Uttar Pradesh State GK Questions (Set-1) for UPPSC Exam

Uttar Pradesh State GK Questions (Set-1) for UPPSC Exam

1. Credit Deposit Ratio of Commercial Banks in UP has since 1971:

(a) continuously declined
(b) continuously increased
(c) remained constant
(d) first increased till 19~0 and then declined.

2. Here are some names of main canals of Uttar Pradesh and their emerging place. Make correct pair

A. East Yamuna canal    l. Okhla
B. Agra canal                2. Banvasa
C. Betwa canal             3. Faizabad
D. Sharda canal            4. Parichchha

    A B C D
(a) 1 2 3 4
(b) 2 4 1 3
(c) 4 3 2 1
(d) 1 3 2 4

3. What type of climate is in Uttar Pradesh?

(a) Temperate
(b) Sub temperate
(c) Tropical monsoon
(d) Hot-dry monsoon

4. In what type of are vegetation Deodar, Spruce and Oak trees found?

(a) Tropical Forest
(b) Tropical Moist Decidous
(c) Sub-tripical Forest
(d) Mosist Temperate

5. In which district of Uttar Pradesh is diamond found?

(a) Jalaun
(b) Hamirpur
(c) Banda
(d) Lalitpur

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Uttar Pradesh PSC (Preliminary) Exam (GS Paper-1) Study Materials


1(d), 2(b), 3(c), 4(d), 5(c)