions by one year and extending validity of  DFIA  and  EPCG authorisations for import purposes.
  • Exports  during   April-February  this  fiscal dipped   by  1.5  per  cent  to  292.91 billion dollars.Imports during  the period  declined by  7.30   per  cent   to  436   billion  dollars, leaving   a  trade   deficit   of  143.12 billion dollars.
  • Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) is an  export  promotion scheme under  which an  exporter can  import  a certain  amount of capital goods at zero duty for upgrading technology related with exports.
  • On the  other  hand,  advance authorisation is  issued  to   allow   duty   free   import   of inputs, which  is physically incorporated in export    products.  Under   the   Duty  Free Import Authorisation (DFIA) scheme, exporters  are   allowed   to  import   certain goods like sugar at zero duty.


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