Public Administration Mains 2020 : Model Question and Answer - 113

(Public Administration Paper II / Chapter: Law and Order Administration)

Current Question : Lure of “instant justice” stems from the fact that the criminal justice system has failed in the country. Comment (20 Marks/300 words)

Model Answer :

Encountered of the four alleged rapists of a doctor on the outskirts of Hyderabad has given rise to another debate about the actions of the police. While the woman on the street is happy that the “brutal rape” has been avenged and victim have expressed relief at the quick police operation, we must understand the full implications of the lure of “instant justice”.

The clamour for quick action — “teaching a lesson”, “on-the-spot justice” — stems from the fact that the criminal justice system has failed in the country. One main reason is the delay in trials. Even if a criminal is convicted, the appeals that follow lead to a further delay of more than five years. This has meant that citizens lose faith in the law and they hero-worship officers who “encounter” these criminals.

This joyous reception of an “encounter” and the police officers involved only proves that people have lost faith in India’s criminal justice system. It also shows that the malady runs deep and recovery is so distant that shortcuts have become the preferred mode of execution.

Instead of succumbing to the band-aids, we have to use all our resources and energy in putting the system back on track. While police investigation and presentation by the prosecutors need to improve, it is the judiciary that must rise to the occasion.

For police, medical officers, forensic experts, prosecutors and judicial officers to work together as a team, it is essential that formal interactive sessions between them are organised. Regular training workshops will lead to an exchange of information, knowledge-sharing and mutual trust among different wings of the criminal justice system.

While the emotional response of a parent who has lost her daughter to rapists is totally understandable, as a nation, we have to invest in long term-solutions. That means investing in all four wings of the crumbling criminal justice system — police, prosecution, judiciary and prisons. (Total Words- 315)

(Linkages :Instant Justice and CJS, Delayed Justice and Court, Justice System and Reforms)

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