Download Yashada (Free Coaching for IAS Exams) Entrance Test Papers 2017-2018

Download Yashada (Free Coaching for IAS Exams) Entrance Test Papers 2017-2018

Exam Name: Yashada (Free Coaching for IAS Exams) Entrance Test Papers

Year: 2017-2018

File Type: PDF

Yashada CET Exam papers PART – I

Question no. 1 : The 'Self-Respect Movement' which imed to achieve a society where all classes have equal human rights, was first started by .......
1) Rajaram Mohan Roy

2) E.V. Ramaswamy
3) Mahatma Gandhi

4) K. Veera Saligam

Question no. 2 : The European Union is a/an .....
1) Political Organization
2) Economic Organization
3) Security Organization
4) Economic and Political Organization

Question no. 3 : Declaration of the Rights of the child was proclaimed by UN on.........
1) 20 November 1959

2) 24 October 1945
3) 10 December 1948

4) 1 January 1995

Question no. 4 : "Narsimham Committee was releted to ....
1) Higher Education reforms
2) Tax structure reforms
3) Planning implementation reforms
4) Banking structure reforms

Question No. 5 : The half life period of an isotope of an isomer is 1 hr. How much of the initial quantity of the isotope will be left after 3 hrs ?

Question No. 6 : Who amongst the following has been appointed as the Private Secretary to President Ram Nath Kovind ?
1) Vikram Singh

2) P.C. Meena
3) C.R. Choudhary

4) Shashank S. Singh

Question no. 7 : Which British Prime Minister declared on 20th Feb.1947, that India shall be given freedom before June 1948?
1) Winston Churchil

2) Lord Marvell
3) Lord Mountbatten

4) Clement Atlee

Question no. 8 : The human in following picture is .....
1) Bushman

2) Samoyeds
3) Pigmies

4) Hausa

Question no. 9 : Which of the following is/are incorrect ? 
A) In India every person has a right to worship according to one's religion.
B) Government can forbid inhuman customs, traditions and superstitions practised in the name of religion. 
1) Only B

2) Only A
3) Both are incorrect

4) None of them.

Question no.10 : 'Open Market Operation' is a part of ...
1) Income Policy

2) Fiscal Policy
3) Credit Policy

4) Labour Policy

Question No. 11 : Which of the following is a scalar quantity ?
1) Velocity

2) Speed
3) Force

4) Acceleration

Question No. 12 : Who has won the 2017 Men's Singles French Open Superseries badminton Tournament ?
1) Parupalli Kashyap

2) B. Sai Praneeth
3) Kidambi Srikanth

4) H.S. Prannoy

Question no. 13 : Which three states Signed MoU under the 'Ek Bharat; Shrestha Bharat' programme to Boost Culture and Tourisum ?
1) U.P., Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya
2) Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha
3) Punjab, Rajasthan, U.P.
4) Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu  and Kashmir

Question no. 14 : The shaded Tahasil is famous for the cultivation of .......
1) Rice

2) Cotton
3) Sugarcane

4) Ground nut

Question no. 15 : Which of the following statement/s is/are incorrect?
i) Lack of honesty in carrying out one's responsibility and misuse of authority for selfish interest increase corruption.
ii) Ignoring corruption in any form is a social crime.
iii) In order to control corruption, citizens have been given the Right to information.
1) i and iii 2) No statement is incorrect
3) only iii 4) i and ii

Question no. 16 : As per 2017 United Nations Population projections, there are .......... men for every 100 females in the world.
1) 102 2) 105

3) 103

4) 110

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Question No. 17 : What is the minimum number of unequal vectors which can give zero resultant ? 
1) two

2) four
3) three

4) can't say

Question No. 18 : On 5th September 2017 – Teacher's Day Portal 'A' was launched by Hon. ‘B’ which provided national digital infrastructure for teachers. Identify A and B respectively ?
1) A – Shiksha B – Prakash Javadekar
2) A – Diksha B – Narendra Modi
 3) A – Shiksha B – Ram Nath Kovind
4) A – Diksha B – Venkaiah naidu

Question no. 19 : Which Mauryan King died following 'Sallekhana' (Voluntery fasting unto death).
1) Bimbisara

2) Chandragupta Mourya
3) Asoka

4) Bruhadratha

Question no. 20 : Which of the following is not a charactristics of Laterite soil ?
1) High humus content.
2) Red in colour.
3) It is formed due to leaching process.
4) It is formed in high rainfall region.

Question no. 21 : Directive Principles are applicable to ....
1) Only Union Govt.

2) Union and State Govt.
3) Only State Govt.

4) Union, State and local Govts.

Question no. 22 : GST Implementation in India started on :
1) 1st July, 2016

2) 1st July, 2017 

3) 1st April, 2017

4) 1st December, 2016

Question No. 23 : Match the following diseases and insects causing the diseases. 
Diseases                     Insects

A) Plague                   (I) Female anopheles
B) Malaria                  (II) Lice
C) Dengue                 (III) Rat flea
D) Relapsing fever    (IV) Culex mosquito

1) A–III, B–II, C–IV, D–I
2) A–II, B–I, C–III, D–IV
3) A–I, B–II, C–IV, D–III
4) A–III, B–I, C–IV, D–II

Question No. 24 : The team of which country has won the 2017 FIFA – Under 17 World Cup at the salt Lake stadium in Kolkata ?
1) Spain

2) India

3) England

4) France

Question no. 25 : Where did India launch the 'Incredible India' campaign in Sept. 2017 to attract Egyptian travellers? 
1) Cairo

2) Aswan

3) Giza

4) Alexandira

Question no. 26 : Which of the following statements is not associated with selvas forest region ?
1) This region receives every day rainfall.
2) The trees never shade their leaves hence they are evergreen.
3) It is observed in central America and central Africa.
4) Region has many veriety of trees.

Question no. 27 : Which of the following bills cannot be introduced in Rajya Sabha first ?
1) Financial Bills, Category 'A'
2) Ordinance Replacing Bills
3) Financial Bills Category 'B'
4) Constitution Amendment Bills

Question no. 28 : Which of the following five year plan had an objective of Inclusive Growth ?
1) 10th Plan

2) 12th Plan

3) 9 th Plan

4) 11th Plan

Question No. 29 : It is easier to roll a stone up a sloping road than to lift it vertically upwards because work done ............
1) in rolling is more than lifting.
2) in rolling is equal to that in lifting.
3) in rolling is less than in lifting.
4) in both is same but the rate of doing work is  less in rolling. 

Question No. 30 : Which of the following country has become the first country to withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC) ?
1) South Africa

2) Burundi
3) Botswana

4) Zambia

Question no. 31 : What was the main cause for the rise of the Vande Mataram Movement ?
1) Doctrine of Lapse
2) Subsidiary Alliance System
3) Division of Madras
4) Division of Bengal

Question no. 32 : Read the map and match the following .
Group I            Group II

A                      Brisben
B                      Kulgardi
C                      Perth
D                      Canbera
1) A-Perth B-Canbera C- Brisben D-Kulgardi
2) A- Canbera B- Brisben C- Kulgardi D- Perth
3) A- Brisben B- Perth C-Canbera D- Kulgardi
4) A- Kulgardi B- Perth C- Brisben D-Canbera

Question no. 33 : Identify the way with which Indian Democracy can fight terrorism.
1) Citizens should not inform the police.
2) Citizens should not support those who don't use  violence. 
3) Citizens should not resort to violence while  making their demands.
4) None of the above.

Question no. 34 : The basis of determining dearness allowance to employees in India is ........
1) National Income

2) Wholesale Price Index
3) Standard of living

4) Per Capita income

Question No. 35 : The baby receives 'Y' chromosome from .............
1) father only
2) mother only
3) either father or mother
4) both father and mother

Question No. 36 : Under which article of the Constitution of India, the Government of India has constituted a commission to examine sub-categorization of OBC in the central list ?
1) Article 343

2) Article 341
3) Article 342

4) Article 340

Question no. 37 : On 5th Oct. 2017, where did the UN Soldiers finish their 13 years military peace keeping mission?
1) Jamaica

2) Bahamas

3) Haiti

4) Puerto Rico

Question no. 38 : Arrange the sequence of port from South to North.
1) Nagapatpatanam, Kochi, Thriuananthapuram,  Tuticorin
2) Kochi, Nagapatpatanam, Thriuananthapuram, Tuticorin
3) Thriuananthapuram, Tuticorin, Nagapatpatanam,  Kochi,
4) Thriuananthapuram, Tuticorin, Kochi,  Nagapatpatanam

Question no. 39 : Identify the Descending order of the age required for eligibility.
i) Minimum age required to become eligible to contest Rajyasabha Election.
ii) Minimum age to get Right to Vote in India.
iii) Minimum age required to contest election for the post of President of India.
iv) Minimum age requirement as eligibility to contest Loksabha Election.

1) i), ii), iii), iv)

2) iii), i), iv), ii)
3) iii), ii), i), iv)

4) iii), i), ii), iv)

Question no. 40 : Goal two of Sustainable Development Goals includes :
1) Zero hunger, food security, nutrition and  sustainable agriculture.
2) End poverty, food security, sustainable  agriculture and foreign aid.
3) Sustainable agriculture, clean energy, nutrition  and food security.
4) Responsible consumption, food security, clean  energy and end poverty.

Question No. 41 : Match the pairs. 
Inert gases                         Uses

A) Helium                     (i) treatment of cancer
B) Neon                       (ii) meteorological observations
C) Radon                     (iii) glow sign

1) A–iii, B–i, C–ii

2) A–ii, B–iii, C–i
3) A–ii, B–i, C–iii

4) A–i, B–iii, C–ii

Question no. 42: Which Chinese Buddhist Pilgrim came to India during the period of Chandragupta II Vikramaditya ?
1) Itsing

2) Hieun Tsang

3) Fahien

4) Yi Jing

Question no. 43 : Which of the following is a correct sequence of the of tributaries meeting Ganga from source to mouth?
1) Ghagara, Son, Kosi, Mahananda
2) Son, Ghagara, Mahananda, Kosi
3) Mahananda, Son, Ghagara, Kosi
4) Ghagara, Mahananda, Kosi, Son

Question No. 44 : Girija Devi, who passed away, at the age f 88, on 24th October 2017, belonged to which of the following gharana of music ?
1) Gwalior and Kirana
2) Seniya and Banaras
3) Patiyala and Bhendi Bazaar
4) Atrauli and Agra

Question no. 45 : Which of the following statements related to the post of Governor is incorrect? 
A) Indian Citizen can contest the post for Governor of a state.
B) A person of the same state is not appointed as a Governor of that state.
C) Ordinance issued by a Governer carries same weight of the law.
D) Governor keeps President informed about conditions in the state.
1) B

2) C

3) A

4) D

Question No. 46 : Wintergreen oil is chemically .............
1) Acetyl salicylic acid

2) Ethyl salicylate
3) Benzoyl acetate

4) Methyl salicylate

Question no. 47 : The operational name of the Indian egional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) is ......


Question no. 48 : Shaded area shown in the map is a grassland of ............
1) Prairy

2) Pampas

3) Steps

4) Towns

Question no. 49 : In India, the main source of National Income is ........
1) Primary Sector

2) Secondary Sector
3) Tertiary Sector

4) Foreign Sector

Question no. 50 : Which of the following is a correct statement ?
a) Election Commission of India(ECI) is a multi-member body from the begining.
b) The decisions taken by ECI are always unaimous.
1) b

2) a

3) both

4) None of them.


Question nos. 51 to 53 : Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow – 
The steamship Rangoon was a fast as the Magnolia, but not as comfortable. During the first part of the journey to Hong Kong, which was three thousand five hundred miles, the weather was very good and the ship sped along.
Mrs. Aouda came to know Mr Fogg. She was very grateful to him for what he had done for her. When Mr Fogg listened to her conversation he never showed any sign of emotion. He was always careful to see that she had
everything she wanted. At certain hours he came regularly to either talk with her, or just listen to her. He was always polite but seemed to behave more like a machine than a man. Mrs Aouda did not know what to think of him.
Luckily, Passepartout explained to her what sort of character his master was. He told her of the bet which was taking them around the world. Mrs Aouda had smiled when she heard that. She felt that since she owed her life to this strange man, he could not lose his bet.

51 : Mrs Aouda was grateful to Mr Fogg because .....
1) he had saved her life.
2) he listened to her conversation.
3) he never showed any sign of emotion.
4) he always provided her with all that she wanted.

52 : When Mrs Aouda heard about the bet ....
1) She thought it was funny.
2) She was sure he would win it.
3) She wanted him to win it.
4) She thought he was a strange man.

53 : The steamship Magnolia was .....
1) as fast and as comfortable as the Rangoon.
2) faster and more comfortable than the Rangoon.
3) as fast but more comfortable than the Rangoon.
4) as fast but less comfortable than the Rangoon.

Question nos. 54 to 56 : Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow –
Dr. Kiran Bedi is the first lady to qualify for the Indian Police Service (IPS). The qualities of honesty, courage, empathy for fellow humans, hard work, determination and patriotism are the ones that personify this unique woman. 
Bedi had a hard time getting her way through the male dominated profession. She saw in her role as a police officer an opportunity to help the people, to show them the way to a better life. She applied this philosophy at every
stage of her career as a traffic cop, an anti-narcotics cell officer, an anti-terrorist specialist, and an administrator. Bedi did not fear anybody. To her the law was the same for all, be it the President of India or a commoner. It is said
that she once towed Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s car for parking violation while she was on the way to the United Sates. The greatest challenge to her philosophy came in 1994 when she was promoted to the rank of Inspector General of Prisons and given the responsibility of managing the largest and most notorious prison in the Asia Pacific region – Tihar Jail in Delhi where the inmates numbered about 8,500. She would shock prisoners by personally visiting them, talking and listening to them. Bedi can be rightly acclaimed as the woman who scrubbled the dirt off the khaki of the police force by establishing herself and her life as an example worthy of emulation.

54 : The word closest in meaning to 'male dominated' is ...
1) authoritarian

2) matriarchal
3) paternal

4) patriarchal

55 : What does the expression 'scrubbing of the dirt' mean ?
1) make clean.

2) made blame free.
3) do hard work.

4) work to sincerely.

56 : What philosophy did Dr. Bedi apply at every stage of her life ?
1) to be strict and dedicated to work.
2) to be humble to all.
3) to be successful and powerful.
4) to help people towards a better life.

Question nos. 57 to 59 : Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow –
What is discipline after all? it is expending time and energy trying not to do the things you really want to do. Or, forcing yourself to do something that your mind and body rebel against. There are some things that must be done even if you force yourself to do them for the sake of your own growth, health and hygiene, or for general sociability and compatibility with fellow beings. Once that is taken care of, I find externally imposed discipline to be just an albatross around the neck. It puts me of rather than gets me into doing something. This however does not mean that I give any less energy, attention and passion to what I do, or that I ignore tasks that I set myself or the world sets for me. It just means that rather than disciplining myself into doing tasks, I look for and connect with aspect that excite me arouse my passion if such element are not to be found, I try to infuse the same and end up creating a passionate affair with every task that comes my way. And with this the task rather than a must do becomes a love to do. Dreams and aspirations to me are greater motivators and means of achieving goals rather than dreaded discipline. My dreams should be such a compelling motivator that I should be seduced to working towards it. In this way I would enjoy the journey as well as the destination. We all need motivation to achieve anything be it a better physique, climbing a mountain, writing a book, earning money or success, gaining power, becoming a world-class sportsperson or the world’s best homemaker. Discipline is required if the motivation isn’t strong enough.
And if that is so, it means the dream is not compelling enough; we are probably dreaming the wrong dream. Why should one have to be flogged (read disciplined) into pursuing one’s own dream.

57 : Externally imposed discipline can be ....
1) an albatross around a neck.
2) beneficial for your growth health and hygiene.
3) helpful for general sociability and compatibility.
4) none of the above.

58 : In the writer's opinion, true discipline means.......
1) forcing yourself to do things you don't like.
2) creating a passionate affair with every task that comes in a way.
3) doing things because they are must.
4) motivators for earning money, success, power.

59 : Why are our dreams meaningful ?
1) They are greater motivators and means of achieving our goals.
2) We can achieve anything with our dreams.
3) Dreams reveal who we truly are.
4) They help us to bring discipline in our lives.

Question nos. 60 to 62 : Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow –
One of the greatest delusions of modern times is the prevailing belief that we are more civilized than our ancestors. At no other period in the history of mankind has the word ‘Civilization’ been so often misused and 
misunderstood. It is not in the abundance of material goods alone that civilization lies. Neither does it consist in the advance of scientific knowledge however amazing it may be. The inventions and discoveries of science have
undoubtedly brought unheard blessings and comforts to us. But they are not civilization. What we have failed to see is that civilization is a special way of human behaviour, of thought and feeling. The essential quality of  civilization lies in the spirit of man, in his attitude to himself, to his fellowmen and to life as a whole. Looking everywhere around us today, we will find that man has made no progress since the dawn of history, in his attitude towards his fellowmen. On all the highest pillars in the cities of the world, you will find the figure of a conqueror or a general soldier. We know more about our killers and destroyers than about our saviours and saints. The heroes of the world are the heroes of war.

60 :Choose the correct synonym for 'prevailing'.
1) strong

2) confasing

3) existing

4) idiotic

61 : Who are the heroes of the modern world ?
1) Saints

2) Destroyers
3) Common man

4) God

62 : Why were our ancestors more civilised than us ?
1) They did not encourage scientific pursuits.
2) They had less population.
3) They did not worry too much.
4) They were more humane.

Question No. 66 : A result of survey of 1000 persons with respect to their knowledge of Hindi (H), Sanskrit (S) and English (E) is given below. 
What is the ratio of those who know all the three languages to those who do not know sanskrit?

1) 6 : 1

2) 2 : 3

3) 1 : 6

4) 1 : 5
Question No. 67 : How many triangles and squares respectively are there in the following figure ?

1) 28, 5 2) 24, 3 3) 28, 3 4) 24, 5

Question No. 68 : If + denotes greater than and – denotes less than then a – b – c implies ....................

1) a – b + c

2) c + a + b
3) b + a – c

4) b + c – a

Question No. 69 : The three positions of dice are shown. If he sum of numbers on the opposite faces is 7 and if the number of bottom faces are even then what is the sum of the numbers on top faces ?

1) 7

2) 14

3) 9

4) 13

Question No. 70 and 71: A word arrangement machine when given an input line of words, rearranges them following a particular rule in each step. The following is an illustration of input line and the steps of rearrangement. Step V is the last step. Identify the rule from it and answer the questions that follow.

70 : Which of the following steps will be last but one if the input line is 'together over series on feast the so' ?
1) VI

2) V

3) IV

4) III

71 : If the same rule is followed, what will be the fourth step if the input line is 'go for to though by easy access'?
1) access by for easy go to though
2) easy access to go through by for
3) access by easy for go though to
4) access by easy for go to though

Question Nos. 72 and 73 : A and E are brothers. F is sister of E. C is the only son of A's uncle. B and D are the daughters of only brother of C's father.

72. How is C related to F ?
1) cousin

2) brother

3) son

4) uncle

73. How many ladies are there in this group ?
1) 4

2) 2

3) 3
4) cannot be said definitely.

Question No. 74 : Sachin went 3 km towards west. He turned to his left and went thrice a distance. There he again turned to his left and went five times the distance which he has gone towards west. How much shortest distance and in which direction he has to go so as to reach his starting point ?
1) 12 km towards northwest
2) 15 km towards northwest
3) 15 km towards northeast
4) 12 km towards east

Questions 75 : Gopal, Ahmad, John, Ram, Krishna are doing different professions as farmer, Advocate, Doctor, Teacher and Photographer. Each one does different professions.
A) John is more rich then Gopal and Ram and is Advocate.
B) Farmer is richest.
C) The poorest person is photographer.
D) Gopal is a Doctor and Ahmad is photographer.
E) John is richer then Gopal but not as rich as Krishna.
Who amongst the following is a farmer ?
1) Ram

2) Gopal

3) Ahmad

4) Krishna

Questions 76 and 77 : In a certain code language ASIDE is coded as 15789 and BURN is coded as 2346. Then how will the following words be coded in the some code language ?

76 : SURE
1) 5431

2) 5349

3) 3791

4) 6394

77 : BIKE
1) 2709

2) 2759

3) 5712

4) 2608

Question 79 : ` 5 is the p.a.p.c. of rate of interest. After 3 years, the simple interest of some principle was ` 120. Then for the same principle what will be the total amount after 5 years if rate is same?
1) Rs 800

2) Rs1200

3) Rs1000

4) Rs2000
Question 80 : Two dice are thrown at a time. The probability of getting the numbers whose sum is 11, is ........


Question 82 : Two taps A and B can fill separately a tank in 12 min and 18 min respectively. Both taps are open simultaneously when the tank is empty. After 4 min A tap is turned off and remaining tank is filled by B tap, then how long will it take to fill the tank?
1) 8 min

2) 16 min

3) 9 min

4) 15 min

Question 84 : Which same number must be added to each erm of the ratio 2 : 5, so that it may be equal to 5 : 6 ?
1) 13

2) 12

3) 14

4) 11

Directions for following 6 questions : Given below are six questions describing a situation and is followed by four possible responses. Indicate the response you find the most appropriate. Choose only one response for each question. The responses will be evaluated based on the level of appropriateness for the given situation. Please attempt all the questions. There is no penalty for wrong answers for these six questions.

Question no. 85 : As a family counsellor in District Court, You are handling a case of divorce of working couple, where their child is 10 years old. What would be your decision ?
1) You will aware them a parental role of love, attachment, affiliation and acceptance of a child.
2) Inform them to accept the partner with strengths  and weaknesses without any condition.
3) Handover the child to the grandparents.
4) 1 and 2 both.

Question no. 86 : You are a principal of the school. You get a written application from parents that one of your teachers gives harsh physical punishment to the students. You would .....
1) get a secret report about concerned teacher from  reliable and close teaching as well as non teaching  staff.
2) observe the teacher's behaviour without informing  him and aware him about his misbehaviour. 
3) suspend him from his duty.
4) 1 and 3 both.

Question no. 87 : You are a Jr Engineer in irrigation department, you came to know that the quality of products used in a construction of Dam was not up to the mark. When you informed about it to the project manager, he tried to bribe and threaten you. What will you do ?
1) Report about it to senior officer.
2) Complain about the matter to the police.
3) Give a written letter to the higher authority for  investigation and further action.
4) All the above.

Question no. 88 : You are police officer at Airport. One of the passengers informs you about the bag, lying at the airport. What would you do ?
1) Inform the special quad and ask for immediate  assistance as the bag may contain a bomb.
2) Ask the passengers to vacate the place.
3) Go near the bag and open it.
4) 1 and 2 both.

Question no. 89 : You are attending a formal meeting of launching a metro railway project in your city. The meeting is very boring and unproductive. Being a corporator, how would you react ?
1) Pretend to have received on urgent call and go  back to your chamber.
2) Try to involve yourself and make the meeting  more productive and help the team in reaching a  conclusion.
3) Try to postpone the meeting.
4) None of the above.

Question no. 90 : You are a food Inspector. You have received a complaint about the low food grade that is served under mid-day meal scheme in one of the schools of your district. You will .....
1) ignore the complaint thinking that it should be  brought to the notice of education department. 
2) as you are competent and responsible authority  you will ask for the written complaint regarding  low quality of food.
3) take the complaint and send the food samples used  in food preparation to the laboratory. 
4) both '2' and '3'.

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