(Paper) UPSC MODEL PAPER PATTERN 2008-09 (General ability, General medicine, Paediatrics) Paper - 5


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61.Among the four steps in the Manchester operation done for prolapse,which one of the following is the correct order in which they are done?
a.amputation of cervix,D&C,Futhergill suture,haemostasis
b.D&C,amputation of cervix,Futhergill suture,haemostasis
c.D&C,Futhergill suture,Amputation of cervix,haemostasis
d.D&C, Amputation of cervix,haemostasis,Futhergill suture

62.HAIR-AN syndrome is found in :
a.congenital adrenal hyperplasia
b.luteal phase defect
c.polycystic ovarian syndrome

63.A pregnant woman in III trimester has normal blood pressure when standing & sitting.When supine,blood pressure drops to 90/50.What is the diagnosis?
a.compression of uterine artery
b.compression of aorta
c.compression of IVC
d.compression of internal iliac vessels

64.Which one of the following is the WHO criterion for oligospermia in seminal fluid analysis?
a.sperm count less than 50 million/HPF
b.sperm count less than 40 million/HPF
c.sperm count less tha 30 million/HPF
d.sperm count less than 20 million /HPF

65.Which of the following are the causes of retroversion of the uterus?
2.prolapse uterus
select the correct answer using the code below:
b.1& 2 only
c.2& 3 only
d.1& 3 only

66.Which one of the following is not an operation for uterine inversion?
a.’O’ Sullivan’s

67.A 45 yr old woman comes with pap smear report of squamous metaplasia.What advice shud be given to her?
b.cervical biopsy
d.no treatment

68.Which one of the following is not charachteristic feature of bacterial vaginosis?
a.presence of clue cells
b.thick white discharge
c.vaginal Ph >4.5
d.fishy odour

69.Fetomaternal transfusion of fetal RBC’s in mother can be detected by which one of the following tests?
a.Direct coomb’s test
b.Kleihaur betke test
d.indirext coomb’s test

70.Multiple pregnancy is not a/w an increased incidence of which one of the following?
a.hyperemesis gravidarum
b.congenital malformations
c.pregnancy induced hypertension
d.post date pregnancy

71.Sexcord stromal cell tumors do not include which one of the following?
a.granulosa cell tumor
b.theca cell tumor
d.brenner’s tumor

72.A case of choriocarcinoma 30 yr old having one child,presenting with growth in the uterus & single metastasis in lung(stageIII score 4).What wud be the appropriate treatment for her?
a.single agent chemotherapy
b.multiple agent chemotherapy
c.hysterectomy with single agent chemotherapy
d.hysterectomy with multiple agent chemotherapy

73.An unmarried 20 yr old girl has unilateral ovarian cyst of 7 into 8 cm.with CA125 at 500 mIU/ml.There are thick septa & papillation in cyst.On laprotomy,capsule is intact.Other ovary & viscera are normal.What is the appropriate surgery for her(along with staging procedure)?
a.ovarian cystectomy
c.hysterectomy with unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy

74.Surgical staging is done for the following genital malignancies except:
a.ovarian malignancy
b.gestational trophoblastic neoplasm
c.endometrial carcinoma
d.F.tube malignancy

75.Which one of the following groups has only epithelial tumors of ovary?
a.serous cystadenoma,mucinous cystadenoma,endometroid carcinoma
b.mucinous cystadenoma,endometroid carcinoma,stromal cell carcinoma
c.endometroid carcinoma,brenner’s tumour,sex cord tumor
d.dermoid,endometroid tumor,mucinous cystadenoma

76.Which female genital malignancy is most common in pregnancy?
a.ovarian cancer
b.vaginal vulvar cancer
c.endometrial cancer
d.cervical cancer

77.A 34 yr old lady who has completed her family,shows a positive pap smear(C.I.N.III).What will be the further arrangement?
a.wertheim’s hysterectomy
b.ward mayo’s hysterectomy
c.simple abdominal hysterectomy
d.cervical conisation

78.At laprotomy for endometrial cancer the growth was found invading inner half of mypmetrium,rt ovary & upper part of vagina.What is the staging?
a.II b

79.Contraceptive efficacy is generally assessed by which one of the following methods?
a.pearl index
b.contraceptive effectiveness
c.use effectiveness
d.failure rate

80.Which one of the following antibiotics reduces effectiveness of oral contraceptive pills & may cause breakthrough bleeding?

81.Which one of the following disinfecting procedure is preferred for disinfection of blankets,beds & books kept in a room?
a.formaldehyde fumigation
c.sprinking 70% alcohol
d.bleaching powder

82.Which of the following is a characteristic of a point source epidemic?
a.herd immunity regulates spread of cases
b.person to person transmission is seen
c.secondary wave of cases is always seen
d.all cases develop within one incubation period

83.While investigating an epidemic,search for more cases is continued till what period?
a.twice the incubation period of the disease since occurrence of the last case
b.thrice the incubation period of the disease since occurrence of the last case
c.longest incubation period for the disease
d.incubation period for the disease plus two standard deviations

84.In national immunization coverage evaluation surveys,what is the commonly used sampling method?
a.simple random sampling
b.systemic random sampling
c.stratified random sampling
d.cluster random sampling

85.Consider the following statements:
1.poliovirus is a retrovirus
2.man is the only reservoir of poliovirus
Which of the statements given above are/is correct?
a.1 only
b.2 only
c.both 1 & 2

86.Which one of the following tests is not used for checking quality of pastereurization of milk?
a.phosphatase test
b.standard plate count
c.coliform count
d.orthotoludine test

87.Milk is poor source of which of the following?
a.essential fatty acids
Select the correct answer using the code given below:

88.Which one of the following is categorised as a high risk pregnancy?
a.birth order 3
b.maternal ht 150 cm
c.twin pregnancy
d.blood group AB+ve

89.Among the causes of maternal mortality,which one of the following is the correct descending order due to which the maternal deaths occur in India?
a.haemorrhage,obstructed labour,abortion,sepsis
b.obstructed labour,haemorrhage,abortion,sepsis
c.sepsis,obstructed labour,abortion,haemorrhage
d.haemorrhage,sepsis,abortion,obstructed labour

90.What is the health indicator obtained by dividing body ht(in cm) by cube root of body wt(in kg)?
a.quetlet’s index
b.broca index
c.ponderal index
d.corpulence index

91.Use of combined pill is contraindicated in women with any of the following conditions except?

92.Consider the following pairs:
contraceptive method preg.rate
1. condoms 2-14/HWY
2. Cu-T <1/HWY
c. oral pills 1-5/HWY

Which of the above apir is correctly matched?

93.Which one of the following is the level of residual free chlorine recommended for swimming pool water disinfection?
a.0.5 mg/lit
b.0.8 mg/lit
c.1 mg/lit
d.5 mg/lit

94.Which one of the following is the standard prescribed for setback(open space around the house)in rural areas?
a.built up area 1/3 & open space 2/3
b.built up area 2/5 & open space 3/5
c.built up area ½ & open space ½
d.built up area ¼ & open space ¾

95.Which of the following committees introduced the concept of multipurpose health worker?
a.bhore committee
b.jungalwala committee
c.kartar singh committee
d.mudliar committee

96.Which one of the following pair for water quality standard is correctly matched?
Parameter max.tolerance limit
a. Chlorides :50mg/lit
b. Nitrates :50mg/lit
c. hardness :50mg/lit
d. total dissolved solids :50mg/lit

97.Match list-I with list-II & select the correct answer using the code given below the lists:
list-I list-II
(type of infection transmission) (example)
a.fomite transmission 1.rubella
b.cyclo-developmental 2.malaria
c.cyclo-propagative 3.filariasis
d.vertical transmission 4.typhoid

a. 1 2 3 4
b. 1 2 4 3
c. 4 3 2 1
d. 4 3 1 2

[snip].Which of the following is not a part of control measures for diptheria?
a.treatment of cases with erythromycin
b.treatment of carriers with antitoxin
c.isolation of cases
d.regular immunisation of under-fives

99.Dysphagia,diplopia,dysarthria are characteristic symptoms of food poisoning due to :

100. “prepatent period” in lymphatic filariasis is defined as the time interval between inoculated of infective larvae & :
a.blockage of lymphatics
b.first appearance of detectabale microfilaria
c.developmental of lymphoedema
d.development of adult worm

101.sIn management of leprosy two years’duration is recommended for which of the following?
a.treatment of multibacillary cases
b.treatment of paucibacillary cases
c.surveillance after treatment in multibacillary cases
d.surveillance after treatment in paucibacillary cases

102.The oral typhoid vaccine(Ty 21a)in INDIA contains:
a.killed salmonalla typhi only
b.live attenuated s.typhi only
c.killed s.typhi & s.paratyphi A
d.live attenuated s.typhyi & s.paratyphi A

103.Consider the following pairs:
disease incubation period
1. polio 3-5 days
2. typhoid 10-14 days
3. yellow fever 8-12 days
Which of the pairs given above is/are correctly matched?
a.2 only
d.1 only

104.Which one of the following is a charachteristic of epidemiology of leishmaniasis in INDIA?
a.it does not occur at high altitudes
b.incubation period is 3-8 days
c.females are more affected
d.it is not a fatal disease

105.Match list-I with list-II & select the correct answer using the code given belowthe lists:
list-I list-II
(disease) (inheritance)
A. albinism 1.auto dominant
B. vit-Dresistant rickets 2.auto recessive
c. G6PD deficiency 3.sex linked dominant
d. neurofibromatosis 4.sex linked recessive

a. 2 4 3 1
b. 2 3 4 1
c. 1 4 3 2
d. 1 3 4 2

106.Which one of the following is the correct chronological order in which the given acts were passed in INDIA?
a.Quarantine act,Vaccination act,Sarda act,Factory act
b.Quarantine act,Sarda act,Factory act,Vaccination act
c.Sarda act,Vaccination act,Quarantine act,Factory act
d.Vaccination act,Quarantine act,Factory act,Sarda act

107. “Social physician” concept was mooted by ?
a.Bhore committee
b.Chadha committee
c.Shrivastav committee
d.Kartar singh committee

108.Which one of the following is an indicator of operational efficiency for malaria control programme in india?
a.API(annual parasite incidence)
b.ABER(annual blood examionation rate)
c.AFI(annual falciparum incidence)
d.SPR(slide positivity rate)

109.Which of the following is a novel feature of RNTCP?
a.achieving 80% BCG coverage
b.achieving 85% detection rate
c.achieving 70% cure rate
d.involvement of NGOs

110.Match list-I with list-II & select the corrct answer using the code given below the lists:
list-I list-II
(diagrams) (type of data for which used)
A. bar diagram 1.continuous data
B. frequancy polygon 2.discrete data
C. line diagram 3.correlation data
D. scatter plot 4.trends of events
a. 3 1 4 2
b. 2 1 4 3
c. 3 4 1 2
d. 2 4 1 3

111.Which one of the following pair is correctly amtched:
Vaccines Type
a. yellow fever killed
b. rubella killed
c. diphtheria live
d. mumps live

112.Among the following milk sources,which one is the correct sequence with decreasing fat content?

113.Under which level of prevention shud sentinel surveillance be categorised?
a.primordial prevention
b.primary prevention
c.secondary prevention
d.tertiary prevention

114.Inventory of material means which one of the following ?
a.list of item procured
b.stock disturbed during a period
c.the quantum of material ordered for
d.stock on hand at any given time

115.What is the reagent used in Horrock’s appratus for determing chlorine demand of water?
b.methylene blue
c.starch iodine indicator
d.sodium bicarbonate

The following 5 items consist of two following statements:one labelled as the Assertion(A) & the other as Reason®.You are to examine these two statements carefully & select the answetrs to these items using the codes below:
a.both A & R are individually true & R is correct explaination of A
b.both A &R are individually true but R is not the correct explaination of A
c.A is true but R is false
d.A is false but R is true

116.Assertion:In tetanus,herd immunity doesn’t protect the individual
Reason: tetanus toxoid is a toxoid vaccine

117.Assertion:India is in the late expanding phase of the demographic cycle
Reason: birth rate in India is declining rapidly

118.Assertion:use of soap water & disinfectants shud be avoided in flushing where septic tank is used
Reason: In India septic tank are designed to allow a retention period of 24 hrs

119.Assertion:cases of carcinoma stomach have declined steadily over last 30 ys in affluent countries.
Reason:consumption of preserved,curved & salted foods has increased in industrialised countries in last 30 yrs

120.Assertion : BCG vaccination is capable of converting lepromin test fromnegative to positive
Reason: lepromin test is not adiagnostic test.

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