Public Administration Mains 2017 : Solved Paper Question Paper-2 (Question-4)

Public Administration Mains 2017 : Solved Paper Question Paper-2 (Question-4)


Q4( a) “ Bureaucracy has to make a balance the need for environmental sustainability and developmental imperatives .” Discuss (20) (Philosophical and Constitutional framework of government)

ANSWER : The topic of ‘bureaucracy, development and environment’ is of profound significance both for the academic seeking to unravel the developmental phenomenon in societies inhabited by nearly two-third of the world’s total population and for the country as a whole. At the same time, the subject is multidimensional, being amenable to discussion from a variety of angles and perspectives. While not underrating the validity and worth of such disquisitions, it seeks to address itself to questions, such as what peculiar challenges public administration in general, and bureaucracy in particular, are likely to face in India in the context of development as embodied in the nation’s most authentic developmental blueprint, namely the Fifth Five Year Plan. The aim of ecologically sustainable development is to maximise human well-being or quality of life without jeopardising the life support system. The development policy should follow the following norms to balance the need for environmental sustainability and developmental imperatives :

(i) Make all attempts to not impair the natural regenerative capacity of renewable resources
(ii) All planning strategy must attempt non-renewable to renewable resource
(iii) A phase-out policy for non-renewable resources

b) “The chief secretary is often termed as the alter ego of the Chief Minister.” Discuss, with examples, the dynamics of their relationship in State administration. (20) (State Government and Administration)

ANSWER : Chief Secretaries are members of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and functions as the central point of interdepartmental coordination at the departmental level. Chief Secretary is considered to be the Chief Executive of the state government and considered to be 'a linchpin' in the administration. The functions of chief secretary by and large depend upon the role he opts to play in the working of the state government. There are all sorts of examples of strong and weak chief secretaries playing the alter ego of the chief minister. In addition to enormous amount of authority, dignity, status and influence the chief secretary is a sort of administrative head who is linked with every organ of the state government. Chief Secretaries are chosen by the Chief Minister.

The job of Chief Secretary itself includes the following important responsibilities in a State administration:

* guardian of the morale of the civil services and in particular the All India Services;
* design and continuous improvement of administrative systems;
* human resource development in the civil services;
* preserve integrity, neutrality and responsiveness in the civil services;
* as a holistic representative of the government, ensure an integrated image of the government internally and externally;
* install and activate appropriate long-term planning, implementation and evaluation systems.

c)’District Planning Committee (DPC) has been the weakest structure in the local self-government mechanism in India .” Analyze with examples (10) (District Administration since Independence)


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