(GIST OF YOJANA) Leading India towards Techade : February 2023

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(GIST OF YOJANA) Leading India towards Techade


Leading India towards Techade


  • Youth involvement in participatory governance is critical to building civic capacity and long-term community sustainability. When youth develop valuable skills and build self-confidence, we prosper multi-fold as a country.
  • MyGov has adopted multiple engagement methods like discussions, tasks, polls, surveys, blogs, talks, pledges, quizzes and on-ground activities by innovatively using the internet, mobile apps, IVRS, SMS and Outbound Dialling (OBD) technologies for reaching out to the citizens. MyGov has also launched State instances in 19 States and has over 2.9 crores registered Saathis (companions).
  • Information Dissemination: One of the significant hindrances in policy implementation is reaching out to the last beneficiary in the line. Inability to disseminate information effectively often results in missing crucial information and misleads citizens. MyGov helps to reach out to the beneficiaries and
    acts like a one-stop platform for citizens. 
  • Two-Way Communication: Twoway Communication is one of the crucial aspects of a participatory governance. MyGov facilitates two-way communication through social media engagement and innovative platforms. Public engagement improves the Government’s effectiveness and enhances the quality of its decisions. 
  • Transparency: The selection process for various awards and schemes earlier was complicated and opaque. MyGov acts like a onestop platform for filing nominations quickly and digitally; this increases trust and confidence amongst citizens.
  • Fact Check: In an age of propaganda and information overload, MyGov helps citizens to know about facts and government announcements. Millions of individuals can quickly and efficiently access the information. False information can quickly spread and have terrible consequences for our society and the individual.
  • Infusing Collaborations: MyGov enables citizen and government-citizen collaborations. Like-minded citizens can work together on ‘ideas’. MyGov also acts as a great networking platform for individuals who want to bring a positive change. Through discussions, blogs and other engagement activities, citizens can present their ideas. This facilitates creative disruption and out-of-the-box ideation.



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