(Download) Old NCERT PDF : Ancient India by (Romila Thapar)

(Download) Old NCERT PDF : Ancient India by (Romila Thapar)

Medium: English

No. of Booklets: 1 (Ancient India by Romila Thapar)

File Type: PDF File Only

Table of Contents :



  • The Study of Indian History

Chapter One

  • Early Man 

Chapter Two

  • Man Takes to City Life 

Chapter Three

  • Life in the Vedic Age 

Chapter Four

  • Rise of The Kingdom of Magadha 

Chapter Five

  • The Mauryan Empire 

Chapter Six

  • India After The Mauyas 

Chapter Seven

  • The Age of the Guptas 

Chapter Eight

  • The Age of Smaller Kingdoms 

Chapter Nine

  • India and The World 
  • Important Dates 
  • Important Personalities 
  • Glossary and Vocabulary 
  • A Chart on Comparative Chronology

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