(Syllabus) MP PSC  State Forest Service : Main Exam

(Syllabus) MP PSC  State Forest Service : Main Exam


(PART-B)   Marks 75

1. Grammar 
• Voice  (Active Passive)
•  Narration (Direct Indirect speech)
•  Degrees & comparison
•  Articles
2. Vocabulary
•  Synonyms and Antonyms
•  Fill-in the blank with suitable words
3. Comprehension-  Unseen Passage
4. Precis  wri ling
5. Composition

•  Essay writing (Topics on contemporary and burning issues)  (500 words)

•  Letter writing
•  Paragraph writing (200 words) (Expansion & Proverbs)


1.  Origin and  Evolution of Life

Basic  ideas  about  the  origin  of Earth.Origin of life,  chemical  and  biological evolution, Geological time scale,  Fossilization, Types of fossils and their  formation.

2.  Cell Biology

Cell,  structure  and  functions  of cell organelles,  chromosomes  Structure  and types,  Cell division, Amitosis, Mitosis and meiosis, Cell Cycle.

3.  Genetics

Concept  of  gene,  DNA,  RNA,  laws  of  inheritance.  Cytoplasmic  inheritance, mutation and polyploidy. Plant breeding.

4. Plant  Diversity
A general account of structure  and reproduction of virus, bacteria, cyanobacteria, algae, fungi, lichens, bryophytes,  pteridophytes  and  gymnosperms.  Concept of alternation of generations.

5.  Angiosperms
Morphology, anatomy of Root  and  Leaf. Types of tissues  and  their  functions, Modifications of root  stem  and  leaf.  Reproduction : Pollination, fertilization and development of seed.

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