(Download) MPPSC : State Service Main Exam Paper -3 (2018)

(Download) MPPSC : State Service Main Exam Paper -3 (2018)


1. Write on/Answer the following in 1 or 2 lines each .
(a) Nuclear reactor
(b) Sources of vitamin C and disease caused due to its deficiency
(c) Acetylene and its uses
(d) Acid rain
(e) Pasteurization
(f) Hard water
(g) CFC
(h) Sea horse

(i) Write the full forrris of the following :

  • (i) UNESCO
  • (ii) SCOPE
  • (iii) UNDP

(j) Write the scientific names of causative iagent and vector of plague.
(k) Write the scientific names of any two biopesticides.
(I) Enlist the natural colours present in sunlight in a sequence.
(m) A boy runs fast after seeing a street dog. His breathing becomes fast and blood pressure also increases. Which hormone will be found to be high in his blood? Name the gland secreting this hormone.
(n) What is bleaching powder? Describe its two uses.
(o) Enlist any three greenhouse gases.

2. Write on/Answer the following in about 100 words each (any ten) :
(a) Plaster of Paris and its uses
(b) Corrosion and its prevention
(c) Nuclear fallout and its effects
(d) Polar satellites and their usefulness ,
(e) Considering pond an ecosystem, describe its various trophic levels and give suitable example.
(f) In an examination, the students were required to obtain 36% pass marks. A student obtained 83 marks, but he was .declared fad by 7 marks. 
(g) Calculate the maximum marks allotted for the examination. Differentiate diabetes mellitus from diabetes insipidus. Describe their symptoms and concemed hormones.
(h) Write a note on haemophilia.
(i) What is forensic science? Explain the role of insects in forensic science.
(j) Write a note on remote sensing.
(k) What is cyber defence and why is it essential?
(I) Father of Ramesh is 27-year older than Ramesh. After 5 years, the ratio of the age of Ramesh and his father will be 2:3. Calculate their present age.
(m) What are edloys? Explain with example.
(n) Write notes on mean, median and mode.
(o) Briefly describe Darwinism.

3. Answer any three of the following questions in about 300 words each :
(a) Enumerate various species of honeybees. Describe the scientific method for obtaining honey.
(b) Define environmental pollution. Discuss the' various sources of air pollution and its adverse effect on living beings. Also give suggestions for their remedy.
(c) What is meant by biodiversity? When do we observe International Biodiversity Day? Describe the technologies used for propagation and . genome conservation in a given ecosystem.
(d) What is Information Technolp^? Discuss various means used in Information Technology.
(e) Enumerate the various non-conventional sources of energy. Describe any three of them in detail. Answer the following questions given below :
(i) What is diversity index?
(ii) Describe Simpson's index and Simpson's index of diversily.
(iii) Calculate Simpson's index for the following data ;
Species                   (n)
1. Mango                 2
2. Ashok                  8
3. Cashew               1
4. Coconut               1
5. Amaltas               3

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1. Answer the following in 1 or 2 lines each :
(a) What is the meaning of demonetization?
(b) What do you understand by Goods iand Services Tax (GST)?
(c) What is the concept of net inflow?
(d) What is meant by Green Accounting?
(e) Which countries are the member of BRIGS?
(f) What are the objectives of Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna?
(g) What is the concept of food security?
(h) What do you understand by decentralized planning?
(i) What is the quality of employment?
(j) What is the main purpose of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Scheme?
(k) What are the chief components on which Human Development Index is based on?
(I) Give three reasons of regional imbalance.
(m) What are the reasons for low sex ratio in our country?
(n) Write any two reasons for low industrialization in Madhya Pradesh.
(o) Write any two causes of inflationary rise in prices in recent years.

2. Answer the following questions in about 100 words each ;
(a) Analyze why Indian economy is considered as planned developing economy.
Distinguish between Green Revolution and Golden Revolution.
(b) What measures has been undertaken by the government for the reform in Its financial sector on recommendations of the Narasimham Committee?
What are some emerging trends in Indian agriculture as a result of liberalization?
(c) What are the objectives of Pradh^ Mantri Gram SadakYojna (PMGSY)?
Write a short note on Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM).
(d) Write the role of Regional Rural Banks in providing institutional credit to agriculture.
Write the salient feature of Kisan Credit Card Scheme.
(e) Suggest the measures to revitalise Cooperative Movement in India.
Write a short note oh the importkice of agriCulWe in Madhya Pradesh.
(f) Discuss the economic reforms in India in die li^t of sod^ justice and welfare.
Analyze PURA a new Gandhian approach to development for developmg country like India.
(g) Explain the functions of Stock Market.
Analyze Various Step taken by SEBI,to strengthen the capital market in india.
(h) Explain the measares taken by governttient to elitninate mequkiities in income distribution in India.
There IS downward trend in economic inequality worldwide with a rise m the average education level;" Comment.
(i) Mention the technological factors responsible for low productivity in agriculture in India.
What are the objectives of land reforms in India?
(j) Why did RBI have to change its role from eontroUer to facilitator of Financial sector in India?
Mention the chief features of National Rural Uvelihcibd Mission (NRLM).

3. Answer the following questions in about 300 words each : 

(a) According to the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) there is severe quality gap and lack of availabiUty of trainers in vocational  education and training centre. Comment and explain the measures taken by, the National Skill Development Council to overcome this problem.
Critically evaluate various problems and challenges faced by our Indian economy.
(b) Critically evaluate the Cooperative Movement in Madhya Pradesh.
"Information Technology plays a significant role in achieving sustainable development and food security." Comment.
(c) state the measures taken during Five-Year Plans to solve unemployment problem in India.
Analyze the prospects of twelth plan in the light of its driver of groth and groth targets of the plan.

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