Public Administration Mains 2020 : Model Question and Answer - 118

(Public Administration Paper II / Chapter: Law and Order Administration)

Current Question : JNU violence has raised questions about the conduct of Police and onus is on the force to restore its credibility. (10 Marks / 200 words)

Model Answer:

Police action in Jamia Millia Islamia during protests against the new citizenship law and the inaction in JNU , allowing hooligans to go on a rampage in the campus have cast a shadow over the force.

In these instances, Delhi Police is perceived to have acted in a partisan manner with the intent to protect its master’s preferences at the cost of its mandate to enforce law and order without prejudice. It is now up to the force to restore its credibility as a free and fearless enforcer of the law or be derided as a mere security wing of the MHA.

Visuals of armed thugs leaving the campus after thrashing students and teachers under the watch of police personnel remain fresh in public memory. That not one of them was apprehended by the policemen waiting outside the JNU gates speaks poorly about the competence of the force.

Failure on the part of Delhi Police to clarify these questions will stain its record. The AAP government, as part of its larger campaign for statehood, has often accused Delhi Police. Delhi Police brass has a task in hand: It must remove apprehensions about its neutrality and reclaim its credibility. (Total Words- 198)

(Linkages : Violence and Conduct of Police, Police and restoration of Credibility , Police and MHA)

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