Mayur Hazarika has secured 5th rank in the UPSC Civil Services examination, 2022. He is a native of Assam. He is a doctor who also fulfilled his duties at a hospital in Nagaon district as part of his rural posting under the National Health Mission while preparing for the upsc prelims exam. He balanced his profession with UPSC preparation for over a year and finally secures an All India Rank 5 in his very first attempt and scored 1054 marks and also became the male topper of UPSC 2022. 

His first preference is Indian Foreign Service (IFS).

Educational background

Mayur Hazarika completed his 12th standard with the Assam state board. He attended Don Bosco School for his higher secondary education. After that he completed his MBBS degree from Guwahati Medical College in 2020. 

He chooses Anthropology as his optional subject

During an interview by media, he said “He is inspired by India’s Minister of External Affairs, S Jaishankar and prefers joining the Indian Foreign Service”.


Mayur Hazarika UPSC preparation strategy

Self study

He was not enrolled in any coaching. He relies only on self study. Mayur said UPSC exam is all about grasping the right knowledge, implementing smart work and being consistent towards the goal. So, Self study enables him to retain knowledge more naturally than coaching.

Rely on online materials

Mayur said online sources played an important role in his preparation. He took the help of online sources for the preparation of UPSC exam. If he is stuck on any concept or it seems hard for him, he seeks help from online resources and videos.

Practice more and more 

Mayur said, before the prelims exam, he solved mock test series and practiced the Previous Year Question Papers. He analyse the results in the mock tests and work on his weak areas accordingly. Always be updated with current affairs and news.


How to become stress free during the preparation

He used to solving Rubik's cube. He also advises the aspirants to avoid stress, do some activities with study. Internet & social media can be distracting, so limit your time on it. Mayur was also like to play football.

Strategy for answer writing

Mayur advised the aspirants to always make relevant flow-charts and diagrams in the answer writing. Always try to prepare model introduction and conclusions for topics that repeat often and static topics of UPSC syllabus. This will save a lot of time and try to cover all the parts of the questions.

Interview strategy

Mayur said, master your Detailed Application Form (DAF) for the interview. Always be aware of what you are writing in DAF. Mastering your DAF will give you more confidence in your UPSC Interview.

At last, Mayur advised the aspirants that preparing for UPSC exam is a long journey. Each stage needs its own planning. 

Stay positive during the preparation phase. 

Just focus on your goal and keep struggling consistently.

Sources: Internet and various newspapers and journals.