(GIST OF YOJANA) Contributing to a knowledge based revolution [JANUARY-2019]

(GIST OF YOJANA) Contributing to a knowledge based revolution


Contributing to a knowledge based revolution

India, over the centuries has never had a dearth of great thinkers, scientists, engineers, innovators, philosophers, and artists. Indian intellectual capabilities are second to none. Our philosophy, culture, fine arts, temples and sculptures over thousands of years also bear testimony to the same.
Whenever Indians go abroad they excel. Many like Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella and other Indians are leaders in some of the largest and most innovative countries has allowed them to realize their aspirations, convert their dreams into reality, and helped them flower and blossom to their true potential.

With over 1.3 billion people, 1.4 million schools, 10500+ engineering related institutions, 150+ million youth of India entering the workforce, we need to ensure that our youth can also realize their true potential through the creation of a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in this country.

A holistic framework

The Atal Innovation Mission has adopted a holistic framework to achieve its objectives. At the school level there is a tremendous need for creation of an innovative, problem solving mindset in the students of the high schools. These students are going to be the future of our country and we need to ensure that thousands of entrepreneurs and innovators blossom from our school educational systems.
At the university and industry levels, there are a growing number of startups thanks to several startup initiatives in the country both from the private sector as well as from the government. But there is a growing need for world class Incubators in various institutions of the country to foster and nurture start-ups enabling their success. Startups need vital access to technology labs, research capital, finance, hiring networks, etc to succeed. Incubators would help in providing this support. With 100+ smart cities identified in the country, we need to ensure world class incubators in all these smart cities.

About Atal Tinkering Labs

The word Tinkering is often associated with a garage where you use hundreds of tools in a garage to repair or fix a vehicle or even experiment with new possibilities. The very environment and atmosphere in a garage makes you apply your theoretical knowledge to practical applications and innovation.
Theoretical classroom based knowledge in the various fields of science, physics, chemistry, maths triggers the spark of curiosity in a child to acquire more of such knowledge.
Practical knowledge, access to tinkering with latest tools and technologies ignites the imagination of children as they learn to apply abstract concepts learnt in the classroom to real world solutions. It triggers a problem solving innovative mindset in the school students. This is very important for the children and youth of our country.

The world is changing at a dizzying pace. Revolutionary technological advancements are transforming the world and giving rise to new  technologies and business innovations at an exponential rate. Electronic miniaturization has enabled a computer the size of out pocket. Convergence of computing, storage and communications at incredibly lower costs has enabled new innovations like the iPhone. Robotics and artificial intelligence are driving next generation productivity and automations. 3D printers are enabling real time conceptualization, design, prototyping and manufacturing. IoT or the Internet of Things are connecting sensor technologies to man, machine, devices, mobile and satellite technologies in every industry enabling precision agriculture, water cleansing and conservation climate change controls, disaster prediction and management, driverless cars and advanced transportation systems. Big data and decision making through advanced easy-to-use tools.

Atal Incubators

The Atal Incubators initiative is to create world class incubators to support the burgeoning number of startups in the burgeoning number of startups in the country.
AIM has already launched 101 incubators to date all of which would be operational by end 2019. These incubators will provide the necessary ecosystem of access to technology labs, hiring, training, mentoring, finance, venture capital networks and corporate networks.

The long term vision is to have world class incubators in the top 10 academic and engineering institutions of every state and in every city identified as a smart city for development.

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Atal Challenges

India is the world’s largest democracy with over a billion people, with each state having different issues and problems to solve both from economic growth as well as societal needs perspectives. It is important to expose the magnitude and impact of these problems to the future innovators of the country so as to enable them to understand the enormous positive impact of solving these problems.
There is, therefore, an urgent need to incentivize relevant problem solving innovations at local, regional and national levels across the country at school, university and industry levels.
The Atal Tinkering Challenges at a school level, the Atal New India Challenges at Industry levels, the Atal Small Business Innovation and Research challenges at a national level will incentivize relevant problem solving.24 Atal New India Challenges stimulating product innovations in five sectors have been launched in areas such as drinking water and sanitation, urban housing and development, climate smart agriculture, rail safety and transportation which can have great benefit for the country. I the recently held Atal Tinkering Marathon over 35000+ students participated creating 6000+ innovations in five challenges launched nationwide. The top 100 innovations from these school students are being considered for possible conversion from prototypes into market ready products.

Long Term Goals

AIM’s future initiatives include establishment and promotion o small business innovation research and development on a national scale for accelerating innovation on a large scale in small businesses/startups/MSME sector. AIM would also collaborate in Science and Technology Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Rejuvenation (AIM STEER) of innovations in major research institutions of the country like Council of Scientific Industrial Research (CSIR), Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR) and Medical Research (UCNR) aligned to national socio-economic needs.
India got left behind in the Industrial Revolution that swept the world in the last century. But India does have a unique opportunity to contribute in the knowledge based revolution that is sweeping the world today. That is why Atal Innovation Mission initiatives are so important and need to  be embraced by all. The children and youth of our country deserve it. We all need to collectively make it happen.

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