(Download) Old NCERT PDF : The Story of Civilization Part-II (Arjun Dev)

(Download) Old NCERT PDF : The Story of Civilization Part-II (Arjun Dev)

Medium: English

No. of Booklets: 1 (The Story of Civilization Part-II Arjun Dev)

File Type: PDF File Only

Table of Contents :


  • Imperialism and Colonialisme
  • Conditions that Helped the Growth of Imperiales - The Conquest of Asia - Imperialism in Africa - The Americas and the Pacific-Effects of Imperialist


  • The First World War
  • Imperialist Rivalries-Conflicts within Europe-Formation of Alliances - Incidents Preceding the War The Outbreak of War-The Course of War-End of the War-Peace Treaties--Consequences of the War and the Peace Treaties


  • The Russian Revolution
  • Conditions in Russia before the Revolution - Growth of Revolutionary Movements in Russia-Beginning of the Revolution Consequences of the Revolution


  • The World from 1919 to the Second World War
  • Europe between the Wars-Fascism in Italy -Nazism in Germany - Developments in Britain and France - United States Emerges as the Strongest Power - The Emergence of the Soviet Union - Nationalist Movements in Asia and Africa-Beginning of Fascist Aggression - The Second World War -- Resistance Movements - The Damage Caused by the War


  • The World after the Second World War
  • Immediate Consequences of the Second World War - Europe after the Second World War - The Cold War - Rise of Asia and Africa - Emergence of Independent Nations in Asia-Developments in West Asia and North Afnca-Achievement of Freedom by African Nations--AfroAslan Unity and Non-Alignment - Recent Developments


  • The Heritage of India
  • The Land and the People --The Ancient Period -The Medieval Period - The Modern Period - Art and Architecture - The Development of Painting in India -Languages and Literature --Music and Dance


  • Indian Amkening
  • Indian Society in the Eighteenth Century--Impact of British Ruleon India - Religious and Social Reform Movements - Impact of the Reform Movements - Growth of Education - Modern Art and Laterature - Growth of Press in the Nineteenth Century


  • India's Struggle for Independence
  • The Revolt of 1857 - Rise of Indian Nationalism - Early Political Movements and the Indian National Congress - Rise of Extremism - The Boycott and Swadeshi Movements - Morley-Minto Reforms - Revolutionary Movement - Formation of the Muslim League - Nationalist Movement during the First World War - The Nationalist Movement Becomes a Mass Movement-Khilafat and Non-Cooperation Movements --Communalism and its Dangerous Effects - From Swaraj to Complete Independence, 1927-1939 - The Simon Commission - Lahore Congress and the Civil Disobedience Movement-Influence of Socialist Ideas - The States People's Movement - The Nationalist Movement and the World - Constitutional Developments - Towards Freedom - The Nationalist Movement, 1935-1939-Indian Nationalist Movement during the Second World War - Nationalist Upsurge after the Second World War-Achievement of Independence, 1947 --Building the New India

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