(GIST OF YOJANA) Role of Meditational Approaches in Mental Well-Being

(GIST OF YOJANA) Role of Meditational Approaches in Mental Well-Being


Role of Meditational Approaches in Mental Well-Being


  • The World Health Organization defines health as a state of complete well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
  • Hippocrates’ Science of Medicine sets the goal of medicine as the complete removal of the distress of the sick.

Ancient Medical Technique

  • Despite significant advancements in modern science, ancient medical techniques reveal secrets unknown to medical science.
  • The alternative system of medicine exists in ancient civilizations like Egypt and China.
  • Some ideas in alternative systems like Ayurveda and Naturopathy are mind-boggling. For instance, the time of the day a herb is procured, treated, and consumed has significant like Tulsi leaves can become poisonous if plucked at night.

Healing and Holistic Well-being

  • Holistic well-being can be ensured through procedures/therapies that involve the well-being of the whole being comprising body, mind, and soul.
  • The well-being of the self or soul stands as the basis of emotional and mental well-being.

Meditation for Internal Hygiene

  • Internal hygiene is important to prevent mental illnesses. If the inner hygiene is hijacked by weaknesses:
  1. One cannot sleep well
  2. He/she cannot attain wisdom
  3. An individual loses his power of discriminating between right and wrong or good and bad
  • Many health problems can be solved by natural adjustments in diet and exercise and adopting meditative and prayerful attitude.
  • A simple natural meditation can be practiced easily with heartfulness.
  • Moreover, natural improvement in self-discipline and lifestyle has multiple cascading benefits.


  • Meditational approaches are known to have created significant improvements in mental health and well-being and emotional resilience.
  • It reduces anxiety, calms and gives peace, and addresses the root of many problems.



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