UPSC Recruitment Paper 2018 : Drugs Inspector (Pharmaceutical Science)


UPSC Recruitment Paper 2018 : Drugs Inspector

(Pharmaceutical Science)

1.A non-volatile, highly lipid soluble drug is metabolized at a rate of 15% per hour. On intravenous injection, it produces general anaesthesia for 10 minutes. Which process is responsible for termination of its action? 
(a) Metabolism in liver
(b) Excretion by kidney
(c) Plasma Protein Binding
(d) Redistribution

2. Aspirin overdose is characterized by:
(a) Hyperthermia, metabolic acidosis and coma
(b) Fever, hepatic dysfunction and encephalopathy
(c) Rash, interstitial nephritis and acute renal failure
(d) Rapid, fulminant hepatic failure

3.A 40 year old patient complains of severe pain along left side of jaw and face. The best choice for this neuralgic pain is:
(a) Methadone
(b) Tramadol
(c) Lorazepam
(d) Carbamazepine

4. The first Phenothiazine derivative introduced into the therapy of psychotic disorders was:
(a) Promazine
(b) Chlorpromazine
(c) Triflupromazine
(d) Thioridazine
5.  Which one of the following  is NOT a rapid acting insulin?
(a) Insulin lispro
(b) Insulin aspart
(c) Insulin glulisine
(d) Insulin glargine

6.Which one of the cardiac aglycones contains an aldehydic group in its structure?
(a) Scillaren A
(b) Digitoxigenin
(c) Digoxigenin
(d) Strophanthidin

7.Which one of the following is the only life saving measure in case of anaphylactic shock?
(a) Intravenous hydrocortisone
(b) Intravenous adrenaline
(c) Intravenous chlorpheniramine maleate
(d) Intravenous glucose-saline

8.Which one of the following drugs used in the treatment of diabetes does NOT contain heterocyclic nucleus?
(a) Glyburide
(b) Glimepiride
(c) Repaglinide
(d) Glipizide

9. An amino acid which gives a yellow precipitate in the Xanthoproteic reaction is:
(a) Glycine
(b) Alanine
(c) Tyrosine
(d) Leucine
10. Which one of the following drugs causes physiological dependence only?
(a) Cocaine
(b) Morphine
(c) Alcohol
(d) Nalorphine 

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