Getting Started for Public Administration Mains

Getting Started for Public Administration Mains

The route to success in Civil Services examination is full of ups and downs. But inspite of that every year huge number of candidates appear in this Super elite examination. Always success depends upon two factors- your strategy and your fate. Your fate in not in your hand and you cannot change it ever. But strategy is always in your hand through your hard work and proper planning you can sharpen your success chances.

And for sharpening your success chances , here we are going to introduce you with Public Administration as an optional in Civil Services Mains Examination.

But now the question is why only Public Administration as an optional……...

  • Huge availability of coaching and study material.
  • Syllabus of this optional is quite manageable and subject matter is easy to understand.
  • From last several years Public Administration is giving very fair number of selections in IAS examination .

The Mission

Getting Started for Public Administration Mains, is to guide and help aspirants .

Getting Started for Public Administration Mains is collection of informative and suggestion based articles, discussing the possible strategies and suggested reading , that a candidate might choose to get success.

It is completely free for all of you.



List of Articles:

1. Public Administration an optional for success in civil services Examination

2. Problems in Preparation - Public Administration, Main

3. How to read the syllabus and which questions to attempt ?

4. Step By Step Guidance on How To Read and Write For Public Administration Mains Examination

5. Apply These Tricks in Public Administration Mains Examination to Secure High Marks

6. Suggested Reading on Public Administration(English and Hindi Medium Both) : Available books in market cover only 70 % of syllabus

7. Review of IAS Public Administration Mains 2013 Question Paper

  1. Public Administration - Paper I
  2. Public Administration - Paper II

8. Model Question Paper for Public Administration IAS Mains Examination

  1. Public Administration - Paper I
  2. Public Administration - Paper II

9. Public Administration Mains strategy for Rural People and working Professional

10. Public Administration : English Vs. Hindi Medium

Good Luck !!