Public Administration Mains 2017 : Solved Paper Public Administration : Paper-1-Q1

Public Administration Mains 2017 : Solved Paper Question Paper-1 (Question-1)

(Section A)

Q1) Answer the following questions in about 150 words each:

(a)Even after 130 years of its publication, Woodrow Wilson’s essay “The Study of Administration” continues to have great relevance even today.” Comment (10 marks) (Introduction)

ANSWER: Woodrow Wilson’s essay ‘The Study of Administration’ covers three broad topics,

(1) It is a review of the history of the study of public administration.

(2) It is the subject-matter, more specifically public administration

(3) He seeks to determine the best methods to develop public administration, both as a science and as a useful tool within the structure of the American democracy.

The Theory of Administration is first theoretical piece on public administration , its influence was on later theory rather than contemporary practice. Despite its undoubted importance, the essay is remarkable for its ambiguity , particularly in regard to his instance on the politics- administration dichotomy. The essay for the first time expressed the need for a scientific and systematic study of administration.

Wilson’s essay stands as a major early effort at articulating the essential ideation and dominant paradigm for the profession. Though the essay was not read and cited until it was reprinted in 1941, it serves as a benchmark in the development of the field of public administration.

(b) “What is distinctive about the Classical and Human Relations Schools of thought administration is their complementarity to each other “. Analyse (10 marks) (Administrative Thought)

ANSWER:  The Human Relations theory is called the ‘neo-classical theory’ because it, like the classical theory , accepts efficiency and productivity as the legitimate values of the organization, although it relies on a different set of techniques to achieve these values. Both the classical and human relations theories are alike in their objectives but differ in the methods adopted to accomplish those objectives. The human relationists seek to maximize the values of efficiency and productivity by eliminating the dysfunctions caused by overspecialization , alienating hierarchical arrangements and general dehumanization of classical approach.

Classical theory is based on the assumption that people are driven by purely economic motives. Human relations theory assumes that workers need to feel that their work has value (beyond the purely economic) and that the workplace should be a space where positive social interactions led to increased productivity. In reality , an organization is both a formal structure and informal relations , these two aspects of an organization are not contradictory but allied to each other.

(c) “Conflict is the appearance of differences –the difference of opinions and of interest”. (Mary Parker Follet). Comment(10 marks) (Administrative Thought)


d) “Leaders do the right things; managers do them rightfully” –(Warren Bennis) . Is this distinction by him valid ? Explain(10 marks) (Administrative Behaviour)


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