Model Questions for UPSC PRE CSAT PAPER SET - 82

Model Questions for UPSC PRE CSAT PAPER SET - 82

Direction: In each question given below is a statement followed by two courses of action numbered I and II. A course of action is a step or administrating decision to be taken for improvement, follow-up or further action is regard to the problem policy etc. on the basis of the information given in the statement. You have to assume everything in the statement to be true and then decide which of the suggested courses of action logically follow (s) for pursuing.

Give answer.

(a) If only I follows
(b) If only II follows
(c) If neither I nor II follows
(d) If both I and II follows

1. Statements: Many school children died in few accidents caused due to poor maintenance of school buses during the last few months. Courses of Action:

(I) The government should set up an empart group to inspect the condition of school buses to avoid such accidents.
(II) The government should suspend the license of all the school buses till these buses are properly checked.

2. Statements: Many pilgrims died in a stampede while boarding a day of the ten day long festival. Courses of Action:

(I) The government should immediately cancel the licenses of all the private ferry operators with immediate effect.
(II) The government should deploy an adequate number of its personals to guide pilgrims on their journey to the holy place.

3. Statements: The railway have decided to repair the main tracks within the city on the following Sunday and has decided to suspend operations for the whole day. Courses of Action:

(I) the railway authority should issue public notification will in advance to ease inconvenience to the passengers.
(II) All the long distance trains entering the city during the repair hours should be terminated outside the city limit.

4. Statements: Many customers complained to the manager of local branch of the bank against the high handedness of the bank employees while dealing with the customers. Courses of Action:

(I) The bank manager should immediately suspend all the employees of the branch and deploy a different set of employees.
(II) The bank management should ask for a report from the manager of the branch for taking necessary steps.

5. Going on bicycle, you are hit by a speeding car, you.

(a) Start fighting and abusing the car – owner.
(b) Balance your movements, note the car number and Report to the police.
(c) Balance your movements and go away.
(d) Rush to the car – owner and start him beating.

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6. While going is a boat, you found that boat had developed a leak or hale when water started coming in you.

(a) Jump out of the boat to save life
(b) Jump out of the boat and you known how to swim
(c) Play the leak with a cloth, threw the water by bucket and started boating fast to reach your destination
(d) Start screaming for help

7. You saw fire in a village and people were panicking you——

(a) Polity the people, use land and water to put off fire and call up fire brigade from the city.
(b) Call up the fire brigade from the city.
(c) Tell the people to handle the situation by themselves.
(d) Leave the village and rush away.

8. When your close relative refused to help you financially you—

(a) Stop talking with your relative
(b) Steal the money.
(c) Insist your relative to give you money
(d) Borrow money from your friends

9. You were passing through a jungle it was getting dark and you heard some noise in the bus her behind you…

(a) Walk back and start running
(b) Keep silence for some time and then carry on.
(c) Walk back find nothing suspicious and so carryon
(d) Hide for sometime in a near by place and wait till the noise ceases.

10. While playing a cricket match. You husited your ankle very badly you…

(a) Stop playing and walk back.
(b) Take first aid and continue playing
(c) Leave the match and go Home
(d) Keep on playing without giving any concentration on your pain


1 (a) 2 (c) 3 (b) 4 (b) 5 (d) 6 (c) 7 (c) 8 (c) 9 (b) 10 (d)

CSAT Paper-2 Study Material for UPSC Prelims Exam

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