GS Mains Model Question & Answer : Discuss Social Media as Open Government instrument ? Comment

 GS Mains Model Question & Answer : Discuss Social Media as Open Government instrument ? Comment

Q. Discuss Social Media as Open Government instrument ? Comment

Model Answer:

Discuss Social Media as Open Government instrument ?

Technology is revolutionizing the way governments are being run. In this knowledge society the relationship between the citizen and government is mediated by information systems and their automation. Automation of government internal business and external regulation and service delivery is a must for any e government plan, a beginning towards which has been initiated through the National e -Government Plan. National Information Technology infrastructure and nationwide distributed database with public information infrastructure are under way.
Data bases in India suffer from non-standardization, incomplete data collection at all levels, poor quality and unreliability of data, inconsistency in the methodology and technology employed, absence of universal digitization capability, slow digitization of past data, issues of inter­operability of systems etc.

In order to effectively solve these problems Government has initiatives like national policy on open standards which has been published for soliciting public comments.

In the meanwhile progress has been made, by the central and state governments, for progressive use of ICT including Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and satellite imagery to re-engineer transparency, participation and accountability as shown below :

1. Use of internet to facilitate open government
2. Government portals for information
3. Web based disclosure of information and pro-active publication 4 Electronic on line MIS and FMIS ensure that right informationgets to the right people
5. Use of mobile phones and Wi-Fi to facilitate engagement
6. Computerized grievance redress mechanisms
7. E-petitions
8. ‘Open for questions’ programme
9. Access to process of service delivery and internal business processes as in OPEN.

Social Media is being progressively used for seeking feedback from citizens; pronouncement of public policy; issue based as well as generic interaction and brand building or public relations. In order to encourage and enable government agencies to make use of web 2 technologies which is a dynamic medium of interaction the Department of Information Technology, Gol has released a draft social media strategy. The Framework & Guidelines for Use of Social Media for Government Organization hopes to help the government enhance its outreach, engage and interact with the Indian internet users The Planning Commission of India has taken the initiative and put itself on Facebook with a page on the “Twelfth Plan,” 2012 through 2017.

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