(GIST OF YOJANA) Opportunities for Youth in the Startup Ecosystem

(GIST OF YOJANA) Opportunities for Youth in the Startup Ecosystem


Opportunities for Youth in the Startup Ecosystem


  • India is home to one of the largest youth populations in the world. According to the United Nations, India has over 356 million young people aged between 10-24 years, which accounts for over 27% of the country’s total population. 
  • In contrast, developed countries such as the United States and Japan have significantly smaller youth populations, with 64 million and 22 million young people, respectively.
  • This demographic advantage presents several opportunities for the Indian startup ecosystem.

New India: Opportunities for Youth:

  • The Union government has launched several initiatives to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the country. 
  • The ‘Startup India’ initiative, launched in 2016, aims to create a conducive environment for startups to thrive in India. 
  • The initiative provides several benefits to startups, including tax exemptions, access to funding, and simplified regulations.
  • Out of the $950 billion in FDI received since independence, $532 billion came since 2015 from 162 countries in 61 sectors to the 31 states & UTs. 
  • With the initiatives like Digital India, broadband connectivity in villages drove the growth of the startup ecosystem.
  • ‘MAARG’ portal is helping innovators and startups from remote areas to get access to crucial opportunities and funding ecosystems. 

Scope in Knowledge based Digital Economy:

  • In the Union Budget 2023-24, the Union Finance Minister talked of making India a knowledge-based digital economy. 
  • The Government of India is moving towards 100 percent digitisation of government processes to make them more citizen-centric. 
  • Under this, a Digital Public Infrastructure will be developed for the farmers of the country.
  • ICMR labs will also be made available to private medical colleges and private sector R&D companies to promote health-based research. 
  • A new programme will be started through the Centre of Excellence to promote research and innovation in pharmaceuticals. 
  • District Institutes of Education and Training Centres will be developed for revolutionary change in the training of teachers. A National Digital Library will also be built.
  • Under the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana, skills and training will be given for artificial intelligence, coding, 3D printing Things. 

National logistics policy and startups in India:

  • India recently launched its National Logistics Policy in 2022, which aims to create an integrated and efficient logistics ecosystem in the country. 
  • The policy has several provisions that could benefit startups in the logistics sector. 
  • For instance, it encourages the development of logistics parks and multimodal logistics hubs, which could provide startups with access to better infrastructure and facilities. 
  • It also promotes the use of technology in logistics operations, which could help startups streamline their processes and reduce costs.
  • The policy also emphasises the importance of skill development and training for the logistics sector, which could benefit startups by providing them with a pool of trained professionals to hire from. 


  • The innovative youth must be commended for raising the flag of India. It is because of them alone
    that India's startup ecosystem is creating waves in the world today. 
  • It is the strength of India's startup ecosystem that it is constantly discovering itself, improving itself, and growing in strength. It is constantly in a learning mode, in a changing mode, and adapting itself to new situations.



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