(Download) MPPSC : Librarian And Sports Officer Exam Paper- 2018 :: Sports Officer ::

(Download) MPPSC : Librarian And Sports Officer Exam Paper- 2018

:: Sports Officer ::

Q.No: 1 Type of research that involves the manipulation of treatments in an attempt to establish cause and effect relationships is known as
A Qualitative Research
B Experimental Research
C Descriptive Research
D Epidemiological Research

Q.No: 2 Type of research that involves in depth study and  evaluation of available information in an attempt to explain complex phenomena is known as -
A Philosophic Research 
B Historical Research
C Descriptive Research
D Analytical Research 

Q.No: 3 List of resources that provides a brief description of the nature and scope of each article or book is
A Indexed bibliography 
B Annotated bibliography
C Critical bibliography
D Abstract bibliography

Q.No: 4 Using ideas, concepts, writings or drawings of others as your own is known as -
A Falsification
B Dual publication
C Plagiarisum
D Copy right 

Q.No: 5 Test based on data assumptions of normal distribution, equal variance and independence of observation is known as -
A Non-parametric statistical Test 
B Parametric statistical Test 
C Distribution - Free statistical Test
D Probability Statistical Test 

Q.No: 6 If O is observation and X is treatment , then the following experimental design is
A One - group Pretest Post-test Design
B Repeated Measure Design 
C Static Group Comparison Design
D Pre-Test Post-Test Randomized Design

Q.No: 7 To examine effects of more than one independent variable at a time in a single experiment, the research worker use
A Rotation group Design 
B Pretest - Posttest Randomized Design
C Factorial Design 
D Repeated Measure Design

Q.No: 8 A technique of literature review that contains a definitive methodology and quantifies the results of various studies to standard metric that allows the use of statistical techniques as a means of analysis is known as
A Meta Analysis
B Deductive Analysis
C Super Analysis
D Critical Analysis

Q.No: 9 Type of paper and pencil survey used in descriptive survey and used in descriptive research in which information is obtained by asking participant to respond to questions rather than by observing their behavior is known as
A Interview
B Survey 
C Questionnaire
D Categorical response

Q.No: 10 Research in which samples of participants from different age group are selected in order to assess the effects of maturation is known as
A Meta- Analysis 
B Cross - Sectional Study
C Normative Analysis 
D Case - Study 

Q.No: 11 Sit-ups , pull-ups, baskets or goals made, no. of hits or strikes bear a numerical value about them are an examples of .......
A Discrete variables 
B Continuous variables 
C Moderate variables 
D Intervening variables 

Q.No: 12 Philosophical research is also known as 
A Empirical Research 
B Conceptual Research
C Analytical Research
D Qualitative Research 

Q.No: 13 Variable over which a researcher has control is
A Independent
B Dependent 
C Moderate
D Continuous 

Q.No: 14 What is the meaning of op.cit in footnotes
A And other 
B Previously cited
C Paragraph 
D Same Person 

Q.No: 15 Synopsis is also called as -
A Research Proposal 
B Methodology
C Summary
D Abstract

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Q.No: 16 Which type of Research solves an immediate particular problem
A Basic Research 
B Action Research
C Applied Research
D Histrocial Research

Q.No: 17 Related group design is also known as - 
A Equated or Parallal group design
B Factorial Group design
C Repeated Measure design
D Random Group design 

Q.No: 18 The basic standard score that converts raw scores to units of standard deviation in which the mean is zero and standard deviation is 1.0 is known as
A T-Score 
B Hull-Score 
C Z-Score 
D Sigma Score 

Q.No: 19 Condition beyond the control of the Researcher is known as.
A Limitation 
B Delimitation
C Research ethics 
D Significance of problem 

Q.No: 20 A positive or negative enviromental stimulus that motivates behaviour is known as -
A Learning 
B Reinforcement 
C Incentive 
D Punishment 

Q.No: 21 The magnitude of type -ll error is known as 
A Beta 
B Alpha
C Effect size 
D Power 

Q.No: 22 The level of probability   set by the experimenter prior to the study is known as
A Beta 
B Alpha 
C Power 
D Ho 

Q.No: 23  Class interval:
70 - 74
65 - 69
60 - 64
The above class interval is an example of -
A Inclusive Method
B Exclusive Method
C Pure Method 
D Representation Method

Q.No: 24 Quartile deviation is a measure of variability taken about
A Mean 
B Median
C Mode
D Deviation

Q.No: 25 In normal curve , the area of the curve that falls within the limit of 1 standard Deviation is 
A 68.26% 
B 62.86% 
C 66.28% 
D 62.68% 

Q.No: 26 Which of the following  is not an assumption underlying Perason's Product Movement method in the computation of the correlation coefficient
A Linearity of relationship 
B Homoscedasticity 
C Continuity of the variables
D MultiModuler distribution 

Q.No: 27 F- ratio is equal to - F 
A Between-groups variance/Within- group variance
B Within-group variance/Between-groups variance 
C Between group variance + Within group variance.
D Sum of square within group/Sum of square between group

Q.No: 28 After selecting the text, the Keyboard shortcut for Bigger font is       ,       -
A Ctrl + Shift + + 
B Ctrl + Shift +> 
C Ctrl + Shift +A 
D Ctrl + B 

Q.No: 29 The positive square root of the average of the squares deviation of all scores from their mean is known as
A Mean Deviation 
B Quartile Deviation
C Standard Deviation
D Coefficient Deviation

Q.No: 30 In positively skewed distribution, mean, median and mode are related as:
A Mean = Median = Mode 
B Mean = Median > Mode 
C Mode < Median < Mean 
D Median > Mean = Mode 

Q.No: 31 The point of inflection at normal curve occurs at -
A 3 Standard deviation
B 2 Standard deviation
C 1 Standard deviation
D 0 Standard deviation

Q.No: 32 In a distribution, if value of Kurtosis is greater than 0.263 then the curve is 
A Normal 
B LeptoKurtic
C MesoKurtic 
D PlatyKurtic

Q.No: 33 Most reliable central tendency is
A Mean 
B Median
C Mode 
D Standard deviation

Q.No: 34 In Normal Curve the value of Kurtosis is 
A 0.263 
B 0.362 
C 0.632 
D 0.326 

Q.No: 35 The concept of standard Deviation is introduced by
A Karl Pearson
B Fisher
C Spearman
D Gauss

Q.No: 36 The range of correlation between variables is -
A -1 to +1 
B -0.1 to +0. 1 
C 0 to 1 
D 0.1 to 1.0 

Q.No: 37 Which of the following is a test of Significance 
A Z - test
B Sigma Test
C t - test
D Hull Test

Q.No: 38 The full form of SPSS 
A Statistical Package for the social science
B Social science Package for Statistics 
C Statistics Program for the social studies
D Statistical Program for the social studies

Q.No: 39 The meaning of CPU is
A Central Processing Unit 
B Central Control Unit 
C Control Program Unit 
D Central Program unit 

Q.No: 40 Fartlek training is specifically used for the development of -
A Speed 
B Endurance
C Flexibility
D Coordinative ability 

Q.No: 41 The longest training cycle is - 
A Macro cycle
B Micro cycle
C Giga Cycle 
D Crab cycle 

Q.No: 42 Which of the following is not a principle of training 
A Principle of continuity
B Principle of progressive load 
C Principle of plan and systematic training
D Principle of heirarchy 

Q.No: 43 Static strength is also known as -
A Isometric strength 
B Isotonic strength 
C Isokinetic strength
D Isosometic strength

Q.No: 44 Relative strength is calculated by -
A Minimum strength / Body weight
B Optimum strength / height
C Minimum strength x maximum strength
D Maximum strength / Body weight 

Q.No: 45 The two major components of Training load are -
A Load and performance 
B Intensity and volume 
C Volume and load 
D Density and Performance

Q.No: 46 Ballastic method is  used to develop -
A Coordinative ability 
B Endurance
C Flexibility
D Reaction time

Q.No: 47 The cash prize in Eklavya award is -        -
A 10,000
B 20,000
C 30,000
D 40,000

Q.No: 48 The cash prize associated with Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award is -
A 10,00,000 
B 9,00,000 
C 8,00,000 
D 7,50,000 

Q.No: 49 Build up competition is also known as :-
A Main competition 
B Training competition
C Amature competition
D Price money competition

Q.No: 50 For improving acceleration ability the load parameters are:-
A Intensity - 70 to 80% , Duration - 5 to 8 sec
B Intensity - 75 to 85% , Duration - 7 to 10 sec
C Intensity - 80 to 85% , Duration - 3 to 5 sec 
D Intensity - Maximum , Duration - 4 to 6 sec

Q.No: 51 The ability to do movement involving large number of muscles, at a slow pace for prolonged period is known as
A General Endurance
B Basic Endurance 
C Specific Endurance
D Long time Endurance 

Q.No: 52 For improving lactic acid tolerance the training load should be
A Intensity about 60% , Duration 10 sec. to 30 sec.,Repetitions - 5 to 6 .
B Intensity - Maximum, Duration 10 to 30 sec, Repetitions - 20 to 25 .
C Intensity - About 90% , Duration 20 sec to 2 min.,Repetitions - 3 to 4 . 
D Intensity - Maximum, Duration 2 min. to 3 min., Repetitions - 5 to 6 .

Q.No: 53 Carbohydrate loading is effective for
A Anarobic events up to 30sec.
B Anarobic events up to 1 to 2 min.
C Endurance performance 5 to 10 min.
D Endurance performance more than 30 min.

Q.No: 54 Increased muscle glycogen achieved due to carbohydrate loading is retained by the body for a maximum period of
A 24 hrs 
B 24 to 36 hours
C 1 - 2 days
D 2 - 4 days

Q.No: 55 70 - 80 % resistance in the intensity zone of strength training is considered -
A Light
B Medium
C Sub - maximum
D Maximum 

Q.No: 56 Intensity of training load is indicated by the symbol - 
A % 
B @ 
C * 
D & 

Q.No: 57 The ability to overcome resistance with high speed is
A Maximum strength 
B Explosive strength
C Endurance strength
D Strength strength 

  Q.No: 58 During contraction when the length of muscle increases it is called
A Eccentric contraction 
B Concentric contration 
C Auxo - tonic contraction
D Static - Muscle contraction

Q.No: 59 The ability to maintain maximum speed for maximum possible duration or distance is
A Speed duration 
B Locomotor Ability
C Movement Speed 
D Acceleration Ability

Q.No: 60 If reliability coefficient of a skill test is between 0.75 to 0.79 , then the reliability of the test is
A Very good 
B Good 
C Acceptable
D Poor

Q.No: 61 Which of the following is not a test item of Barrow Motor ability test  
A Standing Broad Jump 
B Zig - Zag Run 
C 60 - yard dash 
D Six - pound medicine ball put

Q.No: 62 An instrument for recording the work done by a muscle or group of muscle is known as
A Ergo graph 
B Stediometer
C Dynamo meter
D Mano meter

Q.No: 63 The degree of uniformity with which various persons score same tests is known as
A Reliability
B Objectivity 
C Validity
D Parallel form Reliability

Q.No: 64 Which of the following is not a test item of  Oregon Motor Fitness Test 
A Standing broad Jump
B Floor - Push - ups 
C Sit - ups 
D Zig-Zag run 

Q.No: 65 Which of the following is not a test item of Indiana Motor Fitness Test for College men         
A Pull - ups  - 
B Floor - Push - ups  - 
C Sit - ups  -  
D Vertical - Jump  

Q.No: 66 Wet spirometer is used to measure -             
A Lung capacity  
B Heart capacity   
C Muscular tension 
D Bone strength  

Q.No: 67 Spearman - Brown Prophecy formula is used to predict -        -
A Reliability of the Half test on the basis of whole test.       
B Reliability of whole test on the basis of half test.       
C Validity of the test.   
D Objectivity of the test.   

Q.No: 68 2024 Summer Olympic games will be held at - 2024          
A Paris 
B Tokyo  
C Bejing 
D Los Angeles   

Q.No: 69 In Broer - Miller Tennis test, rope is stretched above the net at a height of . -          
A 4 feet 4 
B 5 feet 5 
C 6 feet 6 
D 7 feet 7 

Q.No: 70 Which of the following is not a test item of IOWA Posture Test              
A Foot Mechanics  
B Standing 
C Stooping 
D Toe touch    

Q.No: 71 Mc Call score is     -
A Z - score  - 
B Sigma - score   - 
C Hull - scale  - 
D T - Score  - 

Q.No: 72 The dimension of basketball court is -         -
A 28m X 15m 28m X 15m
B 28m X 14m 28m X 14m
C 26m X 15m 26m X 15m
D 28m X 16m 28m X 16m

Q.No: 73 The inaugural match of FIFA world cup 2018 was played between -    
A Russia and Saudi Arabia    
B Russia and Uruguay    
C Russia and Egypt    
D Egypt and Uruguay     

Q.No: 74 Which of the following is not a criteria for the selection of Test            
A Objectivity 
B Validity 
C Reliability 
D Subjectivity 

Q.No: 75 Which of the following is not a method of measuring reliability        -
A Test Retest  
B Split half  
C Parallel form  
D Chi - square  

Q.No: 76 Which of the following is not a test item of J. C. R test         ...     
A Vertical jump  
B Chin-ups - 
C Sit ups   
D Shuttle Run  

Q.No: 77 Sit and Reach test is used to measure -        
A Muscular strength   
B Cardio vascular endurance  
C Flexibility 
D Power 

Q.No: 78 Which  of the following is test battery of Johnson Basket ball ability Test -            -
A Field goal shooting, throw for accuracy and dribbling   ,    
B Foot work,throw for accuracy and dribbling ,     
C Field goal shooting,dribbling and dodging   ,   
D Dribbling, shooting for accuracy, dodging and throwing ,  ,   

Q.No: 79 Which is not a test item of SAI hockey test -  
A Shooting in target   
B Balancing the ball   
C Moving with the ball    
D Scooping in the target    

Q.No: 80 The psychoanalysis  method was propounded by -       -
A Adler 
B Eysenck 
C Freud 
D Thorndike 

Q.No: 81 Who is known as the father of sports psychology           
A Colman Griffith  
B Robert Singer 
C Cratty 
D Williams 

Q.No: 82 Surplus energy theory of play is propounded by -         
A Von Schiller  
B Carl Groos 
C Stanley hall 
D White Patrick  

Q.No: 83 Problem solving  comes under -        
A Cognitive learning  
B Affective learning  
C Effective learning  
D Spontaneous learning :

Q.No: 84 In sports psychology mental practice means        -
A Mental planning  
B Mental rehearsal  
C Mental strategy  
D Mental image  

Q.No: 85 Sociology of physical education is -          
A A branch of Anthropology    
B A study of the society    
C An analysis of sociological processes involed in the institutions of physical education          
D A science which studies primitives of societies         

Q.No: 86 Son of a rickshaw puller struggles and becomes an olympian. This is an example of -
A Social stratification    
B Social adjustment  
C Social cohesion   
D Social mobility   

Q.No: 87 First central sports university in​​​​​​​ India is stablished at -                
A Imphal  
B New Delhi   
C Bhopal 
D Shillong 

Q.No: 88 Pierre de Coubertin Medal is awared for -        
A Sportsmanship  
B Sports achievement  
C Talented athletes  
D Disciplined team  

Q.No: 89 Who gave the self efficacy theory of personality -       -
A Carl Rogers 
B Georg Kelly 
C Abraham Maslow   
D Albert Bandura 

Q.No: 90 Olympic flag is based on a model designed by Pierre de Coubertin in -               
A 1914
B 1915
C 1916
D 1917

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Q.No: 91 Who produced the catharsis Theory of Play       
A Aristole 
B Plato 
C Bernard 
D Karl Groos 

Q.No: 92 Three second rule is associated with which of the following game            
A Badminton 
B Ice hockey  
C Basketball  
D Table Tennis  

Q.No: 93 In learning , the law of effective is given by - ,     
A Pavlov 
B Thorndike 
C Kohler 
D Watson 

Q.No: 94 Psychology is a science of     
A Human behavior  
B Human work  
C Human Personality 
D Human action  

Q.No: 95 Which of the following is not a law of learning proposed by E. L. Thorndike    ..    
A Law of Readiness   
B Law of exercise   
C Law of effect   
D Law of action   

Q.No: 96 Which of the following is not a theory for transfer of training        
A Identical Elements theory   
B Two Factor Theory   
C Theory of conscious ideals  
D Theory of Basic elements   

Q.No: 97 According to Big five personal traits , a person high in neuroticism shall not possess one of the following - 
A Emotionally unstable  
B Moody 
C Anxious 
D Assertive 

 Q.No: 98 Which law of learning​​​​​​​ is also called the law of use and disuse            
A Law of Effect   
B Law of Exercise   
C Law of readiness   
D Law of intimacy   

 Q.No: 99 Through which of the following methods, desirable channels are provided to release the emotional energy
A Sublimation  
B Inhibition 
C Repression 
D Catharsis 

 Q.No: 100 Which of the following is not the key concept of deveploment of group dynamics      -   
A Conforming 
B Storming 
C Forming 
D Developing 

Q.No: 101 Thyroid gland is situated at -      -
A At the top of each Kidney   
B Below the stomach   
C Pelvic cavity  
D Throat 

 Q.No: 102 In which part of body Sartorius muscle is situated          -
A Thigh 
B Upper arm   
C Lower arm   
D Lower leg  

 Q.No: 103 The heart muscle is called -     -
A Pericardium 
B Endocardium 
C Myocardium 
D Epithelium 

 Q.No: 104 Which is the most rare blood group        -
A A Rh+ 
B AB Rh+
C AB Rh-

D B Rh-

 Q.No: 105 Energy containing organic chemicals formed as a result of the incomplete breakdown of fat is called - 
A Ketosis 
B Ketones 
C Lactic acid  
D Liposis 

Q.No: 106 Highly nutritious pulses, especially rich in carotene and some vitamin - B are
A Niacin 
B Lentils 
C Pica 
D Saponins 

Q.No: 107 Researches have shown that exercise training causes decrease in
(iii) Total Blood cholesterol
(iv) Triglycerides
A (i), (iii) & (iv)
B (i) & (iv) 
C (ii) & (iv)
D (ii), (iii) & (iv)

Q.No: 108 which of the following hormone is secreated by the Posterior lobe of Pituitary gland             
A Growth Hormone  
B Thyriod - Stimulating Hormone   
C Antidiuratic Hormone  
D Prolactin 

Q.No: 109 A trained person exhibit elevated hormone response during exercise for.
A Testosterone 
B Insulin 
C Prolactin 
D Cortisol 

Q.No: 110 A trained person exhibits depressed values for which of the following hormone during exercise              -
A Aldosterone 
C Testosterone 
D Angiotensin 

Q.No: 111 Amphetamines are   
A Stimulant  
B Lipoprotein 
C Anabolic steroid  
D Buffering Agent  

Q.No: 112 Immediate responses to altitude training does not include         
A Hyperventilation 
B Body fluids become more alkaline      
C Increase in sub maximal heart rate -   
D Maximum heart rate is lowered     

Q.No: 113 Food in the presence of O2 is broken down to CO2 and H2O with liberation of chemical energy by a metabolic process known as
A Respiration 
B Anaerobic glycolysis  
C Aerobic glycolysis  
D Metabolism 

Q.No: 114 Net production of ATP from a stearic Acid (18 - cardon chain fatty acids ) is
A 147 
B 140 
C 135 
D 144 

Q.No: 115 The study of the physical laws that govern blood flow is  known as              
A Blood dynamics  
B Haemo dynamics  
C Heart dynamics  
D Cardiac ability   

Q.No: 116 The percent saturation of Hb with O2 (% SO2) is calculated by O2 (%So2)  Hb      

Q.No: 117 Skeletal muscle fasciculus are covered with            
A Endomysium 
B Epimysium 
C Perimysium 
D Endo - epimysium -

Q.No: 118 Where is Glenoid cavity found in human​​​​​​​ body           
A Ulna  
B Scapula  
C Sternum  
D Acetabulam  

Q.No: 119 Largest part of human Brain is       -
A Cerebrum 
B Pituitary Gland  
C Visual lobe  
D Motor Unit  

Q.No: 120 In which City the pull of gravity affects the most in the sports
A Beijing 
B Moscow 
C Mexico 
D Paris 

Q.No: 121 Step down the mechanical phases of Kicking          -
A Stance, Back lift, Kicking, follow through
B Back lift, stance , Kicking, follow through
C Kicking , Back lift, stance , follow through
D Back lift, kicking, stance, follow through 

Q.No: 122 Mechanics is the branch​​​​​​​ of     -
A Kinesiology   
B Sport Biomechanics   
C Physics 
D Movement analysis  

Q.No: 123 Change in place or position of an object or body is called            -
A Force 
B Motion 
C Friction 
D Momentum 

Q.No: 124 Newton's First law of Motion is        -
A Law of Inertia   
B Law of Acceleration   
C Law of Action and Reaction    
D Law of Displacement   

Q.No: 125 Which of the following events does not involve projection        -
A Javelin Throw  
B Shot put  
C Discuss Throw  
D 20 km walk 20 ..  

Q.No: 126 Force of rotation is called     -
A Lever 
B Torque  
C Fulcrum 
D Gravity 

Q.No: 127 Kinematics is the science of -     
A Friction 
B Motion 
C Force 
D Floating 

Q.No: 128 The force resisting the relative motion of surface sliding against each other is called              ,   
A Friction 
B Coupling 
C Impulse 
D Drag 

Q.No: 129 Which of the following muscle is not present on the posterior side of glenohumeral joint             
A Posterior Deltoid   
B Infraspinatus 
C Teres Minor  
D Biceps  

Q.No: 130 Which of the following ligament is situated within the knee joint capsule             -
A Tibial collateral ligament   
B Oblique popliteal ligament   
C Anterior cruciate ligament   
D Transverse ligment 

Q.No: 131 Which of the following is not​​​​​​​ an example of Rectilinear Motion         
A Rope climbing  
B 100m sprint 100 .  
C Jab in boxing   
D Discuss throw   

Q.No: 132 Which of the following are correct
(i) Kinetic Energy = 1/2 mv2
(ii) Potential Energy = 1/2 mgh
(iii) Work = Force / Distance
(iv) Power = work / time
A Only (i) & (iv) are correct  (i) (iv)  
B Only (i), (ii) & (iv) are correct  (i), (ii)  (iv)  
C Only (ii) & (iii) are correct  (ii)  (iii)  
D All (i) , (ii), (iii) & (iv) are correct  (i), (ii), (iii)  (iv)  

Q.No: 133 Factors determining rolling friction are
(i)Nature of ball and surface
(ii)Weight of ball
(iii) Diameter of ball
(iv)Air pressure of ball
(v)Surface tension

A (i), (ii) & (v)
B (ii), (iii), (iv) &(v)
C (i), (ii), (iv) & (v)
D (i), (ii),(iii) &(iv)

Q.No: 134 Coronal plane divides  the body into -        
A Right and left halves  
B Anterior and Posterior halves    
C Upper and lower halves    
D Medial and lateral halves    

Q.No: 135 Adduction of the humorous is not done by        -
A Latissimus Dorsi  
B Teres Major  
C Sternal portion of pectorialis major      
D Supraspinatus  

Q.No: 136 Muscle found on the anterior part of hip joint doesn't include           
A Iliopsos 
B Pectineus 
C Tensor Fasciac latae   
D Gracillis 

Q.No: 137 Which of the following is / are correct
(i) Speed is a scalar quantity
(ii) Displacement is a vector quantity
(iii) Average Acceleration is a vector quantity
(iv) Weight is a vector quantity
A Only (i) is correct.
B Only (i) , (ii) and (iii) are correct 
C Only (ii),(iii) and (iv) are correct 
D All (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv) are correct.

Q.No: 138 Which of the following is/are correct
(i) weight = Mass x Acceleration due to gravity
(ii) Momentum = Mass x Velocity
(iii) Impulse = Force x Time

A Only (i) is correct
B Only (i) & (ii) are correct
C Only (ii) & (iii) are correct 
D All (i), (ii) & (iii) are correct  

Q.No: 139 Which is   not a dimension of Eysneck's personality test         
A Psychoticisum 
B Extravertion 
C Neuroticisum 
D Intelligence 

Q.No: 140 Which is not a symptom​​​​​​​ that indicates towards over load          
A Colour of skin strongly red     
B Feeling weakness in muscle   
C Profused sweating   
D Pleasant feeling   

Q.No: 141 AIDS is caused by -     -
A T.B. ..
B Hepatitis B  
C Leprosy 
D HIV virus ... 

Q.No: 142 Sun light is source  of which Vitamin   ()    
A Vitamin A  
B Vitamin B  
C Vitamin D  
D Vitamin C  

Q.No: 143 Major Constituent  of balance diet is ......      ....
A Carbohydrate 
B Protein 
C Vitamin 
D Fat 

Q.No: 144 Whirlpool is also called        -
A Hydrotherapy 
B Thermotherapy 
C Cryotherapy 
D Electrotherapy 

Q.No: 145 Kyphosis is also  known as-         -
A Curved Back  
B Hallow Back  
C Round Shoulder  
D Lateral Back    

Q.No: 146 What is used by the wrestler to increase the muscle mass               
A Anabolic steroids   
B Stimulant    
C Narcotics  
D Dieuretic  

Q.No: 147 Scurvy is caused due to the deficiency of -       
A Tocopherol 
B Retinol 
C Ribolflavin 
D Ascorbic Acid  

Q.No: 148 Recommended Dietary Allowances of vitamin A for Adult are -  -          
A 0.2 mg
B 0.4 mg
C 0.5 mg
D 1.0 mg

Q.No: 149 Muscle cramps are caused due to the deficiency of -          
A Calcium 
B Phosphorus 
C Sodium 
D Magnesium 

Q.No: 150 Rapid heart rate at  resting position is -           
A Systocardia 
B Bradycardia 
C Tachycardia 
D Accardia 

Q.No: 151 The "thermostat" for temperature regulation of human body is located in the - 
A Medulla Oblongata 
B Peripheral thermal receptors   
C Hypothalamus 
D Spinal cord 

Q.No: 152 Scoliosis commonly  develops in the area -  :     -
A Neck 
B Lumber 
C Between thoracic and lumber      
D Between cervical and thoracic      

Q.No: 153 The deformity of thoracic spine becoming C-shaped curve is known as -
A Lordosis 
B Kyphosis 
C Scoliosis 
D Osteoporosis 

Q.No: 154 An injury to a ligament resulting from overstress is known as -           
A Sprain 
B Strain  
C Contusion 
D Haematoma 

Q.No: 155 Type of fracture in which a bone is broken into several pieces is           
A Green stick fracture  
B Compound fracture    
C Comminuted fracture  
D Simple fracture  

Q.No: 156 Which of the following is  fat soluble vitamin        
A Ascorbic Acid  
B Tocopherol 
C Thiamine 
D Pantothenic Acid   

Q.No: 157 The main purpose of the  pre-game meal is to provide the athlete with adequate -         
A Protein 
B Carbohydrate 
C Vitamin 
D Fat 

Q.No: 158 Prior to energy release from fat, the triglyceride molecule breaks down into Glycerol and fatty acids in the presence of -
A Coenzyme A  
B Acetyle COA  
C Lipase 
D Coenzyme B

Q.No: 159 When athletes use several  different types of steroids at the same time it is known as -
A Cycling 
B Stacking   
C Pyramiding 
D Mixing 

Q.No: 160 Which of the following vitamin does not posses antioxidant property  
A Beta carotene  
B Vitamin A  
C Vitamin B1  
D Vitamin C  

Q.No: 161 Maulana Abul Kalam Azad​​​​​​​ running trophy was instituted in the year         
A 1956-57 
B 1948-49 
C 1962-63 
D 1960-61 

Q.No: 162 The weight of men's​​​​​​​ javelin is __________        
A 600 grams 
B 700 grams 
C 750 grams 
D 800 grams 

Q.No: 163 The sector angle of shot put is .....       
A 34.920 
B 43.920 
C 36.920 
D 32.920 

Q.No: 164 In 4 x 100 meter relay race , the acceleration zone is
A 8 meters 
B 10 meters
C 12 meters
D 14 meters

Q.No: 165 Who defined Physical Education as "Physical education is that phase of the whole field of education that deals with big muscle activities and their related responses"
A Thomas Wood  
B H. C. Buck .. 
C J. B. Nash .. 
D C. A. Bucher .. 

Q.No: 166 Developmental objectives of physical Education (i) organic (ii) neuromuscular (iii) interpretive and (iv) emotional were given by
A Cowell aand Schein   
B J. R. Sherman ..
C C. A. Bucher .. 
D J. B. Nash .. 

Q.No: 167 In the first modern Olympic game the number of sports were     
A 9 
B 10
C 11
D 12

Q.No: 168 Lakshmibai National college of Physical Education was established in          
A August 21 , 1960
B July 21, 1961  
C July 17 , 1962 
D August 17, 1957

Q.No: 169 RajKumari Amrit Kaur coaching Scheme was started in the year         
A 1951 
B 1952 
C 1953 
D 1954 

Q.No: 170 Dronacharya Award was established in the year.    
A 1980
B 1981
C 1982
D 1985

Q.No: 171 Which of the following is/are correct  
(i)Badminton Racket Frame length 680 mm and Width 230 mm
(ii)Shuttle cock contains - 16 feathers
(iii)The base of shuttle is 1.35 to 1.65 inches in diameter.

A Only (i) is correct 
B Only (ii) &(iii) are correct
C Only (i) & (ii) are correct
D All (i),(ii)&(iii)are correct 

Q.No: 172 Which of the following is/are correct  
(i) Length of the cricket Pitch is 20.12 m
(ii) Height of the cricket wicket is 72.2 cm
(iii) Term "Lead - off " is related to cricket.
A Only (i) is correct
B Only (i) & (iii) are correct
C Only (ii) & (iii) are correct
D Only (i) & (ii) are correct  

Q.No: 173 Which of the following  is/are Correct  
(i)Weight of the football is 430g to 460g.
(ii)Circumference of football is 68cm to 72cm.
(iii)The term "blind side" is related to football.

A Only (i) is correct 
B Only (ii) is correct
C Only (ii) & (iii) are correct
D Only (i) & (iii) are correct 

Q.No: 174 Which of the following is/are correct about Kho - Kho 
(i)The distance between two adjacent squares is 250cm.
(ii)The distance between Posts is 23.50m
(iii)Circumference of the Post is 130 - 135 cm

A Only (i) is correct 
B Only (ii) is correct
C Only (ii) & (iii) are correct
D Only (i) & (iii) are correct 

Q.No: 175 There are Eight stages of Yoga​​​​​​​ to secure purity of body, mind and soul, out of these stages the meaning of yama is
A Meditation 
B Self - realization  
C Social discipline  
D Discipline of senses  

Q.No: 176 The meaning of Samadhi in yoga is     -
A Self realization  
B Individual discipline  
C Meditation 
D Breath control   

Q.No: 177 Which of the following asanas is  not beneficial in High Blood Pressure         
A Vajrasana 
B Siddahasana   
C Matsyasana  
D Pashchimottanasan 

Q.No: 178 Which of the following asanas is not beneficial in paralysis        
A Padmasana 
B Veerasana  
C Vajrasana 
D Parvatasan  

Q.No: 179 Sudhi Kirya, Dhauti is​​​​​​​ for ,       
A Abdominal Massaging   
B Internal cleansing  
C Nasal cleansing   
D Yogic enema  

Q.No: 180 How many female participated in the 1900, Paris Olympics 1900        
A 12 
B 20 
C 22
D 24

Q.No: 181 Olympic Motto term "ALTIUS" mean 
A Faster 
B Stronger 
C Higher  
D Athlete 

Q.No: 182 Indian lawn Tennis player Leander Pace won bronze medal in Olympics in the year             
A 1996 
B 2000 
C 2004 
D 2008 

Q.No: 183 The first common wealth  games held in 1930 at 
A Edmonton 
B Cardiff 
C Kingston  
D Hamilton 

Q.No: 184 The height of kho-kho pole is -      .....   -
A 130 cm.
B 115 cm.
C 120 cm.
D 128 cm.

Q.No: 185 In 400 meter hurdle for women, the last hurdle in first lane will be placed .... meter from the starting line.
A 360 meter 
B 365 meter 
C 370 meter 
D 355 meter 

Q.No: 186 The lower edge of the goal post for men's soccer is ________ from floor .
A 2.44 meter
B 2.42 meter
C 2.62 meter
D 2.34 meter

Q.No: 187 In woman volleyball,  the height of net is
A 2.42 meter 
B 2.24 meter 
C 2.43 meter 
D 2.45 meter 

Q.No: 188 The Uber cup is related to  which sports        
A Hockey women  
B Basket ball 
C Volley ball 
D Badminton 

Q.No: 189 2022 common wealth games will be organized at __________.
A Sydney 
B Burmingham 
C New York 
D Cape town 

Q.No: 190 How many matches will be played in knockout tournament if 23 teams are participating
A 22 
B 21 
C 23 
D 24 

Q.No: 191 In which year commonwealth games were organized in India         
A 2010 
B 1982 
C 1980 
D 2012 

Q.No: 192 Cash price for Eklavya Award is        -
A 10,000 
B 20,000 
C 30,000 
D 40,000 

Q.No: 193 India Celebrats its national sports day on -         
A 29 August 
B 26 August 
C 29 September
D 26 September

Q.No: 194 Sphygmomanometer is used to measure  
A Blood hemoglobin  
B Blood Cholesterol  
C Blood Pressure  
D Blood Volume  

Q.No: 195 Where was the resolution  of celebrating international Yoga day passed          
B UN, General Assembly 
C I.O.C. 

Q.No: 196 Excessive bleeding is caused due to defidiency of ....         
A Vitamin A  
B Vitamin B  
C Vitamin K  
D Vitamin E  

Q.No: 197 Sports Psychology is ____________. 
A Applied Psychology  
B Developmental Psychology  
C Clinical Psychology  
D Child Psychology  

Q.No: 198 Western region SAI Center is situated _______________.
A Indore 
B Jaipur 
C Gandhinagar 
D Pune 

Q.No: 199 Capt. Roop Singh stadium is located in which city          
A Bhopal 
B Jabalpur 
C Indore 
D Gwalior 

Q.No: 200 In 400m standard track,400 meter hurdle run,lane no.2 runner will get a stagger of -
A 7.04 meter
B 7.67 meter
C 14.71 meter
D 3.52 meter

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