(Papers) : All India Civil Services Coaching Centre Chennai

(Papers) : All India Civil Services Coaching Centre Chennai

Entrance Examination : 2016
Time allowed: Two Hours (10.30 a.m. to 12.3O p.m.) 

Maximum Marks:200

Immediately after the commencement of the examination, checkthe bookletfor any unprinted or torn or missing pages or items, etc. If so, get it replaced by another booklet.
2.Encode clearly the booldet series A, B, C or D as the case may be, in the appropriate placeintheanswersheetwithBlueorBIackballpointpenonly.
3.Shade your Booklet series'properly in the space provided in the OMR answer sheet.
4.The booklet contains hundred questions. Each question comprises four answers  (responses). Select the correct answer (response), which you want to mark on the answer sheet. In case, you feel that there is more than one correct answer (response), mark the answer (response), which you consider the best. In any case, choose ONLY ONE answer (response) for each question.
5. The answer (response) has to be shaded ONIY on the OMR answer sheet provided.
6. All items carry equaf marks.
7, After you have shaded all your answer (responseJ on the OMR answer sheet submit the same to the invigilator.
8. You are permitted to take only the question booklet.
9. Sheet for rough work is appended in the question booklet at the end.

1. What are the reasons for the Delegated Legislation?
I.Pressure upon parliamentary time
II.Need for flexibility
IIl.State of emergency
a.l and II only b. II and III onlY
c.l and III only d.All I,ll and III

2. Match List I with List II relating to the Constitutional Amendments and the particulars and find out the correct answer using the code.
List I Amendments                                    List II Particulars

a. Seventh Amendment                              1. Associate State
b. Thirty - Fifth Amendment                        2' Anti-defection Law
c. Fifty - Second Amendment                     3. Delhi as National Capital Territory of India
d. Sixty - Ninth Amendment                        4. Re'organisation of States
Code Code
a.3. 4 L 2 b.3 1 4 2
c.4 2 1 3 d,.4 1 2 3

3. Which are correct relating to the four - fold system of states?
I.The States in Part A and Part B were 10 and 5 respectively
Il.Madras was one of the States in Part A
III.The States in Part C and the Territories in Part D were 5 and 2 respectively
a.l and II only b.ll and III onlY
c.I and III only d. All I, II and III

4. Which are true in relation to the protection in respect of conviction for offences under Article 20 of the Constitution of India?
I.Retrospective criminal legislation, commonly known as ex-post facto Legislation
II.Double |eoparty or Punishment for,the same offence more than once
III.Compulsion to give incriminating evidence'
a. I and II only

b. II and III only
c. I and III only

d. All I, II and III

5, In England the position of the Prime Minister has been described by Lord Morley as 'Primus'inter pares' which means: -
a. Best among equals 

b. First among equals

c. Last among equals

d. One among equals

6. By Which Constitutional Amendment was 'sindhi' included as the fifteenth regional language in the VIIItt Schedule?
a.17th Amendment
b.19th Amendment
c.21th Amendment
d. 23th Amendment

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