(GIST OF YOJANA) Ethics and Integrity, A Talisman

(GIST OF YOJANA)  Ethics and Integrity, A Talisman


 Ethics and Integrity, A Talisman

  • Truth, values, compassion and empathy are a few virtues that define one’s character. Integrity is the consistent and uncompromising adherence to such strong moral and ethical principles, and values. The word integrity is derived from the Latin word ‘integer’ meaning whole, so without it no one is complete. One might possess exceptional abilities, skill-set or wealth, but it has compromised integrity, then every other quality is seen in doubt.
  • Whether it is professional or personal life, public or corporate, and, higher-ups or a humble daily wager, the good conduct and ethics are irrespective of what you are or who you are dealing with. This moral conviction of one’s beliefs and values stay undiminished under all circumstances. As British writer CS Lewis has put it aptly, integrity is “doing the right thing even when no one is looking.”
  • This judgement of right and wrong, what to do and what not to do, and how one is ought to act, form the ethics. They are the moral principles which govern an individual. Now, the question may occur that can they differ from one person to the other? What one perceives to be right may be wrong for the other. Here, comes the role of intent. If a decision went wrong, but was taken with good intent and mindfulness, it might still fall within the ambit of a moral behaviour-to err is human. But any step taken to harm someone under compromised values and ill-intent, is certainly not an ethical conduct.
  • The moral compass of individuals may fall differently in a spectrum of value-system. They may judge situations differently, perceiving morality or the scope to be ‘lesser morals’ in given situations, and might remain inconsistent in their overall approach. It may sound subjective and prescriptive but well-intended ethical behaviour has no substitute. It decides for one’s dependability and truthfulness. As they say, if you tell the truth, you do not have to remember anything.
  • When it comes to an organisation, be it public or private, bringing together different sets of people under the same ethical behaviour is even more important as each of them is the face of organisation. Work ethics of each individual along with the implementation of stringent code of conduct and citizens’ charter, without any exceptions, govern the ethical work culture. If you trust a brand, you start trusting its products; alternatively, if you find a quality product, you look forward to other products of the brand and mist is built on the overall brand. Same goes for organisations.
  • This edition of Yojana on an extremely relevant theme collects and recalls knowledge and wisdom possessed by great minds. It attempts to answer doubts, dilemmas and analyse situations defining ethical conduct and integrity in various spheres of life. Yojana Team is hopeful that this edition would help you in the “when in doubt" situations of your life and guide you towards righteous conduct.



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