(GIST OF YOJANA) Pro-People, Pro-Planet

(GIST OF YOJANA) Pro-People, Pro-Planet


Pro-People, Pro-Planet


The world, as we see it today, is marred with conflicts, displacements, climate change, natural disasters, calamities, diseases, financial uncertainty, and inequality. global challenges like these, affect the vulnerable, including children and women the most. in this defining phase, the world needs concrete action and sustained cooperation to minimise human suffering and establish an order towards the well-being and prosperity of all. various stakeholders, including decision-makers, global communities, international organisations, governments, and civil societies, are expected to collaborate to build a better future for the people and the planet.


  • Against this backdrop, India assumed the g20 Presidency, which was considered to be a transformative moment with the potential to hold answers and provide direction to several pressing international problems. True to the spirit of ‘one earth, one Family, one Future’, the new Delhi Leader’s Declaration that came out of the g20 summit clearly stated action points and directives towards an affirmative resolve.
  • In the last eight decades post the World War, global order has seen dramatic changes due to economic growth, decolonisation, technological progress, better health and infrastructure, reforms in various sectors, and deeper international cooperation. the need for multilateralism to adequately address contemporary and inter-connected global challenges of the 21st century is being felt more than ever today. the international development finance system needs to be further strengthened for more inclusive and equitable growth, with a continued focus on maximizing development impact for vulnerable sections and low- and middle-income countries.
  • Making the world more inclusive with the equal participation of all stakeholders including the global south was a major thrust area of the presidency. the inclusion of the African union as a permanent member of g20 is expected to address its concerns, aspirations, and participation in international partnerships. the vision to create the India Middle East-Europe economic corridor (iMec) as a network of highways, railroads, and waterways for transportation aims to foster integration between Asia, the Arabian gulf, and Europe, and advance economic development. With India’s commitment to sustainable development, the g20 leaders adopted the green Development Pact which demonstrated their collective commitment to addressing crucial matters related to climate change. Along with this, the global Biofuel Alliance was formed in the spirit of constructive collaboration that characterised India’s presidency.
  • With the g20 presidency handed over to Brazil, the world looks forward to building on the foundation laid during the Indian presidency. under India’s leadership, inclusive development, digital infrastructure, and sustainability were addressed, emphasising a human-centric approach. the new Delhi Leaders’ Declaration covers many different facets of human-centered development and leaves no one behind. it stressed gender equality and women-led development through gender-inclusive economic and social empowerment. the G20’s dedication to women’s emancipation is further demonstrated by the creation of the new Women’s Working group.
  • As this historic g20 presidency concludes, it is essential to reflect on the multifaceted impact it had on the nation. this issue of Yojana aims to provide a comprehensive view from the subject experts of the influence that india’s g20 presidency has had across various sectors, from economic and environmental to diplomatic, technological, and social. The legacy of this presidency must continue to shape the world’s policies, partnerships, and action with a pro-people and pro-planet approach, keeping in mind a defining statement from the new Delhi Leaders’ Declaration that was, ‘Today’s era must not be of war’.



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