(Download) Old NCERT PDF : Ancient India by R. S. Sharma

(Download) Old NCERT PDF : Ancient India by R. S. Sharma

Table of Contents :

  • Foreword 
  • Preface to the First Edition 
  • Author's Acknowledgements

1. The Importance of Ancient Indian History

2. The Construction of Ancient Indian History .

  • Material Remains--Coins-Inscriptions-Literary Sources-- Foreign Accounts Historical Sense

3. The Geographical Setting 

4. The Stone Age

  • The Old Stone Age-Phases in the Palaeolithic Age--The Late Stone Age—The New Stone Age .

5. The Stone-Copper Phase

  • Chalcolithic Settlements-Chalcolithic Cultures Importance of the Chalcolithic Phase-Limitations of Chalcolithic Cultures- The Coppor Age in India

6. The Harappan Civilization.

  • Geographical Extent-Town Planning and Structures-Agriculture-Domostication of Animals--Technology and Crafts— Trade-Political Organization-Religious Practices—The Male Deity in the Indus Valley-Tree and Animal Worship-Tho Harappan Script-Weights and Measures-Harappan Pottery-Seals --Images-Terracotta Figurines-Origin, Maturity and End

7. Advent of the Aryans and the Age of the Rig Veda

  • Original Home and Identity-Tribal Conflicts-Material LifeTribal Polity-Tribe and Family-Social Divisions-Rig Vedic Gods

8. The Later Vedic Phase : Transition to State and Social Formation .

  • Expansion in the Later Vedic Period (c. 1000-500 B.C.)-The PGW-Iron Phase Culture and Later Vedic Economy-Political Organization --Social Organization-Gods, Rituals and Philosophy

9. Jainism and Buddhism

  • Causes of Origin-Vardhamana Mahavira and Jainism-Doctrines of Jainism-Spread of Jainism ---Contribution of Jainism-Gautama Buddha and Buddhism-Doctrines of Buddhism Special Features of Buddhism and the Causes of its Spread-Causes of the Decline of Buddism-Importance and Influence of Buddhism

10. Territorial States and the First Magadhan Empire

  • The Mahajanapadas-Rise and Growth of the Magadhan Empire -Causes of Magadha's Success

11. Iranian and Macedonian Invasions

  • Iranian Invasion-Results of the Contact--Alexander's Invasion -Effects of Alexander's Invasion

12. State and Varna Society in the Age of the Buddha

  • Material Life-Administrative System-Army and Taxation The Republican Experiment-Social Orders and Legislation

13. The Age of the Mauryas

  • Chandragupta Maurya--Imperial Organization-Asoka (273-232 B.C)-Asokan Edicts--Impact of the Kalinga War--Internal Policy and Buddhism-Asoka's Place' ın History

14. Significance of the Maurya Rule!

  • State Control-Economic Regulation Spread of Material Culture-Causes of the Fall of the Maurya Empire

15. Central Asian Contacts and Their Results

  • The Indo-Greeks-The Sakas--The Parthians-The Kushans Impact of Central Asian Contacts

16. The Age of the Satavahanas

  • Political History-Aspects of Material Culture Social Organization-Pattern of Administration-Religion--Architecture Language


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