OLD NCERT Text Books (Class-6 to 12) for IAS, UPSC Exams


OLD NCERT Text Books (Class-6 to 12) for IAS, UPSC Exams

Dear Candidates,
Everybody knows that NCERT Text Books are the first step for starting the preparation for UPSC, IAS Exams. NCERT Books provide aspirant with easy to understand language and graphic illustrations and it is must read for each and every UPSC, State PSC Exams aspirant.

Now keeping in mind the Huge no of Pages and unavailability of OLD NCERT books, we have designed a study material which will cover All the NCERT Books required for the UPSC Exams. All the study material is specifically compiled from civil services exam point of view. The study material is highly recommended for all the civil services aspirants, and it will give comprehensive idea about he various issues and concepts, and will form strong foundation.

We have designed this study material by analyzing the question papers of last 10 years and by keeping in mind the present trend involving much importance of NCERT Syllabus in GS papers.

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What you will get:

  • 5,000+ Pages (43 Books)
  • All Old NCERT BOOKS for IAS, UPSC Exam (not printed by NCERT anymore)
  • From Class-6 to Class-12 Notes Compilation
  • Study Notes of NCERT History (Old )
  • Study Notes of NCERT Indian Polity (Old )
  • Study Notes of NCERT Geography (Old )
  • Study Notes of NCERT General Science (Old)
  • Study Notes of NCERT Indian Economy (Old)

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  OLD NCERT Books : History    
S.No Subject Name Writer Name Class Pages  
  Medieval India     68

(Medieval Indian and Ancient India Both are in One booklet)

1 Ancient India Romila Thapar VIIIth 74
2 Social Sciecne (Part 1) Modern India Arjun Dev/Indira Arjun Dev VIIIth 142  
3 History (The story of Civilization Volume I)   IXth 130  
4 History (The story of Civilization Volume II) Arjun Dev/Indira Arjun Dev Xth 112  
5 An Introduction to Indian Art (Part 1)   XIth 142  
6 Medieval India Satish Chandra XIth 184  
7 Ancient India Ram Sharan Sharma XIth 140  
8 Contemporary World History Arjun Dev/Indira Arjun Dev XIIth 154  
9 Modern India Bipin Chandra XIIth 142  

OLD NCERT Books : Polity

S.no Subject Name Writer Name Class Pages  
1 Social and Political Life 1   VIth 40  
2 Social and Political Life 2   VIIth 62  
3 Social and Political Life 3   VIIIth 68  
4 Indian Constitution and Government   IXth/Xth 60  
5 Democratic Politics 1   Xth 58  
6 Democratic Politics 2   Xth 58  
7 Political Science an Introduction S.N jha XIIth 66  
8 Indian Constitution at Work   XIth 130  
9 Contemporary World Politics   XIIth 80  
10 Democracy in India Issues and Challenges A.S Narang XIIth 150  

OLD NCERT Books : Science and Technology

1 Science and Technology K.M Pant, R. Joshi, J.S. Gill, S.C. Agarkar, Kanhiya Lal, S.C. Jain, Ravi Parkash, V.G. Jadhao, V.P. Srivastava, V.N.P. Srivastave VIth 86  
2 Science and Technology K.M Pant, R. Joshi, J.S. Gill, S.C. Agarkar, Kanhiya Lal, S.C. Jain, Ravi Parkash, V.G. Jadhao, V.P. Srivastava, V.N.P. Srivastave VIIth 148  
3 Science and Technology   VIIIth 122  
4 Science and Technology Anupam Dikshit Brahm Parkash, B.K. Sharma, B.K. Tripathi, Gajendra Giri, H.B. Singh, I.C. Mittal K.B Gupta, Krishan Lal, N. Jaimini, R.D. Shukla, R. Joshi, V.B. Bhatia, V.S. Bhasin IXth 130  
5 Science and Technology   Xth 120  

OLD NCERT Books : Biology

1 Biology   XIIth 148  
2 Biology   XIth 176  

OLD NCERT Books : Gography

1 Lands and Peoples 1   VIth 76  
2 Lands and Peoples 2 Savita Sinha/Mohd.Akhtar Husain VIIth 72  
3 Lands and Peoples 3   VIIIth 94  
4 Understanding Environment   IXth 78  
5 Geography of India B.S. Parakh Xth 90  
6 Principles of Geography Part 1 K.L. Joshi, S. Sinha, D.P. Gupta XIth 102  
7 Principles of Geography Part 2   XIth 78  
8 India a General Geography (Part 1+2)   XIIth 150  
9 Indian a General Geography (Both are in One Booklet)        

OLD NCERT Books : Economics

1 Economics   IXth 28  
2 Understanding Economic Development   Xth 48  
3 Our Economy an Indtroduction Tapas Majumdar IXth/Xth 44  
4 Indian Economic Development   XIth 112  
5 Interductory Macroeconomics Satya P. Das XIIth 92  
6 Interductory Macroeconomics C. Selvaraj/Rahul Nilakantan XIIth 88  

OLD NCERT Books : Sociology

1 Introducing Sociology   XIth 52  
2 Understanding Society   XIth 52  
3 Indian Society   XIIth 80  
4 Social Change and Development in India   XIIth 84