(Download) MPPSC : Librarian And Sports Officer Exam Paper- 2018 (Librarian)

(Download) MPPSC : Librarian And Sports Officer Exam Paper- 2018

:: Librarian ::

Q.No: 1 Which of the following is never followed by page number
A Bibliography
B ibid 
C op.cit 
D loc.cit

Q.No: 2 Which Association's tagline is 'Connecting people and Information'?


Q.No: 4 The Act enacted in India in 1856 on "Intellectual Property Right" was based on
A British Patent Law, 1852
B The Patent Bill, 1813
C American Patent Law, 1810
D The Design Act, 1911


Q.No: 5 Which Law of Library Science is related with the obligation of state, library authority and reader?
A First Law
B Fifth Law
C Second law
D Third Law


Q.No: 6 Arrange the following books in order of their publication .
I. Classified Catalogue Code
II. Prolegomena to Library Classification
III. Five Laws of Library Science
IV. Colon Classification
Code :



Q.No: 7 In the Sear's List of Subject Headings, preferred headings are indicated by________.
A Making them as preferred Headings
B Underlining them
C Italicizing them
D Printing them in bold type


Q.No: 8 'TIFF' file format is first created by ________.
A Aldus Corporation 
B Microsoft 
C C-Cube Microsystems 
D Sun Microsystems

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Q.No: 9 Intra facet phase relation is used for representing relationship between:
A Two isolates belonging to the different facets
B Two isolates belonging to the same facet 
C Two isolates belonging to the same subject
D Two isolates belonging to the different subjects

Q.No: 10 In UDC, common isolates are called ___________.
A Common subdivisions
B Form subdivisions 
C Common Auxiliaries
D Special subdivisions


Q.No: 11 'Universities Handbook' is published by_________.
A Association of Indian Universities
B University Grants Commission
C Publication Division, GOI
D Ministry of Culture 


Q.No: 12 Who evolved the Dynamic theory of classification.
A Hulme and his associates
B Richardson and his associates
C Ranganathan and his associates
D Brown and his associates


Q.No: 14 Canon of exhaustiveness  is one of the canons of :
A Array 
B Chain 
C Filiatary Sequence 
D Characteristics


Q.No: 15 In CC, the main class C-Physics is further divided into:
A Host class
B Compound class
C Generic class 
D Canonical class


Q.No: 16 In cataloguing, the square brackets [ ] are used for- 
A To enclose information taken from outside
B To enclose the details of the printer / manufacturer
C To enclose series statement
D To enclose the statement of accompanying material 


Q.No: 17 Who was the Chairman  of UGC Committee on National Network System for University Libraries?
A S. R. Ranganathan 
B Yash Pal 
C P. N. Kaula 
D R. C. Mehrotra 


Q.No: 18 Who was the father of Browne Charging System?
A Nina E. Browne 
B Vina E. Browne 
C H. E. Browne 
D F.E. Browne 


Q.No: 19 ZOTERO is a  _____________ 
A Content Management System
B Reference Management System
C Serials Management System
D Bibliographic Reference Management system 


Q.No: 20 'Mendeley' is developed by -
A ProQuest
B Sonny Software
C Labtiva 
D Elsevier 


Q.No: 21 'URKUND' offers
A Library statistical analysis
B Detect and prevent plagiarism 
C Helps in online Cataloguing 
D Support in Library automation 


Q.No: 22 'Research in progress' database in India is______ 
A Vidyanidhi 
B Shodhganga 
C Shodhgangotri
D Indian National Depository Library 


Q.No: 23 The person who prepares dictionary is known as: 
A Biographer 
B Lexicographer 
C Bibliographer 
D None of these


Q.No: 24 Grey Literature generally refers to _____________. 
A Published Literature 
B Unpublished Literature 
C Private publications 
D Government publications 


Q.No: 25 'Passive Documentation' means __________. 
A Documentation progress 
B Documentation development 
C Documentation service 
D None of these 


Q.No: 26 Dublin Core Metadata consist of..........elements. 
A 15 
B 13 
C 11 
D 16 


Q.No: 27 Which one of the following Protocol is used for file transfer over Internet ? 


Q.No: 28 Who wrote the book "Manual of Library Economy" ? 
A L.A.Tedd 
B A.J.Walford 
C J.D.Brown 
D A.C. Foskett 


Q.No: 29 The Information Technology used for simulation of the human thought is known as :
A Thinking Simulation 
B Artificial Intelligence
C Third generation of Computers 
D Thought process mechanism 


Q.No: 30 University Libraries Network in India is known as : 


 Q.No: 31 Science and Technology Policies Information Exchange System (SPINES) programme was promoted by


 Q.No: 32 The term Cyberspace was coined by
A Alan Kay 
B William Gibson
C Andy Lipman 
D Charles F. Goldfarb


 Q.No: 33 Boolean Logic was propounded by ........
A B C Wickery 
B Buckland
C George Boole
D S C Bradford


 Q.No: 34 Tagging in Web 2.0 application is called
A Taxonomy
B Folksonomy
C Syndication
D Directory


Q.No: 35 In which year Budapest Open Access Initiative declaration took place ?
A 2001
B 2002
C 2003
D 2004


 Q.No: 36 NDL is coordinated by-
A IIT, Kharagpur 
B IIT, Kanpur
C IIT, Delhi 
D IIT, Madras


 Q.No: 37 UGC digital library consortium was launched by __________ 
A Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam 
B Dr. Manmohan Singh
C Smt. Pratibha Patil
D None of these 


 Q.No: 38 An E-book which does not has an Internet connection to access its contents is - 
A Electronic Ink e-Book 
B Digital Book
C Web Book
D Palm Book


 Q.No: 39 Ontology is:
A Classification of Internet based documents
B Cataloguing of Internet based documents 
C Documentation services 
D Indexing method 


 Q.No: 40 A quick and ready insight is known as:
A Intution
B Observation
C Innovation 
D Experimentation 


 Q.No: 41 Which of the following is a term used for working assumption of a solution to a problem ?
A Research
B Hypothesis
C Bibliography
D Thesis


Q.No: 42 Delphi technique was first discussed by
A T.S. Wilkinson 
B G.E. Goreman
C O.Helmer 
D P.V.Young 


Q.No: 43 What was the  name given by Ranganathan to Bibliometrics ? 
A Librametrics 
B Librachine
C Scientometrics
D Documentrics 


Q.No: 44 Citation analysis helps in _____________.
A Identification of core documents
B Subject Indexing 
C Descriptive Cataloguing
D Selective Cataloguing 


Q.No: 45 IFLA "World Library and Information Congress" of 2019 will be held in __________.
A London 
B Tokyo 
C New York
D Athens 


Q.No: 46 TOXLINE is a/an
A Reference Database
B Reference Service 
C Bibliographic Database
D Bibliographic Service 


Q.No: 47 The book "Indian Library Manifesto" was published in 1990 by ________. 
A Facet Publications 
B Ess Ess Publications 
C Asia Publishing House 
D ABC Publishing House 


Q.No: 48 According to Ranganathan "Latent Facet" is _________________.
A Facet added at end 
B Hidden Facet
C Important Facet
D Current of all Facets


Q.No: 49 First 'PLANNER' of INFLIBNET was organized in 2003 at __________. 
A Shillong
B Silchar 
C Gauwahati
D Aizawal 


Q.No: 50 Who was the last Director of  National Library of India ? 
A K K Banerjee
B Swapan Chakravorty
C A K Chakravorty 
D R Ramachandran 


Q.No: 51 Upto end of which year 10 digit ISBN numbers were allotted ? 
A 2006 
B 2007 
C 2008 
D 2009 


Q.No: 52 HELINET Consortium was launched in the year __________. 
A 2002 
B 2003 
C 2004 
D 2005 


Q.No: 53 Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation was established in __________ at Kolkata 
A May, 1972
B June, 1972 
C July 1972 
D August, 1972 


Q.No: 54 Which Indian library has largest holdings of manuscripts ? 
A Rampur Raza Library 
B Saraswati Bhawan Library 
C National Museum Library 
D Khuda Bakhsh Library 


Q.No: 55 The library of Vikramshila was destroyed by _____________. 
A Alauddin Khilji 
B Aurangzeb 
C Changez Khan 
D Bakhtiyar Khilji 


Q.No: 56 "Press and Registration of Books Act" of India was passed in the year? 
A 1967
B 1968
C 1954
D 1956


Q.No: 57 Which symbol is used for representing 'Biography' as ACI in CC ? 
A k
B m
C b
D w


Q.No: 58 For referring to an earlier but not an immediately preceding reference, which one is used ___________. 
A loc.cit
B op.cit 
C ibid 
D Referred to above


Q.No: 59 Fourth edition of Colon Classification was published in the year ________. 
A 1939 
B 1950 
C 1952 
D 1954 


Q.No: 60 Deductive logic proceeds from
A General to Particular 
B Particular to General 
C Specific to General
D Particular to particular


Q.No: 61 Who has initiated the project Gutenberg?
A Allen Kent
B Michael Hart 
C E. Morgon 
D Allan key 


Q.No: 62 Saracevic's model is an
A User centered information search model
B Human information behavior model 
C User centered information behavior model
D None of these


Q.No: 63 "Model Library Act" drafted by Dr.Ranganathan was presented in the All Asia Education Confrence in the year __________
A 1929 
B 1930 
C 1931 
D 1932 


Q.No: 64 NISCAIR came into existence on 30th Sept 2002 by merging of which Institutions?


Q.No: 65 Who was the publisher of Colon  Classification in 1933 ?
B Madras Library Association 
C Ess Ess Publishers 
D Academic Press


Q.No: 66 Which among the following is the  premier database of profiles of scientists, researchers and other faculty members working at academic institutions and other R&D labs in India.
A Vidwan
B Info Port
D Informer


Q.No: 67 Who is called as 'Father of  Bibilography' ?
A Robert Watt 
B Paul Otlet 
C A. J. Walford
D Conard Gesner


Q.No: 68 Who used the term "Information Literacy" for the first time?
A Zarkowski
B George Bernard Shaw
C Niels Bohr 
D Gyorginy 


Q.No: 69 Who is the author of famous book "Third Wave"?
A George Castell
B Alwin Toffler 
C Steve Case
D David George Hogarth


Q.No: 70 In which year RDA was  published ? 
A 2009
B 2010
C 2011
D 2012


Q.No: 71 Chapter 10 of AACR-II deals with _____________ 
A Three dimensional artifacts 
B Graphic material
C Machine readable data files
D Sound recordings


Q.No: 72 According to whom "Management is the accomplishment of result through the efforts of the other people"? 
A George R. Terry
B Harold Koontz
C Peter F. Drucker
D Lawrence Appley 


Q.No: 73 Who assumed two basic assumptions about people and their approach of work- Theory X and Theory Y.
A Elton Mayo 
B Mary Parker 
C C. I .Bernard 
D Douglas Mc Gregor 


Q.No: 74 Who has coined the term " Documentation"?
A S. R. Ranganathan 
B Calvin Moors 
C Paul Otlet 
D Mikhailov 


Q.No: 75 The Farmington plan is  associated with _______? 
A Library Legislation 
B Library Cataloguing 
C Library Cooperation 
D Library Indexing 


Q.No: 76 Point odd one out -
A Cow-Calf principle 
B Principle of Osmosis 
C Wall picture principle 
D Whole organ principle 


Q.No: 77 "Fair use" is a term most relevant to __________?
A Intellectual Property Rights
B Copyright
C Book borrowed for home reading
D Use of reference Books


Q.No: 78 Which one is not a network protocol ?
D Z39.50


Q.No: 79 "Universal Bibliographic Control" is a program of ___________.


Q.No: 80 POP stands for   ______________? 
A Print Office Protocol 
B Post Office Protocol
C Pre Office Protocol 
D Post Object Protocol


Q.No: 81 Which one is not an open source software ?
A Green Stone Digital library
B NewGenLib
C Drupal
D Libsuite


Q.No: 82 Presently 'Web of Science' is a product of ________. 
A Clarivate
B ProQuest 
C Thomson Reuters
D Elsevier


Q.No: 83 'Million Book Project' was initiated by__________. 
A Pittsburg University 
C Michigan University
D Carnegie Mellon University 


Q.No: 84 Who holds the copyright of the 'Five Laws of Library Science' reprinted in 2006.
B Ess Ess Publications
D Madras University 


Q.No: 85 What is the periodicity of 'DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology' ?
A Monthly 
B Bi - Monthly 
C Quarterly 
D Half yearly 


Q.No: 86 Name the Online version of 'McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology'
A Access Science 
B Mc Graw Hill online
C Online Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
D Science Online


Q.No: 87 'World of Learning' is published from 
A London
B Chicago
C Paris 
D New York


Q.No: 88 'INFLIBNET Newsletter' started its publishing from _________.
A 1995
B 1996
C 1997
D 1998


Q.No: 89 Phoenix schedule is related to  which classification scheme ?


Q.No: 90 First edition of Encyclopedia Britannica was published in __________ volumes
A 3
B 4
C 5
D 6


Q.No: 91 In which year 'Indian Science Abstracts' started publishing?
A 1964 
B 1965 
C 1968 
D 1971 


Q.No: 92 Who is the author of the book "Guide to Reference Material"?
A L.R.McColvin
B A.J.Walford 
C D.J.Foskett 
D E.J.Coates


 Q.No: 93 Which one is the Government of India's cloud?
A Meghraj
B Megha 
C Badal 
D Digital Ocean


 Q.No: 94 E-Granthalaya is developed by __________.


 Q.No: 95 Which one is not a plagiarism software ? 
A Urkund
B Plagiary
C Turnit In
D ET Blast 


 Q.No: 96 Who has promoted the Helical model of Communication?
A David Berlo
B Shanon - Weaver
C F.Dance 
D Aristotle


 Q.No: 97 Which one is not a Dublin Core metadata element ? 
A Creator
B Place
C Type 
D Identifier


 Q.No: 98 Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture (CeRA) was established by ICAR in ___________. 
A July, 2007 
B November, 2007
C July, 2009
D November, 2009


 Q.No: 99 Which character is used for "intra-array difference" phase relation in CC-6? 
A t
B u
C w
D y


 Q.No: 100 In CC '-' (hyphen) is used to apply which device ?
A Alphabetical device
B Super imposition device
C Enumeration device
D Subject device

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 Q.No: 101 "Recto" is used for which side of the page of a book ?
A Right side 
B Left side 
C Upper side 
D Lower side 


 Q.No: 102 In DDC 23rd edition, which table is for "National and Ethnic Groups"?
A Table 3
B Table 4
C Table 5
D Table 6 


 Q.No: 103 On which date Dr. Ranganathan died ? 
A 27 August 
B 27 September
C 27 October 
D 27 July 


Q.No: 104 The name of the central library of Dr.H.S.Gaur University is __________
A Mahatma Gandhi Library
B Gaur Library 
C Jawaharlal Nehru Library
D Indira Gandhi Library


 Q.No: 105 Maulana Azad Central Library of Bhopal was housed in the present building in the year _________
A 1908
B 1909
C 1955
D 1964


 Q.No: 106 Who is the present Director (library) in M.P.Vidhan Sabha Secretariat?
A P.N.Vishwakarma 
B Puneet srivastava
C Manoj saxena 
D V.D.Goyal


 Q.No: 107 "Indian Library Review" is a blog hosted by_______.
A Indian Library Association
C National Library 


 Q.No: 108 Out of all five parts of an ISBN number, which part represents the publisher of the book? 
A First 
B Second
C Third 
D Fourth


 Q.No: 109 Who is the present Chairman of Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation ? 
A Brij Kishore Sharma
B P. Jayarajan
C A.K.Chakravarthy
D Chakradhar Tripathi


 Q.No: 110 "Dharmaganja" was the name of the library of which University/Monastry ?
A Vikramshila
B Odantapuri 
C Nalanda
D Somapuri


 Q.No: 111 The "Indore General Library" was founded in the year - 
A 1854
B 1856
C 1866
D 1872


Q.No: 112 Who was the first Librarian of the National Library of independent India?
A A.K. Mukherjee
B B.S.Kesavan
C G.R.Ekbote 
D R.L.Mittal 


Q. No: 113 What is the frequency of Library and Information Science Abstracts (LISA) ? 
A Weekly 
B Fortnightly
C Monthly
D Quarterly


Q.No:  114 Who dissected entire knowledge into Poetry, History and Law ?
A Aristotle
B Francis Bacon 
C August Comte
D Herbert Spencer


Q.No: 115  NALANDA is the Digital Library initiative of _____
B National Library of India
C N.I.T., Calicut


Q.No: 116 Which among the following is not a Normative Principle ?
A Basic Laws
B Fundamental Laws 
C Canon
D Law of Interpretation


Q.No: 117 In CC-6th ed., the letter 'n' is an ACI, represents which of the following ?
A Periodical 
B Serial 
C Conference
D Biography 


Q.No: 118 The Classaurus is a Vocabulary Control tool, developed by Bhattacharya and it is used in ________.
A Pre coordinate Indexing
B Post coordinate Indexing
C Both (Pre coordinate Indexing & Post coordinate Indexing)
D None of these


Q.No: 119 What relates the ability of a system not to retrieve non relevant documents ?
A Recall
B Precision
C Fallout 
D Generality


 Q.No: 120 The term "Library warrant" was first enunciated by _______. 
A S.R.Ranganathan
B W.A. Katz
C E.W.Hulme
D Paul Otlet 


 Q.No: 121: Arrange following in Chronological order of their origin
1. Bibliographic Classification
2. Colon Classification
3. Subject Classification
4. Universal Decimal Classification
A 1,2,3,4 
B 4,3,2,1 
C 3,4,1,2 
D 2,1,4,3 


 Q.No: 122 The content of MARC record is divided in how many variable fields ?
A One
B Two
C Three
D Four 


 Q.No: 123 Who was the Chairman of National Policy on Library & Information System (NAPLIS) 
A D.P.Chattopadhyaya 
B P.V.Narsimha Rao 
C Y.S.Das वाई.एस. 
D Krishna Shahi 


 Q.No: 124 A method used to establish a subject similarity between two documents is called?
A Citation Analysis 
B Co-citation coupling
C Bibliographic coupling
D Bibliographic Analysis


 Q.No: 125: Arrange the following according to dictionary arrangement as "word by word" -
1. Called
2. Call
3. Call Letter
4. Calling
A 4,1,2,3
B 2,3,1,4
C 1,4,3,2
D 3,2,4,1


 Q.No: 126 21st edition of "Sear's List of Subject Headings" was published by_____________.
A H.W.Wilson
B ProQuest
C Bloomsbury
D Dundurn Press


 Q.No: 127 ORCID is associated with - 
A Article metrics
B Author metrics 
C All metrics 
D Journal metrics


 Q.No: 128 Informal Self education is possible in which kind of Library ?
A Public Library
B College Library
C Special Library
D School Library 


 Q.No: 129 The oldest library association in the world is _______.
A American Library Association 
C China Library Association
D L.A. 


 Q.No: 130 'Rules for Dictionary Catalogue' was devised by_________. 
A A.Pannizi
B C.C.Jewet
C S.Lubetzky 
D C.A.Cutter 


 Q.No: 131 What is the frequency of INB ?
A Weekly
B Monthly 
C Quarterly 
D Annual 


 Q.No: 132 Who Propounded the term "Information Transfer" ?
A S.R.Ranganathan
B J.Martin
C Beesman 
D Calvin Moores


 Q.No: 133 Who was the first editor of the journal "Library Herald" ?
A S.Bashiruddin
B P.N.Kaula 
C M.A.Gopinath
D B.S.Kesavan


 Q.No: 134 Who is the publisher of the journal "Philosophical Transactions"?
A Royal Society of London
B Elsevier 
C Oxford University Press
D ProQuest 

Q.No:  135 The Journal "Library Science with a Slant to Documentation" is now known as __________.
A SRELS Journal of Information Management
B Library Herald
C Journal of ILA
D PEARL : A Journal of Library & Information Science


Q.No: 136 Bradford's "Law of Scattering" is further examined by _________.
A J.Mills 
B B.C.Vickery 
C D.J.Foskett 
D Allen Kent


Q.No: 137 For Fulfilling which Law of Library Science, we write class number on catalogue cards by pencil?
A First law
B Second law
C Third law 
D Fifth law 


Q.No: 138 In 2005,Jorge  E.Hirsch has suggested it as a tool for assessing relative quality?
A h-Index
B g-Index
C R-Index
D Impact factor


Q.No: 139 Which one is not a Dublin Core metadata element ?
A Title
B Format
C Relation
D Focus


Q.No: 140 What is the full form of RDA ?
A Resource Documentation and Access
B Resource Delivery and Access 
C Resource Description and Access
D Research and Documentation Activity


Q.No: 141 UGC-INFLIBNET Centre is situated at ____________.
A Gandhinagar
B Ahmedabad 
C Delhi 
D Gurugram


Q.No: 142 Which type of formation of subject is 'Biotechnology' ?
A Fission
B Fusion 
C Clustering
D Lamination


Q.No: 143 Who was ILA President at the time of 'IFLA World Library Congress' at Delhi ?
A P.B. Mangla 
B Krishan Kumar
C C.P.Vashishtha
D P.N. Kaula 


Q.No: 144 Who is the editor of "Granthalaya Vigyan"?
A S.P.Sood 
B D.V.Singh 
C Ramesh Gaur 
D Shabahat Husain 


Q.No: 145 The building of Government Ahilya Central Library of Indore is also known as __________.
A Peeli Kothi
B Safed Kothi
C Harten House
D Vinoba Bave Bhawan


Q.No: 146 Who designated Dr.Ranganathan as the "Father of Library Science in India"__________. 
A Mahatma Gandhi
B S.Radhakrishnan
C Jawaharlal Nehru
D Maurice Gwyer 


Q.No: 147 Who was the teacher of Dr.Ranganathan in London ?
A J.D.Brown
B H.E.Bliss
C W.C.B.Sayers
D A.Pannizi


Q.No: 148 Who Coined the term "Information Retrieval"?
A Faradane 
B C.Mooers 
C Lancaster
D D.J.Foskett 


Q.No: 149 Section 52 of the Copyright Act,1957(India) deals with ______.
A Copyright Societies 
B Certain acts not to be infringement of copyright
C Compulsory License for benefit of disabled
D Remedies


Q.No: 150 United Nations has declared the decade 2003-2012 as ________.
A Decade of Family Farming 
B Human Rights Education 
C Literary decade: Education for All
D Decade for the Eradication of Poverty

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Q.No: 151 Which of the following is not a  product and service of OCLC ?
A Worldcat 
B Web Junction
C Dewey Services
D Facet Publishing


Q.No: 152 'The best reading, for the largest number at the least cost' is the motto of ________


Q.No: 153 Which of the following is not a recommendation of "National Knowledge Commission Report to the nation 2006-2009" regarding Libraries
A Set up a National Commission on Libraries
B Prepare a National Census of all Libraries
C Set up a Central Library Fund 
D Set up a Consortium for all Libraries


Q.No: 154 'Tree of Porphyre' is related to :
A Decachotomy
B Polychotomy
C Dichotomy 
D Proliferation


Q.No: 155 : Which of the following Table is having the provision of 'Table of Precedence' according to DDC (19th edition)
A Table 1
B Table 3
C Table 4
D Table 6


Q.No: 156 Method of OSMOSIS is related with:
A Reclassification 
B Method of Cataloguing
C Indexing Technique 
D Method of Circulation


Q.No: 157 OAI-PMH stands for ________.
A Open Access Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting
B Online Access Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting
C Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting
D Open Archives Institution Protocol for Metadata Harvesting


Q.No: 158 Who was the Nobel prize  winner among the following ?
A Melvil Dewey
B S.R.Ranganathan
C Paul Otlet 
D Henry La Fontaine


Q.No: 159 Library Classification, "it is  the translation of name of the subject of a book into a preferred artificial language of ordinal numbers" said by__________.
A Melvil Dewey
B H.E.Bliss 
C W.C.B.Sayers 
D S.R.Ranganathan 


Q.No: 160 In Cataloguing 'Sine loco' means __________.
A Without year 
B Without binding
C Without name 
D Without Place


Q.No: 161 According to S.R.Ranganathan 'Patent' comes under the....... category.
A Conventional documents 
B Neo -Conventional documents
C Non- Conventional documents
D Meta-Documents 


Q.No: 162 In MARC 21 Tag 250 is associated with the field:
A Edition 
C Personal Name
D Physical Description


Q.No: 163 W3C was founded in MIT by whom?
A David Eddy 
B Ross Anderson
C Tim Berners Lee
D Bob Bemer 


Q.No: 164 Who had invited Dr.S.R.Ranganathan to write a monograph on the Philosophy of library classification?
A Melvil Dewey
B Jean Anker
C P.N.Kaula 
D WCB Sayers


Q.No: 165 Who was the Chairman  of Education Commission (1964-66)in India ?
A S.Radhakrishnan
B D.S.Kothari
C S.R.Ranganathan 
D Yash Pal 


Q.No: 166 Fungus grows when  humidity is __________.
A Between 10-20 Percent
B Between 20-30 Percent
C Below 40 Percent 
D Above 70 Percent 


Q.No: 167 'Hierarchy of needs' theory is given by________.
A Mc Gregor
B Frederic Skinner
C Abraham H.Maslow
D William James


Q.No: 168 Books/Monographs Published within a series can have _______.
A Only an ISBN 
B Only an ISSN 
D Both an ISSN and an ISBN 


Q.No: 169 'Fishbone diagram'  is also known as
A Cause and effect diagram
B Data model diagram 
C Eye diagram 
D Radial diagram


Q.No: 170 'Histogram' was first described by 
A S.R.Ranganathan 
B Kaoru Ishikawa 
C Karl Pearson 
D Vilfredo Pareto 


Q.No: 171 Planning, Programming Budgeting System (PPBS) was elaborated by ________.
A Library of Congress(USA)
B Rand Corporation (USA) 


Q.No: 172 'Seven Pillars of Information Literacy' was introduced by__________.
B Berkowitz


Q.No: 173 which of the following  is not a service/Product of NISCAIR?
A Climate change Informatics
B Science Citation Index 
C The Wealth of India 
D National Science Library 


Q.No: 174 Indian standard 'IS 15339:2003' is related with _________.
A Public Library : Guidelines 
B Academic Library : Guidelines 
C Special Library : Guidelines 
D School Library : Guidelines 


Q.No: 175 Vidya - Mitra is an  
Online learning Portal for all the e-content projects developed under the NME - ICT
B State of art integrated library management system
C A gateway to all post graduate courses 
D Expert database 


Q.No: 176 When SOUL 2.0 was released ? 
A January 2009 
B January 2010 
C July 2011
D October 2012


Q.No: 177 'Conservative, moderate  and liberal' theories of reference service are given by_______.
A S.R.Ranganathan
B James I Wyer
C Krishan Kumar
D Samuel Rothstein


Q.No: 178 'One Drive' is operated by 
A Alphabet 
B Microsoft
C Google 
D Whatsapp


Q.No: 179 'Linked In' is a  _______ 
A Online Multiplayer gaming
B Only Video hosting service
C Library Management service
D Social Network Service


Q.No: 180 'SKYPE'  is a
A Antivirus Software 
B Library automation software
C Operating system
D Telecommunications application software


Q.No: 181 'Botnet' is a
A A software used to edit blogs
B Library Management Software 
C Social Media Service
D A network of hijacked computers, that are controlled remotely


Q.No: 182 ISO 2709: 2008 is an international standard for :
A Quality Management 
B Information Security Management
C Data and Time format 
D Information and Documentation format for Information Exchange


Q.No: 183 'A Piece of program code, that spreads by making copies of itself' is an _______.
A Virus
B File format
C E-Mail 
D Bandwidth


Q.No: 184 'Cryptography' is related with _______. 
A Research Design
B Library Classification
C Information Security 


Q.No: 185 'Google scholar' is a
A TQM tool 
B Library management software
C Scholarly database  
D Instant messaging service


Q.No: 186 'Web Junction' is a program of ________.
A Library of Congress 


Q.No: 187 Ontology deals with:
A Study of action 
B Studies on information processing 
C Study of art 
D Nature of existance 


Q.No: 188 'Moodle' is a 
B Library Management System 
C Electronic Library System 
D Course Management System


Q.No: 189 Which of the following is an Indian news, information and shopping web portal ?
A Yandex
B Rediff
C Naver 


Q.No: 190 arXiv is a
A Repository of electronic preprints of scientific papers
B Instant messaging service 
C File extension 
D Video hosting service 


Q.No: 191 The Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR) was created by _______.
A University of Nebraska
C E-Prints at University of Southampton
D China National Knowledge Infrastructure


Q.No: 192 Digital Library initiative 'Granth Sanjeevani' is announced by__________.
B The Asiatic Society of Mumbai
C Connemara Public Library, Chennai 
D National Library of India 


Q.No: 193 'Infistats' is developed by _______.
B National Library of India


Q.No: 194 'Double - blind review' means ___________. 
A Reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers and vice - versa
B Review is done two times
C Only Reviewer identity is concealed 
D Only author identity is concealed


Q.No: 195 Which one is not a product of ProQuest?
A Ebray 
C Dialog 


Q.No: 196 In research 'Pilot studies' is needed to __________.
A Select the topic / Problem 
B Test the Instrument
C Review the Literature 
D Compile the bibliography 


Q.No: 197 "Using exactly the same words as were used originally" is called?
A Verbatim 
B Paraphrase 
C Summary 
D Bibliography 


Q.No: 198 "A detailed alphabetical list of topics, names of persons, places etc. mentioned in a book" is called?
A Footnote 
B Index 
C Endnote 
D Bibliography 


Q.No: 199 In academic writings ,  'supra' denotes :
A Above 
B Below 
C No publisher is given
D No Place is given 


Q.No: 200 Kinesics communication means 
A Sense of touch 
B Use of interpersonal space 
C Use of instruments in communication
D Facial expression, eye movement 

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