Public Administration Mains 2018 : Solved Paper Public Administration : Paper-1-Question-4

Public Administration Mains 2018 : Solved Paper Question Paper-1 (Question-4)


Q4. (a) “Form of an organisation influences the success of a public enterprise, but the choice of a form has always remained problematic." Discuss the statement in the context of the comparative merits and limitations of departments, corporations, companies and boards. Give illustrations. (Organizations)


(b) "Chester Barnard's model of 'Contribution-Satisfaction Equilibrium' is still considered a logical model of organisational motivation." Do you agree? Give arguments. (Administrative Behaviour)


(c) "The political approach to Public Administration stresses on the values of representativeness political responsiveness and accountability through elected officials to the citizenry" (David H. Rosembloom). Comment. (Accountability and Control)

ANSWER: The political approach to public administration appeared during the 'New Deal' era (1933-1938 and the Second World War period in the USA. Paul H Appleby (Big Democracy -1945) viewed public administration as a 'political process' and public accountability and political character as the aspects of governmental functions. Similarly, Wallace Sayre (Classic of Public Administration-1978) stresses that public administration is ultimately a problem in political theory.

The fundamental problem in democracy is the responsibility and responsiveness of the administrative agencies and the bureaucracies to the elected officials. Thus, political approach considers public administration to be an integral part of the political process, political nature of public administration and the role of bureaucracy in making public policies. More precisely, it views public administration as a political endeavor.

The political approach advocates a different set of values than that of managerial approach. It stresses the political values of representativeness, (political) responsiveness and (political) accountability through elected officials to the people. [I.e. public administration should be organized around these political values]

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