(GIST OF YOJANA) Highlights of India's Climate Actions [JUNE-2019]

(GIST OF YOJANA) Highlights of India's Climate Actions


Highlights of India's Climate Actions

  •  Total annual GHG emissions have increased from 2.136 .8 million tonnes (Mt) of CO2e (1,884,3 Mi with 1 and List, Lund Use Change and Forestry (EULUCF)) in 2010 to 2,607.5 Mt of C02e in 2014 (2,306,3 Mt with LULUCF).
  •  Emission intensity of India’s GDP has reduced by 21 per cent over the period of 2005-2014.
  •  Solar installed capacity has increased by about 9 times from 2.63GW to 23.28 GW between March 2014 and August 2018.
  •  The share of non-fossil sources in installed capacity of electricity generation increased from 30.5 percent in March 201 5 to 35.5 percent in June 2018.
  •  Supercritical thermal power units have risen from 40 (27,48 GW in 2015 ) to 66 (45.55 GW in 2018 ) with avoided emissions amounting to 7 MtC02 in 2016-17.
  •  A total of 170 old thermal generation units having a higher heat rate and a cumulative capacity of 10.64 GW, have been retired till March 2018.
  •  Forest and tree cover increased from 24.01 per cent of the total geographical area as reported in India State of Forest Report (TSFR) 2013 to 24.39 per cent as reported in ISFR 2017.

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  •  Perform Achieve and Trade ( PAT) scheme for energy efficiency in industries and other energy-intensive sectors, covering 478 designated consumers, avoided emissions of 31 MtCO2 in cycle I ( April 2012 to March 2015), In total, 846 DCs from 13 sectors are undergoing implementation of PAT cycle II, III and IV with a Total targeted energy savings of 19 Mtoe.
  •  India in partnership with France launched the International Solar Alliance at the UN Climate Summit ill Paris 2015. The alliance is an effort to bring countries, particularly developing ones, together to
    harnessing the untapped potential of solar energy to provide universal energy access at affordable rates. Thu International Solar Alliance is treaty-based intergovernmental organisation headquartered in India.
  •  India is partnering 22 member countries and the European Union in the ‘Mission Innovation’ on clean energy, and is a co- lead in small grid, off-grid and sustainable biofuels innovation challenges.

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