In this article, we will discuss the importance of NCERT books (especially the Old NCERT’s books), list of most important books, pros & cons about the old & new NCERTs as well.

If you are a serious aspirant for civil services, starting from scratch will be one of the best policies to be successful. For achieving your dream, the foundation started by studying school level old NCERTs books of humanities stream from standard 6th to 12th. 

Old NCERTs widely used in the 1990s & 2000s prior to the current edition. 

Benefits of Old NCERTs books: 

  • Class 6th to 12th all sections of 
  • These books are written for school students in easy language, which is very easy to understand.
  • All concepts regarding most of the topics will be easily understandable, which will pave the foundation for studying further in-depth studies of higher-level specialized books.
  • Many of the questions in almost every Govt exam are asked directly from the NCERT books.
  • NCERTs are the authentic source by Government itself. 
  • This easy language concept-based study will also help you to write your upsc mains exam. Since you will be able to express your topic to your examiner in an expressive way
  • At least one round of complete detailed studies of all the subjects required to prepare your ias exam foundation. Also, important points can be highlighted for quick revision.
  • Science can be studied in a selective way as per the upsc syllabus.

Get Old and New NCERT Study Notes

Old Vs New NCERTs: 

  • Old NCERTs are written in a direct manner & have factual data. Facts & concepts can be remembered easily. While, the new NCERTs are in a subjective manner, more focussed on thoughts, beliefs & cultures, which eventually help to evolve your thinking process.
  • Old NCERTs can be finished in less time, while new NCERT can take more time, it all depends on individual interest, reading & conceptualizing process.
  • Old NCERTs are more of to the point of factual information with less focus on diagrams compared to the new one.
  • Old NCERTs are very rich in its content, facts can be remembered easily. New NCERTs are in a narrative way, which sometimes lacks content & appeared less interesting. 
  • In all the exams, especially UPSC exams quality & content matters & not the source of studies.

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How to read NCERTs:

  • Underline whatever you feel important at the very first reading or if you have sufficient time, just go through the complete subject at once & then underline in the second reading.
  • Memorize the underlined points in subsequent readings.
  • Make sure to revise the underlined data or you can club those underlined data in a single note & keep away the original books aside.
  • Just revise multiple times through your notes or the highlighted points through your books.
  • Try to study in such a fashion, so that NCERTs note can be revised in 8-10 hours of studies.

How to Get Old NCERTs: 

Most of the old ncert books are not published nowadays by NCERT. However, old books are available in students markets in Delhi and govt libraries. We have create created Old and New NCERT Notes which you can use for quick  reference.

Important ways to Study Old NCERT Books: 

  • History: Refer all the old NCERTs books from class 6th to 12th with more focus on class 9th & above for deep studies.
  • Geography: The geography section should be read since beginning to understand technical languages, words & concepts with more focus on agriculture & environment.
  • Political Science: This subject is explained at a very basic level, but you should read it to understand the concept, thinking & implementation process of the Government.
  • Economics: Economics is explained in class 9th & onward classes with the finest examples. This study will help you to grasp economic & later on helps to understand the current affairs topic at large. 

What after NCERTs books?

After studying NCERTs, students should opt for deep studies with standard books and study notes of reputed organisations, solve previous year upsc test papers, etc. along with multiple revision.

Best of Luck!

Happy Studies!

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