MP State GK Questions (Set-19) for MPSC Exam

MP State GK Questions (Set-19) for MPSC Exam

1. Amjad Ali Khan a famous personality from Madhya Pradesh is associated with which of the following?

(a) Veena player
(b) Sitar player
(c) Tabla player
(d) Sarod player

2. Which among the following is the state tree of Madhya Pradesh?

(a) Ashok tree
(b) Khejri tree
(c) Sal tree 
(d) Banyan tree

3. Khajuraho was religious and cultural center for which dynasty?

(a) Gurjara-Pratihara dynasty
(b) Chandela dynasty 
(c) Satavahana dynasty
(d) Gupta dynasty

4. ‘Kharbuja Mahal’ is located in which district of Madhya Pradesh?

(a) Ashoknagar
(b) Dhar
(c) Gwalior
(d) Jhabua 

5. Which River of Madhya Pradesh is known as sister of Lord Shani in Puranas?

(a) Mahi
(b) Narmada
(c) Shipra
(d) Tapti

Study Kit for Madhya Pradesh PSC Pre Exam


1. (d) 2. (d) 3. (b) 4. (b) 5. (d)