Model Questions for UPSC PRE CSAT PAPER SET - 66

Model Questions for UPSC PRE CSAT PAPER SET - 66

Passage: Instruction for question- read the following passage and answer the questions that follow. Your answers to the questions should be based on the passage only.

The goal of keeping planet warming in check has moved further out of reach, the U.N. said in the latest of a flurry of reports pointing to looming disaster ahead  of talks in Qatar. Country pledges for cutting climate- altering greenhouse gas emissions could see global  average temperatures rise by three to five degrees Celsius this century, said a U.N. Environment Programme (UNEP) report.

   The targeted limit is an increase of two degrees Celsius on pre-industrial levels. The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) reported a record increase of earth-warming gases in the atmosphere, while the World Bank warned of the planet-wide devastation a rise of four degrees Celsius wound cause.

   UNEP said swift action could still see the world get back on track, but it would mean increasing pledges and slashing emissions by 14 per cent to about 44 billion tonnes in 2020 from an estimated 50.1 billion tonnes per year now. Scientists say global temperatures have already risen by about 0.8 degrees Celsius on average. More than 190 countries will meet for two weeks in Qatar seeking to draft a work programme leading to a new, global climate deal to be signed by 2015 and enter into force by 2020. 

   They will also seek to put in place a follow-up phase for the Kyoto Protocol which binds rich nations to greenhouse gas emission cuts but runs out on December 31, 2012. UNEP said the concentration of warming gases like carbon dioxide has increase by about 20 per cent since 2000, picking up after a slump during the economic downturn of 2008-9. Barring swift action, emissions were likely to reach 58 gigatonnes in 2020.

1. An organization has over humanized climate ‘over humanized climate’ means.

(a) Human relation are more important than organizational effectives.
(b) Conflicts and tensions should be reduced at all costs.
(c) Motivation of subordinates should be totally in trinsic and self- directed
(d) All of the above

2. During a meeting, an officer taps a pencil on the table, this activity most probably shows that he is

(a) Angry
(b) bored
(c) agitated
(d) confuse.

3. One of your friend told you that he would be there ‘soon’ you were waiting for over half an hour and hecame after one hour. You because angry the reason could be.

(a) ‘Soon’ is 5 min for you but one hour for your friend
(b) Your friend was avoiding you.
(c) Your friend had some important work.
(d) Your friend does not respect you.

4. You were Team leader of your Team. You delivered a presentation in front of your team and the board of directors. The team members became furious after the presentation the most probable reason could be.

(a) Use of more self- referent words. Such as I, me, my and mine instead of representing the group.
(b) Use of formal language.
(c) Blaming your team for non- productive work
(d) Praising your team.

5. Even before you have actually uttered a single word your evaluators in the interview room have already made several assumptions about you from the time you enter in the room till you sit this is because of

(a) Body language of the person
(b) Bio- data that the interviewers have
(c) Your written examination
(d) You already had appeared in the interview before.

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6. You are a member of an interview panel of UPSC. One of the candidate is continuously looking at the ceiling and floor. What will you conclude about him?

(a) Indifferent attitude
(b) lock of confidence
(c) Hatredness
(d) lock of Respect.

7. In an important meeting, you were conveying some information to a subordinate. But he tolds his arms. You did not like this attitude because.

(a) Folded arms indicate that the person in relaxing
(b) Folded arms indicate that the person is not liking you
(c) Folded arms indicate that the person is paying less attention.
(d) None of the above

8. you are an officer and your senior often Tells you notto do any work for any other department. Also, he tells you to avoid interacting with people outside your department. The senior officer is

(a) Boosting his power
(b) Task oriented
(c) Using closes supervision
(d) Address to organization structure

Direction: P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, and W are sitting around a circle and are facing the centre.

1. P is second to the right of T
2. S is not the neighbors of P
3. V is the neighbors of U
4. is not between S and W
5. W is not between U and S.

9. What is the position of S?

(a) Between U & V
(b) Second to the right of P
(c) To the immediate right of W
(d) Between P & Q

10. Who is sitting opposite to U?

(a) P
(b) W
(c) S
(d) Q


1 (a) 2 (c) 3 (b) 4 (a) 5 (a) 6 (d) 7 (b) 8 (c) 9 (a) 10 (d)

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