Download Yashada (Free Coaching for IAS Exams) Entrance Test Papers 2016-2017

Download Yashada (Free Coaching for IAS Exams) Entrance Test Papers 2016-2017

Exam Name: Yashada (Free Coaching for IAS Exams) Entrance Test Papers

Year: 2016-2017

File Type: PDF

Yashada CET Exam papers

Question no. 1 : The sixth BRICS Science and Technology Senior Official Meeting was held at which of the following Indian city on October 7, 2016?
1) Mumbai

2) Bhopal

3) Jaipur

4) New Delhi

Question no. 2 : The Varna System is characterised by–
i) Status by birth.
ii) a hierarchical ordering of social units.
iii) rules of exogamy
iv) rules of endogamy
v) ritual purity
Select the answer from the codes given below :–
1) i, ii, iii, iv and v

2) i, ii, iii and iv
3) ii, iii, iv and v

4) i, ii, iv and v
1) 1, 2, 3, 4 And 5

2) 1, 2, 3 And 4
3) 2, 3, 4 And 5

4) 1, 2, 4 And 5

Question no. 3 : Select the proper alternative. 
A) There is increase in urban poverty in India after  1990.
B) Urban poverty is the outcome of rural poverty.
1) Statement A is true and statement B is the reason  of the A statement.
2) Both the statements are true.
3) Statement B is true and statement A is the reason  of the statement B.
4) Both the statements are false.

Question no. 4 : The Vienna Declaration on Human Rights in 1993 decided to consider ............ as a basic human right.
1) right to life

2) right to shelter
3) right to development

4) right against exploitation

Question no. 5 : From the given diagram predict which country given in alternatives, will not expecience the solar eclipse?
1) Egypt

2) India

3) Japan

4) Pakistan

Question no. 6 : What is the ratio between coefficient of Volume expansion (γ), coefficient of Area expansion (β) and coefficient of Linear expansion (α) ? 
1) 1:2:3

2) 1:1:1

3) 3:2:1

4) 1:3:5

Question no. 7 : Antonio Guterres, who will be the 9th Secretary General of the United Nations after Ban Ki-moon is belonging to which of the following countries?
1) Portugal

2) Neitherlands
3) Brazil

4) South Africa

Question no. 8 : "We shall send you figs and the wine, but in Greece, the laws forbid a sophist to be sold". Who wrote this to whom ?
1) Seleucus Nikator to Chandragupta Maurya
2) Antiochus I to Bindusara
3) Anitigonus Gonatas to Ashoka
4) Alexander to Amitrochates

Question no. 9 : Which of the following are the dimensions of sustainable development goals ?
1) Economic development, social inclusion,  environmental and political stability
2) Social inclusion, political stability, good  goverance, economic stability
3) Sustainability, good goverence, economic reforms,  social stability
4) Economic development, social inclusion,  environmental stability, good governance

Question no. 10 : Match ‘A’ with ‘B’
 A                                              B

a) Non-alignment         1) mutual non-aggression
b) Panchsheel              2) Modi doctrine
c) Look east                 3) Gujral Doctrine
d) Act east                   4) Cold war
1) a - 2, b - 3, c - 4, d - 1
2) a - 4, b - 1, c - 3, d - 2
3) a - 3, b - 2, c - 1, d - 4
4) a - 1, b - 3, c - 4, d - 2

Question no. 11 : Devian Gulf is a part of ...............
1) Indian Ocean

2) Altantic Ocean
3) Pacific Ocean

4) Artic Ocean

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Question no. 12 : 16 gram of oxygen is heated at constant volume from 200 to 400, the amount of heat energy required will be ........ (Given CV = 20 J mole–1 K –1 )
1) 25 J

2) 50 J

3) 100 J

4) 200 J

Question no. 13 : Name the person from the following information.
1) He was the former Chief Minister of Uttarkhand.
2) Currently he is the MP (16th Lok sabha) from Haridwar.
3) Recently he had been conferred with the prestigious award by for Ugandan government for promoting human values through his literary work.
1) Tarun Gogoi

2) Oommen Chandy
3) N.Rangaswamy

4) Ramesh Pokhriyal

Question no. 14 : Which of the following about the 'Arthashastra' is/are incorrect ?
i) It is divided into 15 parvas.
ii) It was originally written in Prakrit.
iii) It is a treatise on Mauryan political economy and  administration.
iv) Its evidence is not corrobarated by any other source.
Select the answer from the codes given below :–
1) i, ii and iv

2) ii and iii
3) ii and iv

4) i and iv

Question no. 15 : With respect to per person, per day of calories, protein, Fat consumption in rural areas which of the following alternetives is suggested by C. Rangarajan Committee?
1) 2155 calories, 48gm protein and 28 gm Fat per  person per day
2) 2100 Calories, 50 gm protein, and 30 gm Fat per  person per day
3) 2400 calories, 48 gm protein and 28 gm Fat per  peson per day
4) 2400 calorie, 28 gm protein and 48 gm Fat per  person per day 

Question no. 16 : Consider the following statements.
A) The Indian constitution gurantees the right to be defended by a lawyer.
B) The Indian constitution expects the state to provide free legal aid.
Choose the correct code that describes the relationship between a and b.
1) A is true, B is false.
2) ‘A’ is a directive principle, B is not the correct explanation of A.
3) Both ‘A’ and B are true, but B is not the correct explanation of A.
4) ‘A’ is a fundamental right whereas B is a directive principle.

Question no. 17 : Which is the easternmost lake amongst the great lakes given below ?
1) Superior

2) Huron

3) Erie

4) Ontario

Question no. 18 : Match the following 
I                                                           II

1) Boltzman's constant            A) 8.315 JK–1 mol–1
2) Universal gas constant        B) 1.38 x 10–23 JK–1per molecule
3) One atmospheric pressure C) 1.01 x105 pa
4) Avagadro number               D) 6.023x 1023
1) 1-B, 2-A, 3-D, 4-C

2) 1-B, 2-A, 3-C, 4-D
3) 1-A, 2-B, 3-C, 4-D

4) 1-A, 2-B, 3-D, 4-C

Question no. 19 : Who has won the 2016 Chinese Taipei Men's Singles badminton Tournament ? 
1) P. C. Thulsi

2) Sourabh Verma
3) Anand Yedegar

4) Sameer Verma

Question no. 20 : Which of the following Southern Kingdoms were contemporaries of Emperor Asoka ?
i) Keralaputras

ii) Cholas
iii) Pandyas

iv) Tamiraparani
v) Satiyaputra

vi) Pallavas
Select the answer from the codes given below :
1) i, ii, iii and iv

2) iii, iv and v
3) i, ii, iii, iv and v

4) i, ii, iii, iv, v and vi

Question no. 21 : Which of the following statements are correct about 2011 census of India ?
A) Infant mortality rate is less than new natal mortality rate in India.
B) New natal mortality rate in rural areas is less than the infant mortality rate in rural areas in India.
1) Statement A is correct but nothing can be said  about statement B.
2) Statements A and B both are correct. 
3) Nothing can be said about statement A but  statement B is correct.
4) Both statements A and B are incorrect.

Question no. 22 : India is a responsible nuclear state, because the decision to use nuclear weapons is taken by ..............
1) the national security advisor.
2) the defence forces
3) the elected government
4) the defence minister 

Question no. 23 : Which of the following statements is wrong ?
1) River cauveri rises in Karanataka and flows  through AndhraPradesh and Tamilnadu.
2) Bhavani Sagar and Krishnaraj Sagar dams are  constructed in river Cauveri.
3) Cauveri is a perennial river.
4) Mettur dam is constructed on Cauveri river.

Question no. 24 : Which of the following alternatives shows the correct electric field line representation around some charge distribution?

Question no. 25 : Dario Fo, Who recently passed away on October 13, 2016 was playwriter, comedian, singer, stage designer, theatre director, painter, political campaigner and recipient of 1997 Nobel prize in litereture. To which country he belongs ?
1) France

2) Germany

3) Italy

4) Brazil

Question no. 26 : Didarganj in Bihar is known for stone figure of .............
1) the Chauri–Bearer.

2) an elephant.
3) the Buddha.

4) Asoka.

Question no. 27 : Which of the following scheme is introduced to nurture innovations to drive economic growth and generate large scale employment ?
1) Start up India

2) Make in India
3) Both (1) and (2)

4) Digital India

Question no. 28 : Consider the following statements.
A) India's foreign policy is based on the constitutional provision of article 51.
B) India promotes the policy of disarmament to protect its foreign policy goals.
1) ‘A’ is true and the ‘B’ is the correct explanation of ‘A’.
2) ‘A’ is true, ‘B’ is false.
3) Both ‘A’ and ‘B’ are true but ‘B’ is not the correct explanation of ‘A’.
4) Both ‘A’ and ‘B’ are false.

Question no. 29 : Read the statistical information and select the correct alternative.
1) Yield of Jowar is the Highest.
2) Yield of Wheat is more than Bajra.
3) Yield of Maize is the highest.
4) Yield of Bajra is less than Jowar.

Question no. 30 : The filament of an electric heater should have ........
1) high resistivity and high melting point.
2) low resistivity and low melting point.
3) high resistivity and low melting point.
4) low resistivity and high melting point.

Question no. 31 : The famous Indo–Greek ruler Menander, had his capital at ..................
1) Purushapura

2) Malwa
3) Sagala

4) Taxila

Question no. 32 :
A) Poverty rates in India measured by multidimensional poverty index is more than that measured by Indian poverty line.
B) Poverty rates in India measured by Multidimensional poverty index and by Indian Poverty line is same. 
1) Nothing can be definitely said about both the  statements.
2) Statement A is correct B is wrong.
3) Statement B is correct A is wrong.

Question no. 33 : The traditional notion of security has moved from ...............
1) state - centric to human security
2) military - centric to development security
3) war - centric to food security
4) international to regional.

Question no. 34 : Mountain soils are known as immature soil because .................
1) maximum temperature variation is found on  mountain.
2) it gets insufficient period for the soil formation.
3) amount of rainfall is more on mountain.
4) process of decomposition is fast on mountain.

Question no. 35 : Which of the following factors are responsible for rainbow to occur ?
A) Diffusion

B) Refraction

C) Internal reflection
1) All A, B and C

2) A and B
3) A and C

4) B and C

Question no. 36 : Which of the following statements is incorrect ?
A) The second battle of Panipat was fought in 1556 between forces of Adil Shah Suri and Akbar the Mughal empror.
B) Bairam Khan contributed greatly to the establishment of Mughal Empire under Humayun.
C) The battle of Haldighat was fought in 1578 between Rana Pratap of Mewar and the mughal army led by Jai singh.
1) B and C

2) Only C

3) A and B

4) Only B

Question no. 37 : A growing country is one with ........
1) Rising Gross National Product at current prices  (GNP)
2) Constant GNP at market prices
3) Rising GNP at constant prices
4) None of these

Question no. 38 : Consider the following statements
a) Demands for grants are made by the executive.
b) The appropriation bill consists of the fresh tax proposals.
c) The Finance bill is passed only by the ministry of finance.
1) a is true but b and c are false.
2) a and b are true but c is false.
3) only c is true and a and b are false.
4) a and c are false.

Question no. 39 : Decide which of the sequence of immediate remidies from the alternatives are correct for the femine situation in Maharashtra.
A) Migration of people.
B) Artificial rain.
C) To increase the number of water tankers.
D) To store water.
E) Supply of free seeds.
F) Limited use of water from its resonces.
G) Provide loans to farmers.
H) Distribute free food and grains.
I) To erect fodder depots for cattles.

1) B, D, F, G

2) F, C, I, H
3) A, H, G, D

4) B, D, E, G

Question no. 40 : In ABO system, the bloodgroups are determined by the presence or absence of .......... and ......... on the surface of RBCs.
1) antigen A, antibody b
2) antigen B, antibody a
3) antigen A, antigen B
4) antibody a, antibody b

Question no. 41 : Match the following pair. 
Organisation                          Person

A) Anushilan Samiti        1) Madan Mohan Malviya
B) Abhinav Bharat          2) Rabindranath Tagore
C) Hindu Mahasabha     3) Vinayak Damodar Sawarkar
D) Visva Bharati             4) Pramatha Mitra
1) A - 4 B - 1 C - 2 D - 3
2) A - 1 B - 4 C - 2 D - 3
3) A - 4 B - 3 C - 1 D - 2
4) A - 3 B - 4 C - 1 D - 2

Question no. 42 : Which of the following is the most important source of revenue for Maharashtra?
1) Value Added Tax(VAT)

2) Excise Duty
3) Land Revenue

4) Professional Tax

Question no. 43 : The PESA- Panchayats (Extension Scheduled Areas) Act gives more powers to .......... for development.
1) district council

2) block development officer
3) the beneficieries

4) Gram Sabha

Question no. 44 : Which of the following statements is not associated with Kraktoa volcano?
1) It lies in the African plate.
2) Krakatoa is located in southern hemisphere.
3) It lies to the north of Australia.
4) It is an example of central type of volcano.

Question no. 45 : Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs is called as ..............
1) inclusive growth

2) economic development
3) economic growth

4) sustainable development

Question no. 46 : Bat is the only ..........
1) nocturnal bird

2) flying reptile
3) flying mammal

4) oviparous mammal

Question no. 47 : Read the following statements and select the correct alternative.
P) A person with blood group 'O' is universal donar.
Q) A person with blood group 'A' is universal acceptor.
1) P and Q both are correct.
2) P and Q both are wrong.
3) P is wrong and Q is correct.
4) P is correct and Q is wrong.

Question no. 48 : The essence of secularism in India is ........
1) freedom of religion.
2) religious diversity.
3) religious tolerance.
4) freedom to be a non-believer.

Question no. 49 : The term ‘congress system’ was coined by ...........
1) Jawarharlal Nehru 2) Rajani Kothari
3) Shashi Tharoor 4) Indira Gandhi

Question no. 50 : Fore limbs of frog, wings of birds and arms of men are homologous organs because ..........
A) their functions are similar.
B) their external apperence are similar.
C) their basic skeleton structures are similar.
D) their attachment to the body are similar.
1) C and D

2) only C
3) A and B

4) only B


Question nos. 51 to 53 : Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow – 
Speech is great blessings but it can also be great curse, for while it helps us to make our intentions and desires known to our fellows, it can also, if we use it carelessly, make our attitude completely misunderstood. A slip of the tongue, the use of unusual word, or of an ambiguous word, and so on, may create an enemy where we had hoped to win a friend. Again, different classes of people use different vocabularies, and the ordinary speech of an educated may strike an uneducated listener as pompous. Unwittingly, we may use a word which bears a different meaning to our listener from what it does to men of our own class. Thus speech is not a gift to use lightly without thought, but one which demands careful handling. Only a fool will express himself alike to all kinds and conditions to men.

51. The best way to win a friend is to avoid ........
1) irony in speech.
2) pomposity in speech.
3) verbosity in speech.
4) ambiguity in speech.

52. A 'slip of the tongue' means something said ........
1) wrongly by choice.
2) unintentionally.
3) without giving proper thought.
4) to hurt another person.

53. Speech can be curse, because it can ........
1) hurt others.
2) create misunderstanding.
3) lead to carelessness.
4) reveal our intentions.

Question nos. 54 to 56 : Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow –
Nehru's was a many sided personality. He enjoyed reading and writing books as much as he enjoyed fighting political and social evils or residing tyranny. In him, the scientist and the humanist were held in perfect balance. While he kept looking at special problems from a scientific standpoint, he never forgot that we should nourish the total man. As a scientist, he refused to believe in a benevolent power interested in men's affairs. But, as a self  roclaimed
non-believer, he loved affirming his faith in life and the beauty of nature. Children he adored. Unlike Wordsworth, he did not see him trailing clouds of glory from the recent sojourn in heaven. He saw them as blossoms of promise and renewal, the only hope for mankind.

54. Which of the statements reflects Nehru point of view?
1) Humanism is more important than science.
2) Science is supreme and humanism is subordinate to it.
3) Science and Humanism are equally important.
4) There is no ground between science and humanism.

55. In this passage, 'a benevolent power interested in men's affairs' means ........
1) a supernatural power of god.
2) beauty of nature.
3) the spirit of science.
4) the total man.

56. A 'many-side personality' means ........
1) a complex personality.
2) a secretive person.
3) a person having varied interests.
4) a capable person.

Question nos. 57 to 59 : Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow –
My next pet was a pigeon, the most revolting bird to look at, with his feathers pushing through the wrinkled scarlet  skin, mixed with the horrible yellow down that covers baby pigeons and makes them look as though they have been peroxiding their hair. Because of his repulsive and obese appearance, we called him Quasimodo. Since he had an unorthodox upbringing, without parents to teach him, Quasimodo became convinced that he was not a bird at all, and refused to fly. He walked everywhere. He was always eager to join us in anything we did. He would even try to come for walks with us. So you had to either carry him on your shoulder, which was risking an accident to your clothes, or else you let him walk behind. If you let him walk, then you had to slow down your own pace to suit his, for should you get too far  ahead you would hear the most frantic and imploring coos and turn around to find Quasimodo running desperately after you.

57. Quasimodo got his name because ........
1) he was a fat and ugly.
2) he was attractive.
3) he could not fly.
4) he love behaving like human beings.

58. Quasimodo protested when he was ........
1) left at home.
2) lifted on human shoulders.
3) taken for a walk.
4) left behind during walks.

59. The phrase ‘risking an accident to your clothes’ means
1) the bird pecked at their clothes.
2) there was a chance of the bird soiling their clothes.
3) the bird risked a fall.
4) the bird did not like their clothes.

Question nos. 60 to 62 : Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow –
One often comes across the remark, 'It's not what you know that gets you ahead; it's who you know.' We do not subscribe to this cynical remark but neither do we wish to minimize the importance of having influential people back
you up in your application. Often the recommendation of a person whose word is respected is a deciding factor in getting a job. This is perhaps especially true when an employer is considering a number of applications from
graduates who do not have professional experience. The academic records alone might not provide a clear basis for a choice.

60. Recommendation letter of an influential person ........
1) matters much because it has come from someone important.
2) proves the candidate's ability better than his or her academic record.
3) significantly helps where academic records are not decisive.
4) provides a clear basis, for selection to a job.

61. A recommendation letter is important because, it ........
1) is given by an influential person
2) helps an emloyer to choose from many who are not otherwise distinctive.
3) helps an employer to oblige an influential person by appointing the person recommended by him or her.
4) shows one's high connections.

62. The writer does not affirm; he makes a tentative statements by using expressions like ........
1) 'cynical remark', professional experience'
2) 'We do not subscribe', 'neither do we wish..'
3) 'What you know ...' 'who you know...'
4) 'often', 'perhaps', especially', 'alone'

Question no. 63 : How many triangles are there in the following figure ?

Question no. 64 : How many quadrilaterals are there in the above figure ?
1) More than 25

2) 10
3) 18

4) Less than 10

Question no. 65 : The number of letters skipped in between adjacent letters in the series is decreased by one. Which of the following series observes the rule ?

1) D I O S U

2) E K P T W
3) E L O T W

4) D J P S V

Question no. 66 and 67 : In a party A, B, C, D and E are sitting in a circle. The group includes a professor, an industrialist and his wife D. A, the professor, is married to E, who is sister of B. The industrialist is sitting to the right of C. Both the ladies are housewives and not sitting close to each other.

66. Who is an industrialist ?
1) D

2) E

3) B

4) C

67. A is sitting to the immediate right of ..........
1) E

2) Industrialist/H$maImZXma
3) D

4) Businessman/ì¶mdgm{¶H$

Question no. 68 and 69 : Three of the following alternatives are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which one of that does not belong to a group ?
68. 1) 124

2) 728

3) 215

4) 513

69. 1) ACDE




Question no. 70 : In a class of 41 students Karan is placed 7th from the top where as Mohan is placed 9th from the bottom. Soham is placed exactly in between the two. What is Karan's position from Soham ?
1) 12th

2) 11th

3) 13th

4) 14th

Question no. 71 : If it is Saturday on 3rd of a month then what date will it be on the last Sunday of that month ? 
1) 26

2) 25
3) 28

4) Insufficient data

Question no. 72 to 75 : Find the wrong number in a given number series

72. 1, 3, 5, 12, 21, 43, 85
1) 12

2) 21

3) 5

4) 85

73. 4, 8, 11, 23, 18, 36, 25, 50
1) 18

2) 50

3) 25

4) 23

74. 2, 8, 18, 44, 92, 188
1) 44

2) 18

3) 188

4) 92

75. 3, 6, 12, 38, 154, 772
1) 12

2) 38

3) 772

4) 6

Question no. 76 : How many such pairs are there in the word CONTEMPLATION which have as many letters between them in the word as in the English alphabetical sequence ?

1) 5

2) 3

3) 7

4) 2

Question no. 77 : If a meaningful word is formed by rearrangement of second, third, fifth, eighth and ninth letters from the word CONTEMPLATION, then which letter will be at the centre ?

1) E

2) L

3) N

4) O

Question no. 78 : What are the two terms which differ by 14 and their ratio is 9/16 ?
1) 16, 40

2) 18, 32

3) 20, 34

4) 11, 25

Question no. 79 : Mahesh, Suresh and Mukesh rented a pasture. Mahesh fed his 12 oxen for six monts. Suresh fed his 8 oxen for 7 months and Mukesh fed his 6 oxen for eight months. How much rent each one should pay if the total rent for the pasture is Rs. 3960/– ?
1) Mahesh -1620/-, Suresh - 1260/-, Mukesh - 1080/-
2) Mahesh - 1620/-, Suresh - 1080/-, Mukesh - 1260/-
3) Mahesh - 1260/-, Suresh - 1080/-, Mukesh-1620/-
4) Mahesh - 1080/-, Suresh - 1260/-, Mukesh- 1620/-

Question no. 80 : A man buys two toys for Rs. 1350/- and sells one so as to lose 6% and the other so as to gain 7.5%. On the whole he does not have either gain or loss. What does each toy cost?

1) 650, 700

2) 625, 725

3) 600, 750

4) 622,728

Question no. 81 : Sushil drove his car at an avarege speed of 45km/hr from his home to a resort. While returning through the same route he could drive at an averge speed of 40 km/hr and on top of that due to traffic jam he got stuck in the traffic so took one hour more than the time required to go. How many kilometers did he drive each way?
1) 380

2) 360

3) 375

4) 260

Question no. 82 : One pipe fills a water tank three times faster than another pipe. If the two pipes together can fill the empty tank in 48 minutes then how much time the slower pipe and faster pipe will take respectively to fill the empty tank alone?
1) 1 hrs 12 min and 3 hrs 36 min.
2) 3 hrs 36 min and 1 hrs 12 min.
3) 1 hrs 4 min and 3 hrs 12 min
4) 3 hrs 12 min and 1 hrs 4 min

Question no. 83 : If 18 men can dig a trench 200 meter long, 3 meter wide and 2 meter deep in 12 days of 10 hrs each then in how may days of 8 hrs each will 10 men dig a trench 100 meter long, 4 meter wide and 3 meter deep?
1) 25

2) 27

3) 30

4) 12

Question no. 84 : What are the two terms which differ by 17 and their ratio is 3/4 ?
1) 41, 58

2) 31, 48

3) 54, 72

4) 51, 68

Directions for following 6 questions : Given below are six questions describing a situation and is followed by four possible responses. Indicate the response you find the most appropriate. Choose only one response for each question. The responses will be evaluated based on the level of appropriateness for the given situation. Please attempt all the questions. There is no penalty for wrong answers for these six quetions.
Question no. 85 : You are a police officer on a duty.Parents of 15 year old girl come to you to report that their daughter has been missing for 2 days. While you are interrogating them, suddenly the mother breaks down and becomes extremely anxious. She starts threatning you by saying that she will commit suicide, if you don't find her daugher. What would you do?
1) Try to comfort her by telling that you understand her condition and try your best.
2) Get angry with such behaviour and tell them that their behaviour is very uncooperative and is not helpful for the investigation.
3) Ask her husband to control his wife. 
4) Call your junior officer for help.

Question no. 86 : You have stopped a car for violating traffic rules. As you approach the car, you recognize the person driving the car to be the Mayor. He tells you that he misjudged the light and he sincerely apologises for it what would you do?
1) Tell the Mayor that it is your duty to make the people follow the traffic rules and punish them according to the law.
2) Tell the Mayor that you will excuse him for this traffic violation, but that he should be careful in future.
3) Tell the Mayor that you cannot excuse him.
4) Leave the Mayor and let him go.

Question no. 87 : You are a police officer on duty. You receive a report that several persons are standing in front of a store and are causing problems to the owner. When you arrive at the site you see that the people are commiting undesirable acts. What would you do? 
1) Take the people along with you to police station to punish them. 
2) Arrest the people.
3) Talk to the shop owner and the people and enquire about the situation.
4) Warn all the people strictly.

Question no. 88 : You are Mayor of the city. In the city the truck drivers are reluctant to shift from diesel to LPG as fuel for their trucks. Trucks are only the modes by which the city gets the food supply from nearby farms. What would you do under such situation? 
1) Stop all the trucks using diesel as a fuels.
2) Do not take any step, since the city needs truck.
3) Announce an incentive in terms of reduced truck permit for fees of the trucks that are using LPG.
4) Bann all the petrol pumps from selling diesel.

Question no. 89 : As a routine you went to jog inside a park on your usual path. On the sideway of path you saw a dead body lying, clothes of person were too dirty, no footwear, heavy moustache and beard this were the features of body, now you will .....
1) leave your usual way and go to another part of the park.
2) start shouting so that someone may come to help you.
3) call the police and inform about the body.
4) go back to home as your day started badly by seeing a dead body.

Question no. 90 : Shivani is an administrative assistant in the HR department of a company, Rakesh is her best friend  and in the same company he is applying for a job and Shivani agrees to be a reference to him. Rakesh asks for advice on preparing for the interview. Shivani has a copy of the questions asked in the interview, she gives him a copy of it so that he can prepare. How do you assess this situation?
1) The act of Shivani is against the professional ethics.
2) Shivani should not have given the copy of interview questions.
3) Shivani could have given the usual advice only and not the actual interview questions.
4) All of the above.

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