(GIST OF YOJANA) Startup20 Empowerment Group

(GIST OF YOJANA) Startup20 Empowerment Group


Startup20 Empowerment Group


  • Startup20 aspires to create a global narrative for supporting startups and enabling synergies between start-ups, corporates, investors, innovation agencies and other key ecosystem stakeholders.
  • A two-day inception meeting of the Startup 20 Engagement Group was held in Hyderabad, on January 28-29, 2023.
  • Startup 20 is an important group of the G20 to generate more entrepreneurs from developing nations.
  • The group will also bridge the knowledge gap between the startup ecosystems of G20 member countries and emerging economies through partnerships with enablers such as incubators and government agencies.
  • The Startup 20 summit will be held in Gurugram in the month of July 2023.
  • The opportunity comes at a time when India’s startup ecosystem has grown to become the world’s third largest, with over 92000 startups, 108 Unicorns, and more than USD 40 billion in investment in 2022.
  • During Turkey’s presidency of the G20 in 2015, there was a Task Force on Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and Entrepreneurship. Subsequently, in Japan (2019), there was the Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance; in Italy (2021), the Innovation League; and in Indonesia (2022), the Digital Innovation Network, which is being continued during India’s presidency.

Objectives of Startup20:

  • The overarching goal of Startup20 is to propose a policy framework that achieves two objectives simultaneously: harmonisation of global startup ecosystems to facilitate their collaboration, and; doing so without compromising the national ecosystems’ freedom to grow in whatever way they see fit.
  • To accomplish its goals, Startup20 has formed three Task Forces that focus on critical areas vital to the development of a thriving startup ecosystem. 
  • Foundation and Alliances, Finance, and Inclusion and Sustainability are among the Task Forces.
  • The Foundation and Alliances Task Force seeks to foster a global community of knowledge sharing among startup ecosystems, as well as to bridge the knowledge gap between G20 member countries, startup ecosystems, and emerging economies. 
  • The Finances Task Force aims to increase access to capital for early-stage startups by providing financing and investment platforms tailored to their needs. 
  • The Inclusion and Sustainability Task Force seeks to create equal opportunities for startup founders regardless of gender, race, class, or creed, as well as to create a conducive environment for startups building inclusive communities to drive equality and global economic growth. 

Objectives of this task force:

  • Increase support for women-led startups and organisations
  • Promote startups working on making communities more inclusive
  • Enable more investors to invest responsibly in startups built upon sustainable practices
  • Encourage mentorship support to the startup ecosystems of the G20 member countries and emerging economies
  • Promote startups working on SDGs in areas of global interest


  • As the world continues to face economic and technological challenges, startups and entrepreneurship have a crucial role to play in driving growth and innovation. India has a thriving startup ecosystem with a large pool of talented entrepreneurs and investors, therefore Startup20 is also looking at ways to showcase the most successful startups to the world and move in a direction where these startups could set an example around the globe.



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