(Syllabus) MP PSC  State Engineering Service :Preliminary & Main Exam

(Syllabus) MP PSC  State Engineering Service :Preliminary & Main Exam


1. Structural Analysis

Determinate and Indeterminate Structures, Degrees of Freedom. Static and Kinematic indeterminacy, Principle of Superposition, Virtual Work, Energy theorem, Deflection of Trusses, Redundant Frames.Analysis of Determinate and Indeterminate Arches, their influence lines.Rolling loads, influence lines for Determinate Beams and Pin-jointed Frames. Mullar Breslau's Principle and influence lines for Indeterminate Beams and Frames.

Slope Deflection, Moment Distribution and Kani's methods. Column Analogy, Energy Methods for analysis of indeterminate beams and frames. approximate methods for analysis of Rigid Frames.Matrix Methods of analysis, Stiffness and Flexibility Matrices of Beams. Frames & Trusses, Elements of Plastic analysis.

2. Structral Design

(1) Steel Design

Factors of Safety and Load Factors.

Rivetted and Welded connections of Members, Design of Tension, Compression and Flexural members, built-up beams and Plate Girder Slab and Guesseted Bases for Columns, Design of Roaf Trusses. Purling and Coverings, Structural Steel tubes and their connections Industrial and Multi- Storyed Buildings Water tank and supporting tower's design. Plastic Design of Continuous Beams
& Frames.

(2) R.C. Design

Working Stress and Limit State methods for design of Rectangular, T and L Beams, Slabs and Columns.Isola.ted and Combined footings, Raft Foundations.Overhead, Resting on ground and Underground Water Tanks. Design of Bunkers and Silos.Methods and Systems of Prestressing, Anchorages. Losses in Prestress, Design of Prestressed Concrete Beams.

3 Construction Planning and Management

Detailed estimates, specifications, analysis and rates of various works in civil engineering.

Construction activity , work break down structures , scheduling through CPM and PERT analysis, cost optimization through network construction, Float times, Bar charts , Project control and super- vision, cost reduction measures,

Cost analysis and resource allocation.

Fundamentals of engineering economics • methods of appraisal. present work, annual costs , benefit cost analysis, Types of tenders and contract conditions.

4. Environmenal Engineering

Water Demand - Per capita Demand, Population Estimation methods

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