UPSC Topper Strategy for Economics Optional by Harshika Singh (Rank-8)

UPSC Topper Strategy for Economics Optional by Harshika Singh (Rank-8)

Economics :

Why Economics?

My Background in Economics and the  interest in the subject  was the most obvious reason for Economics as my first optional. I am B.A Economics(Hons) from St.Xavier’s College ,Ranchi (Jharkhand) and MSc.Economic History from London School Of Economics and Political Science,London,UK.

The Comprehensive list of the books that I followed was For both my optionals ,I emphasized on making my concepts very clear and re-read the textbooks.I read all the books enumerated below-different books cater to different portions of the syllabus so I have enumerated all of them…

For Paper 1 


Ahuja and Koutsyansis



International Economics

Salvatore basically
and for some random parts
M.C Vaish

Public finance

H.L Bhatia

Money and banking-

S.B Gupta

RBI website

For Growth and Development ,I followed Mishra and Puri .There is another book by Lekhi (this book covers the syllabus so it is bit handy)/Debraj Ray-Development Economics .I extensively used Internet for some new developments in same. 


Paper 2 

Indian Economy   from

Dutt & Sundaram
Mishra & Puri
Uma kapila

Extensive study of the Economic Survey

Union Budget

EPW (Economy and Political Weekly)

Any one business newspaper like ET/FE etc

The Economic Times:
Financial Express

The Economist

In this attempt which was my second attempt I just followed the basic textbooks that are taught in most of the Indian Universities but in general I also kept myself updated with new textbooks and relevant study materials available on Internet of some renowed Universities around the world.

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Courtesy: Ms.Harshika Singh