GS Mains Model Question & Answer: Discuss Second ARC report on Ethics. Comment

 GS Mains Model Question & Answer: Discuss Second ARC report on Ethics. Comment

Q. Discuss Second ARC report on Ethics. Comment

Model Answer:

Discuss Second ARC report on Ethics

The Second Administrative Reforms Commission in its 4 report (2007), “Ethics in Governance” has extensively covered the issue of ethics and observes, “The crux of ethical behaviour does not lie in bold words and expressions enshrined as standards, but in their adoption in action, in sanction against violations, in putting in place competent disciplinary bodies to investigate allegations of violations and to impose sanctions quickly and in promoting a culture of integrity”.

In Its wide ranging recommendations, it has suggested partial state funding of elections; tightening of anti-defection law and code of ethics for ministers, legislatures, judiciary and civil servants.
In order to check corruption it has proposed tightening the provision of Prevention of Corruption Act, making ‘corrupt public servants liable for paying damages, confiscation of property illegally acquired and speedy trials. Its recommendations include creation of Lok Pal/ Ombudsman at national, State and local level with powers to look into charges of complaints against high pubic functionaries including ministers, chief ministers, MPs and MLAs.

While recommending a Code of Ethics for Civil Servants the Second ARC has observed : “ Civil Service Values which all public servants should aspire, should be defined and made applicable to all tiers of government and parastatal organizations. Any transgression of these values should be treated as misconduct, inviting punishment”. In order to create a regime under which quick disciplinary action can be taken against delinquent Government servants, the ARC has recommended deletion of Article 311 of the Constitution, with a proviso that legislation under article 309 be made to protect public servants against arbitrary action. The Commission has also suggested certain measures to protect honest Civil Servants against malicious complaints

The ARC in its l0th Report on Personnel Administration has re-emphasized the need for prescribing Civil Service Values and laying down a Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics should include : integrity, impartiality, commitment to public service, open accountability, devotion to duty and exemplary behaviour.

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